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    I am using FL 20.1

    And latest Virus TI Software Suite 64-bit

    It started to happen quite long ago, but i dont use virus that much often so didnt really care that much. But a year ago, probably even more.

    I tried various things to solve it, nothing helped. Only thing comes to my mind, there is something happening with vst3 version itself that isnt compatible with FL Studio, i know only 1 other plugin with same behaviour is Izotope/Exponential Audio R2. It also sometimes loads and sometimes not.

    Cant do printscreen now, but settings are the same as any default vst plugin. But that doesnt matter since the problem is with random plugin crashing inside FL Studio

    I fixed it by downloading the software suite installer and removing everything completely and reinstalled it. was pretty fast and didn't need to update the firmware as it's the latest already, I'd recommend you that

    Unfortunetly it did not fixed your issue, trust me on this, i have tried, its more of a conienciendnce, crashes will be back 100%.

    Yesterday i spoked with a friend, he is also expierience this random crashing/not working but on Mac OS and Cubase.

    I have exactly the same issue.

    My solution to this, open in other host VSTI plugin (it works in Studio one) or Komplete Kontrol and then again try to open in FL it should work. Mind you that after some time plugin will stop working again.

    So i recently got an updated for Windows 10 called Creators update, i wished i didnt installed because i cant roll it back.

    After installing it i started to get alot more out of sync errors and whats worse after those i get permentant mute, i have to reload the project im working on in the daw to virus make the sound again. Its a nightmare to work. I have tried reinstalling virus, no help :(

    hopefuly Access Music will release new drivers. For the rest, do not update Windows 10.

    Im using Virus Ti Snow, Windows 10 Home Premium 64 Bit, FL Studio 12.4.2

    Previous days i worked with virus and it worked alright, i did not changed anything in my system. Yesterday i turned on Virus TI and a message apeared "No virus ti connected".

    I did various thing to make it work, changed USB cables, switched USB ports, disconnected all other usb devices. It was always showing that USB connection is established, i was able to send MIDI data via USB and send audio via analog cables, but there still was no connection with Virus Control. Then for some odd unexplainable reason it started to connect to Virus Control.

    Ok, so i turned virus today, and the same message apeared, i did tried all the things yesterday i did, aswel i tried taking out power cabel and turn it on while holding tap tempo. It just doesnt connect to virus control. I did try to reinstall the latest software aswel. Im using Windows 7 64bit.

    I dont know what else to do anymore.

    Futhermore, i have a Macbook air and Virus Ti Seem to connect there with Virus Control

    [Blocked Image:]

    Todays machine power and advance in dsp technologies are very advanced that was years ago. The sound quality and features of VST instruments are already on par on hardware and even surpasses it. Just to name few examples U-He Diva, Bazille, Hive, Tyrell 6 Synapse Dune 2, Reveal Sound Spire, Xfer Records Serum and so on. Virus TI is great, but because of the hardware limitations like not being able to run properly over 512ms, 4 parts, polyphony limit, not able to render instantly, latency limitations in FL...i rarely turn on Virus, i do sometimes but only just for ease of use because i have made quite an ammount of patches.

    Its really irritating, i cannot use my virus. Here is an audio example what happens with the sound. Link bellow:…/virus%20ti%20problem.wav

    First i play melody with muted bottom keys, in second melody pattern repeat i unmute and you can clearly hear the sound becomes like resonant, then i mute again same keys and the sound is still the same. I have to re-load the patch (4th repeat of the melody) and then it sounds good.

    Please fix this, or at least give some response you have noticed this topic :)

    Ok it seems to be a problem, because i get same bugs with OS 5.0.3

    I tried to downgrade to os4, but after downgrade virus control doesnt seem to find virus. It says i have version mismatch, but in virus control shows that all is at it seem to be.

    In this state my virus is not usable anymore.

    Please help me to solve the problem.


    some time ago in stalled latest firmware for my Virus Ti Snow and i came in to couple of problems.

    1. Latency is not constant anymore on all USB Audio Outs.
    2. The sound become resonant/phased without apearant reason on all patches. It plays normal, then all of suden the sound is different.

    I reverted back to previous version, seemed to be ok. Installed again latest version and problems are back.

    Im using Windows 8 64bit
    FL Studio 11.1
    Focusrite Saffire Pro 24