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    Hey everyone...

    well just a question as in a topic title

    and aswel is there any reason told why it doesnt work on 64 bit OS? because all aplications that are 32 bit can work on 64 bit OS but reconised just as 32.

    Curious for the answer

    p.s. didnt knew where to post such topic, General Discussion would suite this topic, but there arent such in this forum.

    I have updated to this OS several weeks ago and since than i noticed that there are sometimes random "release" issues. I mean when i play pattern/track it gets from nowhere like released amp on max, when i stop the playback, everything works alright, but than it again might randomly occur. It doesnt bother very much when producing, but when bouncing the track it is really annoying because i have to re-record same part for several times (since DAW i am using doesnt support real-time rendering i have to record).

    I am using Win XP os, virus ti snow, FL Studio 9.

    i just tried, it works, but the latency of analogue Audio Out has increased, even if i check it shows the same latency as USB audio, but its clearly out of sync not like USB, how can this be solved? im using FL studio but this shouldnt matter, because USB audio latency is working corectly.