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    Virus Rack XL - Values Jump when encoders are turned slowly. When I turn the encoders slowly anti-clockwise, the value jumps 0, If I do the same clockwise, it jumps to 127. When I turn the knobs fast, it's fine. The encoders have been replaced to resolve the issue without any difference noticed.
    Is there a solution to this, or is it a lost battle?

    The software updates have been great! I'm happy you have this philosophy, and you can be proud of that! I've downloaded every update in excitement!

    But on the hardware side it's going the other direction, this is the kind of update I'm hoping for now. :).

    According to, the Original Virus TI was released in 2005. A company with pride, would probably release something after 10 years. :thumbsup:

    The Virus TI is a great product! It's flexible, easy to use, sounds great and it is very powerfull! It's been almost 10 years now, and it still keeps up with it's qualities.

    For me the access Virus have always been in the center of my studio. Thanks to the High Quality 5 octave Keyboard with aftertouch and room for a module or a computer keyboard on top of it. And of course it's 16 part multitimbrality. All this makes it the best choice for my studio.

    I love to speculate on the future of synthesizers, it's part of my hobby. But what on earth is there to improve? ?(
    First of all there are a few things that needs to be adressed in order to make the TI3 the final polish of the TI series:

    1. Solve the issues regarding the TI-concept.
    To me, Thunderbolt would be the obvious fix, The latency will not be an issue, and it can handle so much more data, that there would be room for even more features. Features probably like 16 digital stereo outputs (1 for each part) and with higher sound quality.
    USB should also be an option for people that do not have Thunderbolt on their computers yet.

    2. New Synthesis types.
    We are now in the Dubstep age, and I would recommend an update on Frequency Modulation and Phase Modulation.
    I know FM and PM already exists on the Virus TI, but it needs to be expanded in a way that each Oscillator can turn in to a complete Algorithm with several Operators. Additive synthesis would also be welcomed as well as PCM/Multisample Synthesis.

    3, iPad features.
    Using iPad for editing is bound to take place.

    4. Online Sound librarian. Also with an improved search function that starts with Music Genre.
    Using the VC to browse patches that is stored Online would be an amazing innovation.
    Sharing your patches online with a single click.
    Create a Patch community, share, rate and download.

    5. Drum Kit
    Each key representing a drum sound, each drum sound is an entire monophonic synth engine.
    Easy editing, just press a key and start programming.
    Step sequencing in the editor for each Drum sound.

    I'm just gona finish off by saying. I will cross my fingers for a TI3 next year. There is so much potential here. No matter what I'll be waiting. :)

    there is hardly anything you can do. if you're really lucky, it is a weak connection in between the panel board and the rest. the button/knob matrix can malfunction when as little as one connection is not reliable. in this case a button pressed cannot associated correctly. this all can be caused by something as trivial as a failing resistor. it is rare but we had cases over the years. the challenge is to locate the component in question.
    hth, marc

    What do you suggest I do? Would a general Service station for other keyboards be able to figure it out without the scematics? Or am I bound to ship it to Germany? The dealer Procom who sell Access Viruses here just tells me to contact a "Roland, Korg & Yamaha" service station. Which seem to have little knowledge about the Virus.

    Everytime I search this Forum, there is 90% latency problems. So Thunderbolt interface would be the best upgrade for the TI3. But also USB 2.0/3.0 for those who do not have Thunderbolt.
    Thunderbolt is sort of directly connected to the PCIe Lanes in the computer and gives minimum latency and high speeds. :love:

    And with more DSP power that enables higher sound quality and polyphony. It would be a dream come true. But I don't think there will be anything new this year. :(

    I think I just got ripped of when I traded my fully working TI2 Polar with Access Virus TI Keyboard + $500.
    I first discovered this two days after the purchase. And it gets worse.
    The previous owner is a piano player and didn't seem to notice the faulty buttons. I can't make him reverse the trade.

    Following buttons behaves Strangely:

    Oscillator Section:
    OSC 3 ON/OFF; Toggles on/off AND sends me to the Matrix edit.
    Mono on/off: Toggles on/off AND sends me to the Matrix Edit.
    Sync on/off: Toggles on/off AND sends me to the Matrix Edit.

    Filter Section:
    Edit Button: The menu just blinks so fast I can barely read what it says, but it seems to be LFO edit menu or Filter edit menu, it varies between the two.
    Filt 1 Button: Toggles between filter type, but also sends me to the Store Patch mode.
    Filt 2 Button: Toggles between Filter Type, but also sends me to Edit FX Menu.
    Filt 1 Select button: Selectes filter 1, but also changes the transpose down 10 tones, as well as changing patch down by 10.
    Filt 2 Select button: Selectes filter 2. but also changes the transpose down 10 tones, as well as changing patch down by 10.

    I might not be that accurate because it's so much. And it keep changing. Earlier Filt 1 Button sent me to LFO edit. And it was only two buttons having problem at the beginning.

    I've tried Software upgrade and downgrade.
    I've tried to reset by pressing the ARP edit button before starting up.

    None of this helps.

    I'm not afraid to open up and replace parts or solder or measure voltages etc. But I need to know what to look for.
    There are no certified Access Virus repair shop in Norway. I hope to avoid shipping it for service as it might be expensive.
    Please tell me what I should do. ;(

    I guess there are tons of these threads.
    I used to have a Virus TI Polar (new) which I traded in for a Virus TI2 desktop, which I sold in order to get a Korg Kronos which I just sold yesterday. (Can you imagine that?).
    I missed my TI2 desktop so much. So I would like to buy a Virus TI2 Keyboard. Problem is. TI2 is getting old, like 5 years. The new Nord Lead 4 and King Korg have pushed the sound quality to a new level with oversampling and high bit/audio rates.
    Now I wonder if I should wait for a TI3. There seems to me atleast that there is no indication for that to happen, could be in 10 more years, or maybe tomorrow. I don't know and it bothers me. I think the world is ready for a TI3 now.
    Thunderbolt interface to make the total inegration perfected with 16 virtual outputs, more DSP power, higher sound quality, iPad editor, more FM synthesis, new color theme. Plenty of reasons to make new models.

    Please Access/Kemper, give me a hint. Say like "Wait till after frankfurt" or "possibly next year" or "We have no plans making new models". So that I know atleast what I should do. I have time and patience. is it worth waiting?
    Is TI2 selling too well in order to make new models? Or is the marked too small? If there is a silence policy, answer in private message and I will keep quite. (not that you will believe me).


    Robin Kleven