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    Tried updating driver to 5.0.3 and it won't load device anymore. Firmware updated could not detect virus. Virus Ti Audio shows up with yellow exclamation in device manager. I managed to connect it to my old Mac and was able to update firmware, but it still doesn't work in Windows.
    I finally managed to do a system restore and driver seems to be working however VST now not compatible with 5.0.3 firmware :( What a mess!

    Actually I figured it out! Phew! :) You can record automation of different parts in Ableton! It's just they all will be on single track where plugin resides. Once you select one of 16 channels in Virus control VST new automation item will appear on the track (i.e. "Part02/[2] Filter 1 Cutoff" and so on). I'm so happy this is possible!!! 8o
    In the image below I'm automating Cuttoff Filter in two different parts.
    [Blocked Image:]

    Thanks again SOS! That's really sad news to me :( I use automation curves a lot, so this means I'll probably will have to render each instrument to wav, which kind of defeats whole idea of "Total Integration". If I knew this before I'd get a 1st generation of Ti and save $500... Oh well...

    I'm a little confused about using Virust TI as VST plugin in DAW (i.e. Ableton Live). Normally I load VST into each track, add MIDI data, choose preset. Virust TI doesn't let me add more than one instance, and from what I gather I need to assign each truck to one of 16 MIDI channels in the plugin. That works, however I now don't have any way to control volumes and automation curves of all tracks individually :( Am I'm missing something?

    Great answer,thanks! Now it's clear to me :) I got my TI2 Desktop used so I don't know what previous owner did, plus I was also confused by the manual. I agree it's better if RAMs were empty. Now looking closely I see duplicates between RAM and ROM (as it should be), for example RAM-A 28 corresponds to ROM-B 0 (AcidBath M)... 8|

    Sorry for n00bish question :)
    Are patches in ROM and RAM banks same (assuming Virust TI2 came with a factory default settings) or different? I know that ROM is Read Only Memory and RAM is where I can put my own patches, just was wondering about pre-installed patches (i.e. are they duplicates?)

    Just got Virus TI2 desktop and installed latest 4.5.016 for Windows 7 x64. Ableton Live 8.1.3 crashes when I close plugin or exit program. Upgraded to 8.2.2 and having same issue :( Plugin works as long as I don't remove it from the track... Anyone else has this issue? Do I have to somehow "Unload" VST before removing it from the track?