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    Just wondering if anybody running a Windows 64-bit computer has updated to Windows 10 yet and, if so, whether or not the integration between Virus TI and VST is still running without issue after the update? If the answer is yes, which software installer version are you running?


    hi everyone

    im having some trouble when using my virus ti2 with ableton live 8.2.2 both when using virus control and when using multi mode on the virus itself connected to live via MIDI in/out on audio interface (m-audio fast track pro)

    problem does not appear to be present when disconnecting all cables from pc and connecting MIDI keyboard to MIDI in of virus so it suggests to me the problem is as a result of communication difficulties with Live

    when using virus control everything works fine when starting off but when playing/editting patches sometimes the outcoming signal will be pitched up/down a few semitones (this is recognised by virus unit and indicated both on screen and transposition LEDs) - to fix this I just have to move on to the next patch and return to the one i was editting although it will keep happening again. another problem is that the volume fader for the channel of the patch being editted/played will ocasionally drop all the way to zero resulting in no sound, again i just have to move the fader back up to hear the sound but as before it will continue to happen.

    the problems are the same without the use of virus control in multimode although the second issue of a single channel dropping out can only be fixed by turning the virus off and on again (sometimes more than once)

    these are issues that have been present since i first got the virus 6 months or so ago. at first i was using virus control and was working around the issue but eventually switched to using multi mode via dedicated MIDI ins/outs rather than USB in the hope it would be more reliable - this was the case for a short while but then the same issues began to appear and it is the kind of thing that turns a half an hour job (of writing/recording a chord pattern for a section of a song or something similar) into a 2 or 3 hour job and I can barely contain my anger with the thing as it keeps happening.

    Ive tried various different combinations of turning the "track" "sync" and "remote" buttons on in Live for different MIDI ins and outs but have had no success in remedying the problem and so have reverted to the settings i initially had which are "track" on for "3- fast track pro in/out" and nothing else in connection with the virus.

    as I said earlier this is not an issue when completely removing any data connection between the computer and the virus and so must be something to do with the way the virus is communicating with Live but after trying on and off since getting the synth i have not been able to fix the problem and was hoping that somebody may be able to help?

    could it be a hardware issue?

    has anybody else had/or is having the same issues? and if you solved the issue how did you fix it?

    thank you very much and any help will be greatly appreciated as i am at my wits end trying to work it out.


    (other MIDI devices connected to computer and in use with Live: Korg Nanopad, Akai APC 40, m-audio Oxygen 8v2 MIDI controller)