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    Thank you so much if you are able to help me. Here are the issues -

    Running a Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.5 With Ableton Live 9.

    - Loading Ableton if I have an instance of Virus Control open, it seems to transfer the hardware into Sequencer Mode (both LED's Multi/Single lit with no ability to change). The USB indicator disappears on the devices LCD panel. No midi function is possible in this scenario with any software synthesisers.

    - If Virus Control is not open, the USB indicator will be present on the LCD, and I will be able to use basic midi with software synthesisers.

    - Sometimes when I switch on the hardware it strangely says after doing the initial load, "audio clock changed".

    - On some occasions when trying to do the hardware reset, taking all of the USB cabling out of my Mac, and plugging in the USB after the hardware has booted. It says something like "a device with the name of "o" may be used as your audio interface etc", to which I say no, as I use a Prism Sound Orpheus.

    I absolutely am stuck here, have tried a software uninstall-re-install (unless there is a further uninstall procedure required on the mac where you physically have to drag certain files to the trash. Please let me know if this is an option and how to do it) I would seriously appreciate your help, it really is a major downer when you cant use your favourite synth.

    Im about to start using the analogue outs on my Virus, I am sick of the problems that are associated with using the USB outs on my Mac (root hub issues/pops cracks etc).

    I am seriously hoping that using fairly higher buffer settings on Logic is not going to give me any sync problems if I am using the analogue outs, I am unsure because I have never used the analogue outs and just put up with the problems. I use UAD software and with the latest iMac it is near impossible to use them with a lower buffer setting, they demand a pretty high one, Range to normal and buffer to 1024.

    If I am simply using the analogue outs am I still going to become victim to problems? If so I think I will seriously consider selling it, the worst part about that is that even with a considerably large hardware synth collection, it is still my absolute favourite.

    Please give me some good news guys.

    Yes lol indeed! Actually, people should try TWO sine waves, yes ring mod at 40% and modulation of FM amount. Filter not all the way open, this is sounding more star wars attack of the drones.

    Yes the puns will keep coming!

    Now this ismy kind of thread! Wooopeeee!

    Ok so what about ring mod with FM, slow envelope modulating the FM position to a sine wave. OSC one on sine, osc two on wavetable, OSC mix on 100% Osc 1 but with the ring mod you will get both oscillators. On the wavetable osc the slow modulation of the FM position also modulates the WT position, change wavetable to taste and add filter modulation + delay.. Mmmmmm drone heaven.

    Can we please have some more ppl chime in and add their info... But don't drone on about it.....

    Also remember filter modulation dual filters gives you some awesome flexibility, band pass filters ar your friend, they can sound nasty, sweet whatever you want, also, there is a vowell filter you know, but it isn't in the filter section, pretty sure it's in the effects section under the freq shifter, I think! Remember. My virus is in another country. Just keep trying man, SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND MWAHAHA

    Thank you, really...
    I'm going to try this...
    I was shure that's the virus could made it , but i'm beginner with it so if people says i can't make growl bass with it, i believe it...
    Thank you, bad luck you're not with your virus like that you could bring me an audio example...
    Thank you for your aswer..That confort me in my choice.

    My friend, this is a forum. The first thing you should know is to take everything you read with a grain of salt, as there are probably a lot of people here who don't know what they're talking about, for all you know, I could be full of shit. But the lesson is not to come on a place like this expecting a definitive answer. The answer lies in you and your dedication to exploring your synths full capabilities, you will find the answer if you noodle and noodle until you get the right sound your looking for. It's true, those growling basses I more than certainly know your referring to cant be achieved on the virus, as they are from another synth, massive, the wavetables in massive are different to those in the virus, however, this does not mean entirely that you can't achieve something similar, or unique in your adventures with your Virus. Just take my word for it and do the research behind what makes the sound your looking for. In this case, wavetables, thus, go on and go through all the virus's wavetables and experiment, your not going to find your answer in five minutes, you probably won't find it in five hours, but with time, comes experience, and you will find your own, fully usable growl basses, and you'll wubwub your way to happiness. Lol, everyone starts where you are now, research, noodle, experiment, play. This is the key, not taking someone's advice on a forum, and completely dismissing the viruses capabilities in a certain genre or sound design. It all depends on your dedication buddy, not some dude on a forum.

    Oh and to the creator of this thread, I got carried away, you should start simple if you want to make some growling sounds with the virus,

    One oscillator, add second for sub harmonic content if needed.

    I believe you need to find a wavetable called "robotix" it's not in the "wavetable" menu in the virus, but in one of the more sophisticated wavetable menus, ie, crazy harmonic content wavetables with different to the standard wavetable parameters etc.

    Try modulating the wt position first, also modulation of the index of the wave can also get some interesting results, use a bit of noise and try using a filter with similar modulation to that of the WT position. This is really basic man, and it is off the top of my head, my studio is in another country to me right now, so basically I'm not next to my virus, but I hope I helped you. Hope you find something unique!

    Edit: remember to tune it down as well, a lot of that nasty growl, vowel sounds are because wavetables a so complex in their harmonic content, much like the human voice, and if you tune the wave down, you are in the less bright territory, thus the wave is harmonically less complex, (but still much more complex than your average saw!)


    If you want skrillex kind of stuff, forget about it, the virus is nowhere near the level of massive on those things. Or any really modern electro stuff for that matter..
    There are no modern mainstream electronic artists that use the virus for a reason. Its good for other stuff though.

    Also dont forget that those kind of basslines are heavy on the production too, its not just a simple synth sound that does all these.

    I think this kind of reply is pretty ridiculous, I myself have achieved awesome dubstep basses with the virus, and frankly I don't even produce dubstep! I did it because I was curious much the same as the person who started this thread. Just for the record mate, you really seem like your trying to answer a question to which you have made none of your own research whatsoever, and, just because your dubstep heros doesn't use a virus ti doesn't mean it is not competent at producing growling basses and the like, AND, I have seen skrillex's home studio, and guess what my friend? He uses a virus, yes it is true he didn't have one in the beginning, but with all st money he's made, guess what he went out and bought! Yep, a Ti2 polar! Now I'm not saying that he uses it to produce those insane growling basses, we all know that's curtosy of massive, which is pretty awesome with its various wavetables and WT modulation possibilities. In-fact, if you must know, it is the wavetable "modern talker" that is responsible for most of the growling you guys seem to like and aspire to program, I can tell you it's not that hard, if you have massive, begin by using the wavetable "modern talker" tuned down a couple of octaves and modulate its WT position with any means possible, you can add other wavetables on top (tuned up) to get interesting results and then obviously there is the load of processing they do to these kind of sounds, multiband distortion, straight up distortion, ridiculous over compression/parallel compression and limiting, bla bla.

    Now getting to the point, if you actually look at what's behind these growling bass sounds, (i.e. wavetables/wavetables modulation) the virus should be MORE capable than massive as it has soo bloody many, and also, so many deep controls to vary the wavetables formant, wavetable position, index, interpolation and many more interesting options, it also has a good amount of distortion capability, not that I'm too much a fan off the distortion algorithms in the Ti. Try it for yourself buddy, if you have a virus that is, because judging by your lack of information in your frankly naive response, you seem to be on here just for kicks.

    Who cares if producer X doesn't use synth Y, that doesn't mean SHIT! All it means is you can probably get some interesting, and lo and behold unique patches trying to do something similar on a different synth, or possibly, a synth so incredibly powerful as the virus, something that I consider to crap all over my $100 copy of massive. That is of course if you know how to use it,