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    Is it just a bit of distortion or you've also ended up with quite low amplitude?
    I'm having such issues quite often when I have my external USB drives connected to my Mini.
    That really sucks since the Mini doesn't have plenty of possibilities to connect external audio interface, 2 external hard drives, monitor and TV...
    The only option I've been offered is to buy a thunderbolt hard drives ($$$) in order to free up some USB bandwidth..

    After updating I have issues when load it in Logic Pro X - at certain point of time I stop hearing sound out of it - indicators show that it should be okay, but I can't hear anything. When clicking on the plugin I see that it is still active, no problems there as well. The only workaround I've found so far is restarting Virus. Quite annoying..

    Hi guys,

    I've recently bought and installed the new Logic Pro X and for my bad luck I am experiencing a weird problem.
    Sometimes, sporadically, when I load a project I can't hear any sound from the virus channel. When I mute the rest, it turns that actually there is very low, but bit crushed sound.
    I had the same problem before with Logic Pro 9 when I changed the I/O buffer size from 256 to 128, but when I brought it back to 256 it disappeared. This time playing with the buffer size does not help though.
    I've tried creating a new project from scratch, loading again the virus plug-in, but it does not help either.
    Sometimes I have to restart the DAW couple of times, and then somehow it settles by itself.
    All these problems have started after I had updated to OS5. I have the impression that this causing the problem..

    Any ideas?

    P.S. My MacOS is freshly installed, so I don't think it could be the problem..

    Update: I've loaded some old projects in Logic Pro 9, both in 32-bit and 64-bit mode, right after I experienced the issue again, and I had the same problem. This leads me to the thought it's not problem of Logic..

    Let me just share my experience..
    I've bought a new mac and when installing the virus app updated to OS5, I've configured Logic and to my surprise when I opened one of my tunes the virus channel sounded very low and quite distorted/bit crushed.
    First thing was to check if my virus desktop is OK, by disconnecting the USB cable to my Mac and just playing couple of chords on my midi keyboard connected Virus by MIDI cable.
    When the sound was okay, it was clear that it is not the synth itself, or at least not the hardware, so I thought something's wrong with the OS5.
    Then I remembered that when configuring Logic I've reduced I/O buffer size from default value 256 to 128. I've set it back to 256 and now the problem appears to be gone.
    Way too strange, no?

    I see that you've written that it is not a buffer problem, but wonder why the results seemed the same...

    P.S. If you have already settled the case, could you please share the solution with us..?

    I checked the config, Inputs, and I increased the Sensitivity from -16dbY to +16dbY and the buzz disappeared. I don't know if this is the normal way to cope with this, but for now it works. The problem with the atomizer remains...

    Hello again.

    I have the machine for couple of days now, and decided to try this nice feature - the atomizer.
    (I am using MIDI keyboard - M-audio Axiom 25.)
    I followed the steps described in the manual, but it behaves strangely.
    First of all not all the keys do the described actions. For example D does not reverse the sound.
    Other than this, when effect is triggered I still can hear the original sound...
    I tried with Atomizer On, Atomizer 16, but no luck at all...
    And the cherry on the cake now is the buzz I hear when I am not playing anything. First I thought that it is a problem of the audio cable, but then I removed it and just connected the earphones, but it's still there. I restarted the machine, but it is still there...

    I really hope someone could give advice, I'm really upset with this... ?(

    Thanks in advance!

    Dear Mihail,
    If I'm not completely wrong this issue is already solved after you double-checked the Midi channels on the TI and the master keyboard and that got it to work.

    Best wishes,
    Jörg Hüttner

    Yes, Jörg, thanks to your prompt assistance, it is solved now.
    It turned out the global MIDI channels should not always be the same, like I thought before. What works for me is my MIDI keyboard's global channel set to 01, and access virus' global channel - 03.

    Thank you! :)


    I just received my brand new access virus ti2 desktop, and connected it to my mac via the USB and everything was great! :)
    But then I decided to try using it stand alone, connected it via the MIDI cable to my M-audio Axiom 25, there is no sound.
    They are both set to the same global channel - 1. I checked, and yes, I see the virus receives midi signals. But no sound nether at the audio output, nor the headphones.

    This is really sad, please help.

    Thanks in advance!