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    Funny, I stumbled upon an add on marktplaats (dutch version of ebay), where someone is claiming to have a workaround for working with the Virus on Big Sur doing everything over USB. He is providing an implementation of the solution for 95 euro. It’s a fair price. But I am curious what he does to make it work. And if it really works….

    Looks kind of scetchy to me. Did he decompile it and rewritten the audio and fixed the errors with usb midi?

    Well this is the issue I have with it, they give a non answer. If they are stopping the "access brand", just tell us, we can deal with it. The problem I have is the communication is SHIT. If they told us, they are working on something but really need time, that would give comfort to know they aren't forgetting us.

    The other problem I have is that the TI2 is still sold as "Total integration on MacOS", something that is far from the truth. It's misleading and enough to sue them over it.

    They could have fixed it in maybe one week of programming, it is a simple as replacing the audio driver (Ploytec already provided it) and fix the hard crash on Big Sur.

    What I would suggest to all Virus users who upgraded their Macs etc is to stop giving a fuck about the whole control integration dog turd etc. Virus excels at sound and that's where its POWER. Use Sysex librarian to transfer patches, and use basic Midi to interconnect with your daw.

    There might be some weird and unexpected stuff going on at the company which we can't know for sure, focus on making music, Virus is the best synth. My Polar bad boy makes me very happy and cures my depression, even more so than Playstation 5 lol.


    Problem is more the non communication and that they still sell the Virus with the promise of integration with MacOS. If they openly communicated that they stopped supporting MacOS and removed it from their advertisement, I would understand.

    The most frustrating part about the support if you email them, you get an message back they do very secretly about the continuing support? The audio driver has been send to them from the third party audio interface that is in the virus, but somehow they don't do anything.

    As more people here like myself has offered to write plugin for MacOS Catalina, Big Sur ect; If they would open source the code.

    Never gonna happen, they fully stopped development for the virus and it’s software. It will soon break on windows too, as some future changes to windows will break the plugin...

    OK Big Sur is released as well as Logic Pro 10.6. I can't install the new version of Logic because I'm stuck on 10.14.6 to keep my Virus TI compatible.

    Access, why don't you update the plugin? Is that a money issue? Would it help to create a fundraising page?

    You can run Logic Pro X 10.5.1 with Mojave, 10.6 breaks the compatibility with Mojave. So you and I are stuck with Logic Pro 10.5.1 and Mojave, if we want to keep using the virus Ti.

    I have been looking into hacking the drivers a bit, but problem is the solution would be that we have to disable system integration protection. As when I make changes to these kernel extensions, the are no longer signed correctly to be loaded. Also Big Sur dropped support for kernel extensions, giving no option to make this work on Big Sur.

    Still annoying that nobody of Access GmbH takes the time to help us get to a workable solution, without having to stick with old OS or anything else. Making the source code of the plugin public would go a long way, as I and some others here have the knowhow to create a working driver and release this free and open for everybody to contribute and make better.

    I'm surprised you got that to work since Apple discontinued support for HAL plugins in Catalina.

    But the method you're describing is the same principle as just using a normal audio interface for the analog outs though. Nothing new.

    This does not fix the midi timing problem. This is a problem with the VirusVC plugin. When using the plugin, your host can't send midi directly to the virus. Only through the plugin.

    If the audio started working outside of the plugin and breaks on installing of the plugin, I can only think of one reason:

    Newest update of MacOS comes with native drivers for the sound interface that is used for audio over USB in the virus. When you install the virus plugins the audio drivers of MacOS are overridden, this explains why the audio interface stops working after install.

    Now I got maybe an idea, I could test out if replacing the audio drivers in the virus install to the new MacOS drivers (or those of the manufacturer of the audio interface). It really depends on how deep the integration is of the audio driver in the code of the virus, and if they use the same API calls. If I only had the source code I would be able to fix this shit myself. It would be an amazing compromise if they released the source-code, under a license you have to release an app for free. What worries me too is that they lost the source code and maybe this is the reason why no updates are coming out...

    I'm currently working on a new update for "Touch for Virus" which runs on iPadOS. This version will add an import feature for patch libraries in midi format. This has been the most requested feature since I've released the first version.

    This means you can eassely import all the patches you have available in the vst plugin.

    You might or might not want to use an iPad in your setup, I don't know. Just in case it sounds interesting to you: this update is finished, and I'm testing it right now. I expect it to be released somewhere this month.

    You should be able to compile it for MacOS too with Catalyst. One thing I miss these days with a lot of vintage synths is a patch librarian like sounddiver back in the day.

    I see you are from the Netherlands too!

    your argument is not valid , you in The wrong thread maybe read the subject . Let them mention then to suppliers and all selling platform that this synth doesn’t work with Mac OS Current day systems , it’s outdated , it just work for windows. Still illegal selling it the way it is now with no disclaimer. You have Windows good for you but you might want to consider other people with your arguments.

    Yes, false advertisement is enough reason to sue. This falls under EU customer protection law. We could start a class action lawsuit against Access Virus GmbH or/and Kemper GmbH. I am thinking of contact a lawyer and see what the option are, main reasons are: no communication and still false advertisement.

    I have an old Mac Pro tower I use with Mojave purely for Music.

    The plugin under Mojave is unstable and very slow. It will take about sometimes 2 to 3 minutes to start up the plugin in Logic.

    I have been looking into different solutions to get my virus working on Catalina / Big Sur (did some beta's here and there). The Mystery Islands plugins are really unstable for me and there is a big hassle to use it (create 3 tracks), the should have integrated that you could select audio input in the plugin itself and re-route it to the Virtual Instrument Channel.

    Another option I have been looking into was some kind of patch management software like back in the day "SoundDiver". I couldn't find anything that could help me manage patches/multis for any of my synths. I don't mind having an stand-alone application for patch management. If anyone got suggestions for this?

    Like DJTobes I am annoyed mostly by the non-communication, if they stopped development just say so. If they are having problems, just let the community know, maybe we can even help finding solutions. Another option would have been releasing the plugins/drivers as open source so we could as community can do it what they aren't doing.

    I have been lookin into the Virus B too here. I have one too, next to my Virus Ti Polar.

    I have downloaded Emagic Sounddiver (very old software) and use it in a Virtual Machine on Windows XP. I was thinking of using my old mac mini G4 for that, but problem is midi interface should still be accessible on machine with the DAW. With a Virtual machine I can easily switch my midi interface between host and VM.

    Never did research for modern software that has support for older synts. There could be some, but this was a quick solutions for me.

    No offence - but you couldn't be further from the mark with your hypothesis around "old chips" and "low level machine code" support. It doesn't work that way.

    A higher-level language (such as C++) compiles down to processor byte code - it's not about the processor supporting e.g. C++ - it's about the higher-level language supporting compilation for a particular processor.

    Anyway - as I understand it - the issue here is Access relied on a 3rd party for the OSX driver / USB audio integration code. It's dependent on that 3rd party making available a new release of this code for Catalina. Once this happens they are then reliant on finding a resource who can integrate this new code into their Mac Virus code base - and this in itself is a fairly big task end-to-end and they are looking to hire (maybe).

    As Ploytec told me, Access Virus GmbH has the new OSX core audio code for the USB audio part. As I saw a interview with Kemper, he told straight that his focus is not on "Access Virus" anymore, but on the Kemper products now. This maybe explains the lack of support and development of new drivers. I really was hoping on a Access Virus Ti3.. but a person only can dream right?

    I have some words back from Ploytec:

    In short they said that Access Virus GmbH already has the new driver code for some time now. It's would only be a matter of time before they would release the macOS Catalina drivers.

    I am the first to admit I was wrong about my above statements. It was my poor judgement and lack off information that made me think Access Virus GmbH wasn't working on the future of the "Virus Ti".

    Yep, very striking how they turn defensive as soon as you ask about an update.

    If they would be upfront about it, I can make some changes. Now I am holding on to a Mojave machine.

    I had a reply back from the Ploytec, they are curious about what "Access Virus GmbH" has said in their support email.

    My opinion about it is: Access Virus GmbH doesn't want to pay a licensing fee for new drivers and decided not to develop a new driver for macOS Catalina. They don't want to burn down the bridge for now as they are still in negotiation with Ploytec GmbH. Problem I see here is that they still sell the Access Virus Ti2 as new, with the same Polytec Audio solution. Big audio equipment resellers still sell it with "Mac" support label on it. All new macs sold don't support macOS Mojave or lower.

    I have emailed Access Virus support.

    They don't want to tell me if there will be an update in the future for macOS Catalina. If they don't want to be open about this, mostly means they can't or will not make an update for macOS Catalina.

    For example:

    Motu: I have a Motu 896HD, I send a email to them in the beta period of Catalina with the question if there was going to be support for it. They told me directly they are working on it and driver will be available. The driver was released on 2nd of Januari for macOS Catalina. Long support for products gives trust in companies, my next audio interface will be a Motu again.

    Steinberg: Steinberg was really open about that they won't be supporting some older audio interfaces on the new macOS. One of the reasons I have dropped all my Steinberg products.

    Here the text I got back from Access Virus:


    "We do not have any updates in regards to macOS Catalina compatibility at this point. Once we have news we will certainly post these as these soon as available.

    We in general do not comment on future developments."

    Any updates?

    Ploytec driver for MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) is out, but no update from Virus them selfs? I don't mind that they are still working on it, but a little open communication and honesty would make a big difference. Maybe they need to buy a new license for de Ploytec driver and don't want to-do that? I am willing to pay a fee for a new driver update.

    I pity the people who just bought a new mac and cannot downgrade to Mojave to make use of the Virus. The Virus TI2 is still sold.