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    The audio outs on my Snow have an annoying buzz. I've read others have the same issue. I haven't updated to Catalina yet and don't plan to for a long while, but when I do my unit will essentially become a useless brick. Access has broken my heart from day one. TI was always a headache. I doubt the company has much interest in this aging product anymore. Too busy selling guitar amp profilers.

    My Snow is doing this. I gave up on Total Integration. Unpredictable at best. I just want to use plain old MIDI and the analog outs. When used I this mode I'm getting either no sound or random mangled garbage. My hunch is that something hardware related is damaged. No idea really. This thing has broken my heart since day one. I can't remember a time when my Snow hasn't caused me some type of headache. I have no idea what to do with it now.

    A full reset solved nothing.

    My Snow is making a hi pitched noise whenever its connected to USB. I tried different cables USB/Audio. So I said "ef it" I'm going all analog-out and old school MIDI 5 pin. This doesn't work either because using the standard MIDI input produces a garbled mess of the audio. Huh?!!! WTF?! There's nothing wrong with MIDI cable. It plays nice with my other gear.

    I've tried down/upgrading the firmware. Nothing.

    My snow has caused me nothing but heartache and grief since day one. This is hands down the most abusive relationship I've had with any piece of gear I've owned.

    I've had enough. I quit!

    Having the same issue. It comes and goes. Re-installing the firmware makes it go away for me... until it comes back. I doubt it's grounding. Never had a grounding issue. The Snows are getting up in years. Maybe some components are failing.

    I certainly will.

    This is what the console read:

    11/23/14 9:35:47.543 AM coreaudiod[203]: PtASPlugInAddDeviceClient Bundle Ref:, clientID 627
    11/23/14 9:35:47.574 AM[1863]: Enter CreateAudio
    11/23/14 9:35:47.574 AM[1863]: CreateAudio: CurrentprocessName PGKernelDeviceVirus
    11/23/14 9:35:47.000 AM kernel[0]: USBDriver: creating AUDIOUSERCLIENTCLASS
    11/23/14 9:35:47.000 AM kernel[0]: USBDriver: created AUDIOUSERCLIENTCLASS 0xffffff804781be00
    11/23/14 9:35:47.000 AM kernel[0]: *** Connected to client 1863 ***
    11/23/14 9:35:47.675 AM[1863]: CurPID=1863, curUID=501 process=NO_NAME
    11/23/14 9:35:47.675 AM[1863]: CurrentprocessName is
    11/23/14 9:35:47.676 AM[1863]: Found a device of class PGKernelDeviceVirus (won't write), result 00000000.
    11/23/14 9:35:47.676 AM[1863]: fwUpdaterActive: No updater detected
    11/23/14 9:35:47.676 AM[1863]: before m_cTreadStartStopSemaphore.wait
    11/23/14 9:35:47.676 AM[1863]: after m_cTreadStartStopSemaphore.wait
    11/23/14 9:35:47.676 AM[1863]: UID= VID_133E_PID_0815_BUS_14140000
    11/23/14 9:36:20.220 AM Console[1868]: setPresentationOptions called with NSApplicationPresentationFullScreen when there is no visible fullscreen window; this call will be ignored.

    Just grabbed this immediately after it happened again:

    11/23/14 10:04:40.000 AM kernel[0]: Lost Sync...Len:0 Expected:44 MaxDelta:2

    After updating I have issues when load it in Logic Pro X - at certain point of time I stop hearing sound out of it - indicators show that it should be okay, but I can't hear anything. When clicking on the plugin I see that it is still active, no problems there as well. The only workaround I've found so far is restarting Virus. Quite annoying..

    I'm experiencing the exact same behavior in Live. I'm using my snow as an interface. Works fine for a while, then all audio just stops. Cycling the power on the Snow brings it back until it happens again, which it always does. Serious vibe/momentum killer. MBPr OS X 10.9.5

    In case anyone is having the same issue, here is the solution I found. I 1st uninstalled the new version. I found the beta 5.0.7 and installed it. This version gives you as an option ACCESS VIRUS (BIT ACCURATE) as audio input device. Choosing this passes clean audio. Choosing ACCESS VIRUS (CORE AUDIO) produces the same ugly distortion. 5.0.8 does not give you the BIT ACCURATE option. I have no idea what the difference is or why you wouldn't what your bits to be accurate, but this worked for me. The CORE AUDIO on output works but choosing BIT ACCURATE on output reduces overall latency by 3ms. Still quite high at 14.5ms at 128 buffer setting. 128 is as low as it will allow you to set it under BIT ACCURATE. CORE AUDIO allows lower buffer settings but are useless because anything below 128 produces the same ugly distortion sound.


    I just discovered the BIT ACCURATE option doesn't show up in Logic, only Abelton for some reason. So for now I can use my Snow as an interface in Abelton but not in Logic.

    After updating to 5.0.8 I'm no longer able to use my Snow as an interface. Attempting to record my guitar through the unit produces an output that is a hot digitally distorted mess. I tried it with Abelton, Logic and Reaper with the same results in each. The previous version 5.0.5 or .7 i believe, was working albeit flakily. That version is no longer available for download and I deleted the install.

    Any help or assistance? Please...

    Mavericks 10.9.2. Late 2013 MBPr.

    With each update I dream that my snow will finally work the way it was marketed. The TI software is still a nightmare. Please give us a simple patch library/editor that runs as a vst plugin so we can move on.

    Have posted elsewhere, but V2 of Patch Morpher is going to support the Virus Ti. I bought it for my KingKorg and is amazing. Granted, you need an iPad (which I specifically bought for this) and should help to solve the issue of storing patches, editing without the need for Ti.

    The patch morpher looks promising. Have you had a chance to try it on the Virus yet? Please share your experience.

    Initially I was going to comment to vent my frustration. However now my Virus TI Snow seems to be working properly as a sound card. I'm using a brand new MBPr 2.3ghz i7 running Mavericks 10.9. I downloaded and installed the latest plugin and firmware software from Access (5.0.8 or something). At first I tried it with Abelton 9 64-Bit. The Snow worked worked as a plugin and I could monitor audio thru the headphone output but the inputs did not function. I downloaded and installed the demo ASIO driver from then restarted. Now the Snow passes and monitors audio with no problem.

    I'm writing this after only 10 minutes of use so if any problems exist, they haven't shown themselves yet. As of now, I'm happy that I'm able to record.

    Good luck all.