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    I am having the same issue. BSOD when I switch off the Virus TI after installing My virus is connected to a dedicated USB card. Tried connecteting it to one of the mainboards USB ports, still same issue. I uninstalled everything and tried reinstalling Then when you go to Virus control center it said the virus needs to be updated but again a BSOD when you click on OK.

    Very annoying and I don't know what to do now next. Guess I'll just have to use MIDI only from now on.

    Thanx for the tip but a complete reinstall of Windows is not an option right now. Busy job, no time.

    I just heard OS5 is around the corner. Maybe that fixes the installer issue. If 3.5 setup works, so should any other, so what does 4.3 does differently from 3.5?

    Try fresh installed windows 7 os and disable other feature on your bios setup like Bluetooth,internal sound card.then disconnect extra usb stuff and then try install new os!!!
    also run memory diagnostic on windows 7 and check your ram.

    Happens to me too on Win7 pro 64 bit. Installer does a rollback at the point where you are asked to plug in the Virus. I tried everything I could think of, different USB ports, different cables, every version of the driver I could find. Even bought an extra PCI USB card to be sure the Virus has an exclusive USB port.

    In the end I had to go back to, it's the only version that seems to install on 64 bit. Reading trough the forums it seems many people have the rollback problem with the 64 installers and that this problem was already there in version 3 until they fixed it in Version 4.x.x.x, same problem reappeared. What irks me the most is the fact that it just rolls back without an error message :cursing:. This way I don't have a clue what the cause could be.

    Can anyone from Access shed light on the matter?