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    thank you very much for the answer bored, it worked!

    One more question if you may.
    I am know wondering if I can group some of those channels together in terms of MIDI.

    My aim is to create 4 (2 mono and 2 stereo) multi layer synths using the 16 channels of the Virus TI.
    But this means that apart from grouping them audio-wise, I would also need to group them midi-wise so I can work effectively with them.

    So, is there any way I can have the, let's say, the "filter1 cut-off" of the first 4 channels all triggered at the same time by just turning the cut-off knob of channel 1?

    If that is possible it would be really helpful

    thanks again


    I would like to use all the Analog Outputs of my Virus TI (that are currently hooked up on my audio interface).
    My aim is to have 2 mono and 2 stereo outputs from the Virus.

    In my DAW I have created four different tracks (using Virus as external instrument on each one of them) and have assigned different audio and midi inputs to them.

    However, I only get output from the first analog output of the Virus no matter which track is selected in the DAW.
    It seems by default that the Virus only outputs on the first analog out.
    I know that I can change that using the Virus Control plugin, but when I have the Virus Control the MIDI information of the knobs is not being sent at all.
    Therefore I do not wish to have the Virus Control enabled in my project. I just need to route different channels of the Virus into different analog outputs.
    How can I accomplish that without the VC?


    not really.
    I have been exclusively been using the Virus TI in sequencer mode, which I thought is more or less the same.
    In sequencer mode I don't think it is possible to layer patches directly from the TI. I could only do that using my sequencer program. But still I have to face the issue I described above.

    Hello everybody,

    I was wondering if there is anyway of layering patches using the Virus TI to create a new patch.
    It is common practise for me to create sounds that are combination of patches (layering) by recording patches separately in Logic Pro and then layering them within Logic. The problem is when I need to play those sounds live I need to be able to somehow control all the layers of a sound together (e.g. triggering all of them with one key).
    Is there a way to be able to do this with Virus TI?
    If not, any idea how I could accomplish this?

    note: I am not using the Virus TI plugin

    A=40 did not seem to solve the problem for me. Maybe it is the way I am playing.
    I am not using the VC at all. Is it possible to access those modes from the hardware interface of the virus?

    If you play some notes in sequence using the 'Sub-bass zs' patch stored on ROM-104 then you will listen something like a click on the end of every note.
    It is triggered almost everytime you lift your finger of the note. I am trying to get rid of it.
    I have tried almost everything but nothing seems to help, no matter what I tweak. Anyone has an idea how I can edit the sound in order to remove this?

    Any comment is welcome


    I have been through the same with my virus.
    Also got the same replies from Access.

    It has been almost half a year with my virus and now I am a very happy Virus user. Just get rid of the the VC. When I did that and set my DAW and Virus through MIDI the heaven's opened up. Not a single problem apart from some rare hanging notes that is just resolve by the push of a button (sorry too). I use the VC only for saving patches. Sometimes I even do that on the Virus physical interface. I even find it nicer not to get distructed by a plugin while composing (even though I have to admit that some times it is useful). Let it be. Get you Virus set up through MIDI and you will be happy believe me. You can even do that through the USB cable. You will save yourself hours of struggle and frustration.

    Virus is an amazing synth. Don't let the plugin ruin your mood and creativity.

    Good luck

    please, if anyone can help:

    I am trying to bounce from Logic my Virus TI sounds. I have my set up connected to a Macbook Pro using the S/PDIF outputs the Virus like I have described above.

    My bounces are slightly off synchronisation with each other. I don't know what is wrong but are. When I use the VC and audio through USB they are totally in sync. Can anyone please help me to resolve the problem? I need to use S/PDIF to export my tracks.

    Do you have your interface's clock source set to S/PDIF? If not that could be the issue.

    Also, on the topic of the audio being identical up to the point it either gets passed through as digital or converted to analog..... if memory serves, the well documented issue of unintentional slight pitch oscillation doesn't occur when using analog outs. Personally I just restart my DAW and Virus before recording to help get smooth operation from it and stick to USB outs

    By "yout interface's clock" you mean my soundcard if I get you right, correct?
    I am sure I have the Virus set to S/PDIF, but I am not sure about my soundcard. I am using the Macbook's internal soundcard and I cannot seem to fing the setting to change this. Any idea how I could do that? thanks

    One small extra question to this topic:

    S/PDIF seems to work nice for me. However, I get some clicks now and then, not frequent at all, but they do occur, maybe once or twice in a 3-4 minute long track. Also when I bounce I still have one-two clicks in my exports. I did not have those using the analog outs.
    Any idea what could be wrong and how I could fix this?

    Of course, audio through USB and S/PDIF should sound the same. They are the exact same signal sent over a different protocol. So you should end up with exactly the same thing.
    However, in the case of virus, USB integration is problematic with modern macs and pcs.
    Therefore, S/PDIF gives you what USB should give you and it doesn't.

    Just an update in this to whoever is interested.
    The S/PDIF alternative seems to work fine with my logic projects. I didn't experience any issues with it like artifacts etc.
    I don't know if the sound quality is better but it seems robust.

    Hi everybody,

    Anybody can enlighten me on how to control the tempo of the Arpegiator?
    I am not using the plug in only the Virus in Sequencer mode and I want it to synchronize with the tempo of my project in Logic.


    I bought an rca cable and the toe optical mini plug. I will try it out and let you know.

    So Apple...pity the 13'' MBP doesn't have this input. Even my old macbook 2006 has one...