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    guys, thank you for the inputs!

    I would like to add sth more here. I was informed that it is actually possible to connect the S/PDIF of the Virus into a Macbook Pro input.
    The MBP input can take both analog or digital signal. In the second case it bypasses the internal A/D converters of the MBP's internal sound card.

    I hear that the S/PDIF output of the Virus TI can give the best result. And it makes some sense. It produces digital signal anyway and by sending it through S/PDIF and not the analog outs, I just bypass the D/A converters of the Virus.

    So all in all, it sounds good to try it out, if this way I can save up such a cost for a Duet for example. And the result would be sonically better as well. Because this way I avoid two convertions, one in the Virus and one in the Macbook Pro.

    Please correct me if I am wrong and enlighten me.

    ok, makes sense.

    I mistakenly thought that I could directly connect the S/PDIF of the Virus on a MBP input, but I guess it is not reasonable once the input is analog and the S/PDIF transmits digital.

    How about a Duet, Fuseball? They praise its audio quality, but they seem overpriced for only two inputs.

    sure mate,

    thanks for the input!
    Out of what I have read I think I am sticking with the analog outs as well for the moment.
    I was wondering if the sound quality is the same, better/worst.

    Hi everybody,

    I would like to record the outputs of my virus and was wondering what are the benefits of S/PDIF vs the analog outs, or vice versa.
    I am using Virus w/o the Virus Control plugin, MIDI through USB and audio through the analog outs at the moment connected straight to the input of a macbook (no external sound card used). Would connecting S/PDIF give me a better audio quality?


    flaggerbob, thanks for the input

    My loop starts at bar The program changes were placed at So I guess there shouldn't be any interference.
    I also moved them to No luck either. The program change is sent every time the loop starts over.

    The levels still don't respond when I tried to start and stop again. I have to press on the faders in Logic to make them transmit the information.

    Could it be that I haven't set something right in terms of MIDI connection between the Virus and Logic?
    I am only using the Virus TI Synth and not the Virus TI MIDI.

    thanks for the tips, they seemed to do the trick, but currently I am facing two other problems.
    I managed to make the Virus play the correct patches by sending program changes in the beginning of each track in Logic.
    Now, when I loop the program change is sent every time the loop starts over. So when I tweak a patch in the beginning of every loop it will cancel my modifications and re-initialize itself.
    This is quite annoying as I am very used to record some notes and then tweak the sound while the notes are playing in loops.
    Any idea how I could overcome this problem?

    Moreover, every time I open up a saved Logic project, the levels of the Virus are not the correct ones. I have to touch each one of the midi channel faders in Logic in order to set the level to the value that the fader actually indicates. Somehow this information is not transmitted to the Virus by opening a project. Any idea on that as well?

    I'd appreciate your help



    you are valuable help. I get it now.
    Only one thing I still miss. I understood that I can choose from between value 0-127, that correspond to the patches in a bank of the Virus. But how exactly do I choose the bank? If I choose a val of 0-127, let's say 68, this loads the 68th patch, but of which bank?

    cheers and many thanks

    Ok, I think I figured this about the ports out. But what about having the patches changed for each project? I only need Virus to remember the each project without the plug in. There should be a way to do this easily.

    Marc, you mentioned program changes. I haven't dealt with this before. Is there a guide through this? How to set 16 channels of virus in Logic without the plug in? I cannot find relevant information in the manuals.
    Is this the only way to do it? I remember that before removing another MIDI keyboard from my setup this was not an issue. And I was not using the VC plugin.

    Ok, I think I have some more information of this.
    In my Logic projects, when I was creating a new external midi track I had two options where to assign them. One was Virus TI MIDI and the other was Virus TI Synth. I could only have sound coming out when choosing Virus TI Synth, but it seemed that Virus TI MIDI was also doing some kind of communication between Logic and Virus.
    Now only the Virus TI Synth is present.
    Could that be the problem? If yes then how could I get back the Virus TI MIDI assignment as well?


    thanks for the reply.
    Isn't something like this done automatically when in Sequencer mode?
    I remember that the patches used to change themselves every time I was switching from one project to another.
    Somehow it seems that this information is not transmitted anymore.

    Also, after switching off and back on my Virus it keeps in Sequencer mode. Before, I recall setting itself back to single mode and then I had to put it in Sequencer mode manually.

    I think I have somehow blocked this part of the MIDI communication between Logic and Virus.

    I have never worked with program changes before in Logic, so I don't really know how to work with it, but I guess there could be another way around it, no? I recall this was working before I removed another MIDI keyboard I was using along with the Virus in my setup.

    Hi to all,

    I am using Virus without the VC plugin, MIDI through the USB, Audio through the analog outputs.
    My Virus is in Sequencer mode and I was wondering if there is a way for the Virus to remember the patches in every project, so when I open up a new project the different patches in the 16 different part are set automatically.
    It should be sth basic but I recently uninstall another MIDI device in set up and since then it seems Logic Pro does not send this MIDI information to the Virus.
    Anyone, knows how to make this work, please?


    By the time Access does so, what about all those guys that will fall in the same trap like we did?

    I opened a thread here asking from Access to take action on this. They should simply show transparency to their potential customers. I also called for everybody who has problems to gather up and pressure Access to take responsibility. Unfortunately, I found no correspondance even though I am pretty sure many people feel the same cheated like I do. And needless to say that Access did not reply of course...

    I do not want to sound pessimistic here, but I am afraid most of the actions you are taking are vein.

    I received a Virus TI before my actually new mac arrived. When it did arrive, I did two things. Installed Logic Pro 9 and connected to the internet only once for the latest update of Logic and Virus OS. After that, my computer never connected to the internet again. It is a music workstation like yours. Moreover, the Virus TI was the only thing connected on the computer. (Via hub, w/o hub and every possible scenario you can imagine).

    Now, I could not really imagine a simpler scenario. And a cleaner system. I assure you my system is as clear as it gets. Still VC was ruining my productivity and mood for music for over than 2 months. The only way I managed to set it up to a level of funcionality was by by-passing the usb-hub (connecting directly the TI in my mac). Of course, this was full of problems as well, but much better than with the hub. Totally the contrary than what Access suggests.

    Now, if you wanna save up yourself some time I would recommend to forget about the VC.

    I am the same angry with Access as many here. Even though I like the sound of my Virus, I still feel I got mislead. I bought the Virus for the TI. That's it.

    Everytime Access tells me that they can't reproduce my problems I get frustrated. All you need to do to face problems is buy a new i7 mac, install Logic and plug in the Virus TI with or w/o a hub. Then try working with it and see what happens sooner or later.

    I keep reading and reading and reading about the VC problems.

    Can you still believe that the guys in Access cannot reproduce our problems?

    In their labs the VC is working fine...Contact them and they will assure you...