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    hi ionis,

    i have virus os
    and virus control version
    and ableton live 8.1.5.

    But the problem is not in the sequencer..
    The led of my midi interface tells me, there is no message received from the virus.

    One of the disadvantages is that controller automation and notes are totally separated. This makes it very hard to arrange a song because clips can no more be moved to another song position without intensive clicking and copying in the "global automation track" of the virus.

    Just one.

    Dear Jörg,

    i see, anyway when you look on other DSP based systems you will see that they actually have multiclient drivers and can use a dsp hardware resource from different plugin instances Other usb based hardware uses 16 or more simultaneous channels. I do not request to extend the usb bandwitdth i request to think about a dynamic assignment of audio channels to different plugin instances.

    I respect all your efforts as developers to build a revolutionary system but i simply argue from the user point of view and hope that at least with upcoming products there will be better solutions. looking at existing systems this tells me that also the virus concept can be improved. If it doesn't work it's caused by your internal virus architecture and for good luck you can change this.


    well, i did not find a way which really works in an acceptable way.

    in some forums there was said "right click on for example on the control for the filter cutoff and select ..."

    hm... there are two gui controls for such a parameter:
    1) first on the panes that modify the sound parameters
    2) second on the pane "remote" where i can set a midi message.

    however, right click doesnt work on both panes so which gui-control / control is meant to right click on...

    on pane 2) there are 2 problems i observed:
    - I can define a midi control for a knob, but some knobs are assigned to more than one parameter (for example the fx-knobs) how can i define which parameter is mapped to the midi control message? please don't tell me automation is bound to knobs and not to parameters :'(

    - I succeeded to remote control some parameters but i expect that an appropriate message is sent when i move the knob on the virus hardware. however, i did not succeed receiving a midi message from the virus... is there something special to setup?

    I want to remark, that something goes wrong here.. i have experience with lots of synthesizers (software and hardware) up to now i was able to setup midi automation within a short amount of time (<10 mins). However, i spent several hours (!) on the automation concept of the virus with nearly no success. This tells me that the concept is not good and shall be reviewed!

    "it would be impossible with the current bandwidth restrictions"

    well then:
    - support as many channels as possible (looking at other usb hardware at least 8 stereo channels shall be possible) - AND: Why not support 2 usb connections?
    - let one plugin instance switch between following options:
    -> output to vst plugin output
    -> output to global, shared channel which appears as audio interface in the daw
    - keep supporting more than 1 patch per plugin instance

    come on, keep thinking... this concept is weird and so hard to use... i think i will not use it at all but route analog audio output back through an audio interface in the daw. i hope there is an acceptable solution for midi automation - however - having all automation in one track is not acceptable for me. i mean - look at this click-actions you will need to move a clip to some other song position by discretely keeping the automation... this is no fun!

    At AtonyB: "for a engineered product all these features are not possible" Please do not use such "kill-them-all" statements. There are lots of features that can be done via a software update to improve this concept.

    "not possible since all sounds reside in the hardware"

    Well, that can't be the reason why it shouldn't work. Lots of hardware stream 16 or more separate audio channels over usb. I think the reason why they implemented this way is the vst plugin architecture which - i think - does not support to have any communication between several plugin instances. Such communication must be implemented in the virus driver or any shared process which acts as a mediator between several plugin instances. It is more complex to implement but i don't believe it is not possible to allow multiple instances. And the way it is - for my opinion - is not acceptable. I mean look at this weird construction with several tracks... This is totally sick! (And i really don't say this because i don't understand it)

    Aside of that the virus has a great synthesis model and a very very nice sound :)


    where i was very satisfied by the synthesis model and the sound i was very disappointed of the "Total integration" concept in ableton live.

    It is a basic concept of a sequencer that you have one track per "patch" (spoken in virus slang). There are soooooo much traps and disadvantages and lost possibilities with the current concept, arranging a song with that concept is a total mess!!!

    I think access should really implement multiple plugin instances where each plugin can provide sound for one or more patches.