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    This only shows the fixed BPM value of the patch, not the current tapped tempo. Hence my question.

    Try it: Edit a patch, go to tempo page, tap a beat: BPM value will not change.

    Where or how can I see the actual tapped or incoming tempo?

    Ok, this might be a silly question, but I haven't found an answer in the manuals: how can one actually SEE a tapped (or incoming MIDI) tempo in BPM? I know I can manually dial in a tempo, but when I tap the tempo or have the TI synced to a MIDI-Clock-Host, where can I read it's current value in BPM?

    As I'm a live player many times I tap a tempo of a song and our drummer wants to know the tempo. Right now I have to say: "look at the flashing light, drummerboy!" But a value would be of more use ;)


    [Despite having registered my TI2 Keyboard with its serial I cannot post in appropriate Subforum... so I'm posting here]

    I'm a touring live keyboarder and using my TI2 Keyboards in Multi Mode. My rig is controlled by a Kurzweil Master Keyboard which is working just fine, the Virus integrates well. However I'm planning to replace my trusty but heavy Akai S5000 Sampler with something lighter. I'm also using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (Win 8.1 Pro) on top of the virus, mainly for lyrics and notes.

    So this came to my mind: connect the Virus via USB to the Surface, load a simple Sampler VSTi into my Surface-DAW (Sonar X3 or Studio One) and play the samples with the Virus/Surface combination instead of the Akai, the Virus serving as the MIDI and audio interface of the Surface. This works already, however as soon as I choose "Virus Synth" as MIDI-Input in the DAWs, the keyboard and the Virus' internal sounds do not produce any sound - I read the manual, this is by design, I know ;)

    So: is there a way to use the Virus with the DAW in Multi Mode, e.g. "Part 11 of a Multi sends on MIDI Channel 11, which is sent to the DAW, all other parts on Channel 10 (my standard Virus MIDI Channel) play the local Virus keyboard?"

    This would be the best solution as it's the one with the easiest setup. Another possibility could be: select "Virus MIDI" as the MIDI input inside Sonar/Studio One and use another keyboard (e.g. the Kurzweil) to send its MIDI to the Virus' MIDI In which is then routed to the DAW. This outputs the audio back to the Virus (used as the audio device inside Sonar /Studio One) via USB. Don't know if this works at all because I have no second keyboard here at the moment.

    Could "Local on" on the Virus be of any help in this scenario?

    So any help or input on how to integrate the Surface as my Akai replacement with the help of the Virus is appreciated.