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    Great story man! I am also a proud and somewhat recent owner of a Virus in the Chicagoland area! I guess I'll share my story:

    I discovered the magic of a Virus TI keyboard back when i was 14 at the Arlington Heights Guitar Center and fell in love with "The Sound" ever since. It was quite sick actually: I would ride my bike to Guitar Center every other day just to play it while they still had it, just so I could figure it out, literally playing the thing for at least 2 hours at a time. (I dont know how the people in the Pro Audio department continued to tolerate my noise all those times). All throughout high school, I produced music using Logic Pro, and settled for using various VST's. when i wasn't messing around with my own gear, I was tweaking knobs on the Virus at GC, drooling over it day after day, for at least a year while they still had it.

    I think playing the Virus encouraged me to pursue producing electronic music in general, opening me up to the world of synths and the coolness associated with them. Unfortunately, I never was able to fulfill my dream of owning one while in high school. (minimum wage jobs were never enough to afford a three-thousand dollar synth despite my best saving efforts). I don't know how many times I searched the internet hoping to find a used Virus TI for cheap, but even at the time of the TI2 coming out, it was too damn expensive for my budget!

    It must have been meant to be, because one day after doing my almost daily searching for one, I came across a Virus TI2 Keyboard, but not only that, but a super rare Whiteout Edition one in Flint Michigan on Guitar Center's online used section for a decent price. I constantly thought about possibly owning one of the rarest TI's to made my head spin just thinking about it. I knew i could afford it if i saved up enough, but it would be long gone before I could get enough cash together. I HAD to have it!!! I ended up keeping in touch with the guys at the Michigan store for at least a few weeks, to make sure it was still there since I couldn't put it on hold without a deposit. (Really surprised that it didn't get snatched up within that time!) I ended out working out an INCREDIBLE deal with them over the phone, so I took out a loan and immediately sealed the deal...

    After 6 years of drooling over "The Sound," I finally got the synth of my dreams, and not only that, but a TI2 Whiteout Edition, with the interesting Serial Number of #075/150! I still cannot believe i am sitting in front of it right now, I think I might just be taking this thing to my grave!

    Hope you enjoyed it,

    Nick Bock

    So after searching extensively on this issue, ive yet to find a solution to this!
    Im using Logic Pro 9, Virus is updated to the most recent update, and im using a 2.66 ghz Mac mini, updated as well. Ive reset the virus, messed with the buffer range, At this point, im almost subject to believing that theres something wrong with my virus and i should get it taken in to be fixed! Has any Logic/ TI2 owner found THE remedy for this?!

    weird coincidence number 1- i happen to live in Mount Prospect, Illinois myself! i remember going to sound post with my dad when i was little (he was a guitar player)
    coincidence number 2- my dads friends with Tom from Arcanta! sounds like a great experience, good luck on your endeavors!

    Hey everyone,

    My names Nick and my time finally came this month: i was very fortunate to get my hands on (and for an EXTREMELY LOW price) a TI2 Whiteout Keyboard!!! (075/150) Despite any solid knowledge about the virus except playing on one religiously at a local guitar center for months a couple years ago... ive been hooked to this synth ever since, no other synth compares! i was quite surprised how well i was able to set it up, update to the newest OS, and install virus control and sync it up with logic 8, no glitches! everythings been working really well since ive bought the synth. when i bought it, it had a volume knob missing. i was able to email Access, their manager of sales and operations was able to help me out and get a hold of another knob for me! im hoping to learn more about this synth through my fellow Virus-Wizards!

    Hi from Chicago, Illinois! just got my hands on #75/150, had a missing volume knob, pretty decent sized scratches when i bought it, but am currently getting a new volume knob in the mail from Access, got the scratches all touched up professionally, looks good as new! glad to own the synth of my dreams. im taking this to the grave! :thumbup: