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    I tried it. Sadly it did not work. What i did was to use the USB3.0 to other things (like dongle, disks, etc). Then I ONLY connected the Virus Snow to the hub which is the only thing connected to the USB 2.0 on the PC. Also the mouse and keyboard is connected to the hub. Have been running smoothly for 1 mounth now.

    But this probably depends on which USB 3.0 card and driver you have, i just bought a "noname" card. Maybe you have more luck with another card.

    I had the exact same problem as you describe and also purchased a dedicated USB 3.0 card with no success.
    I have almost the same MB as you (p8z68 pro-v). My solution was to buy this hub recommended by others here and support.

    It is the only thing connected to my USB port in the back. Then i have my Snow, mouse and other things connected to the hub.
    Now it works, strange but true :thumbsup: .

    I can confirm that the " Belkin F5U237v1" that flabberbob mentioned works fine. Support also recommend this one.

    But the dedicated PCIe USB - card that i bought did not work, so it is not always safe or better.

    I run the hub in my Windows 7 64bit together with Cubase 6 64 bit and the snow.

    Hello SJR!

    Is psytrance of any interest to you? ;)


    @ Marc
    Well, the dedicated USB card did NOT help. Actually it did the opposite. More sparks and connection wont last for 3 min.
    I reinstalled and used my old USB port placed in front. Now its working for one our and then i loose the connection.
    How can i fix this? Could a powered USB hub help?

    I don't understand how a synthesizer from 2008 can have so much problems.I spent more time to configure than making music.

    Please help!
    Soundcard: EMU 1212m PCIe
    OS: Windows 7 64bit
    DAW: Cubase 6.05 64 bit
    MB: Asus P8z68-v pro
    RAM: Corsair vengeance LP 16 GB DDR3 PC - 1600 MHZ
    Processor: i7 2600k @ 3,4 GHz
    Dedicated USB card - PCIe to USB 3.0

    we talk about the same. "live" notes are delayed, recorded notes (played back notes) are fine. the "live" button was designed aid in those cases. the throughput latency is based on the buffer size of your sound card. does it get better when you select the virus as your primary sound card and choose a small buffer size?

    It gets better. But i opened a clean new project when tested. Did the same with my soundcard and its ok. The first time i tested i tried to open the virus in a old project, don't know if some settings differs from when i make completely new one.

    And also my virus is loosing connection. Anyhowe, just got my PCIe to USB card. I will install now and update you on how it went.

    Only difference i run Windows 7 64bit

    Before you buy a PCIe card (which might help - if you connect the Virus alone to it) you can try the following:

    Disconnect all external USB devices from the computer (well, you can leave the keboard and mouse if you have no other choice) and follow the tutorial here:…eceiver-in-device-manager until step 4, so that you can see what your USB architecture looks like. If you can connect everything back again (including changing the port of the keyboard/mouse if needed) so that the virus has its own dedicated "USB host controller" then it might work without needing to get extra hardware.

    Thanx for answering my questions. I suppose the tutorial only is valid when Virus TI snow is installed, right?

    I've seen Viruses that worked fine without addressing the "Sample Buffer Size" issue, but I guess you can never know unless you try. What DAW are you using? It could be that your DAW has an option to override the buffer size set by the soundcard.
    Crackle and stuttering sounds very much like a USB load issue, but you can solve it by trying to figure out (Mac: profiler / Win: device manager) which USB bus on your computer is not shared by any other device, and connect your Virus to one of its ports. If you have too many USB devices you need connected, banish them to a USB2.0 hub, and free a bus for the Virus.
    Hope that helps.

    I use Cubase 6 64bit on Windows 7 64bit. My soundcard is EMU 1212m PCIe. I tried all my USB ports, none of them work. What do you mean with "banish them to a USB2.0 hub, and free a bus for the Virus"? i am so frustrated, please help! Tomorrow i try to buy a USB port thru PCIe, could this help?

    Hi all!

    I just bought a Virus TI Snow. Connected via midi and was impressed by the sounds. However, as many others I encountered problems when connecting via USB . After initial setup, everything worked fine. But after a restart Virus would not work. The first error message I get is that the virus software wants me to change the "Sample Buffer Size" to 64, 128 or 512.The sound card I have (EMU 1212m PCIe) set these values in milliseconds. How can i translate this? I tried all possible values without success. When I ignore the message the Virus crackles and glitches. My question is, can a dedicated USB port (PCIe) solve my problems?

    Please help, i am frustrated!

    I plugged into a USB input without a hub as recommended.