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    hey virus junkies

    i have just updated my virus b and i heard on sume patches there where gated riffs.

    i'm gonna try and reverse eng. it to see if i can figure it out BUT

    can anybody suggest how i can do this or just point me in the right direction

    that'll be supper cool :thumbup:

    kind regards


    hi j, hope u r well

    i used cubase 5

    i dont know what internal setting were coase i plug in virus and everything works 1st time round unlike fruity.

    like i said if i put sys update in track it uploads fine then i put in a track wiff paches and virus says no thank you sir

    kind regards D

    hey virus junkies

    i just did a system update for the virus b and was very painless and quick.

    now i would like to load sum of the custom paches i downloaded from the access site.

    everytime i load these midi file though i get a checksum error. does anyone maybe know how i can sort this (does midi settings change for loading paches)

    it would be a gr8 help

    kind regards

    Da Shroom of Doom :thumbup:

    hi Jörg

    that is excelent worked like a bomb and was very easy to do thanx a lot

    i just have one more question.

    the MC808 is sequencing like a mofo i just have one more question if anyone can help

    the virus does not pick up the global transposing message from the roland when playing life

    is this a problem with the virus not recieving the mesagge or the mc not sending it.

    virus settings is

    midi tx total

    mide rx enable

    midi blobal chanl 1

    midi panel int+midi

    midi clock rx auto

    midi vol and prog change and arpagio send enabled

    midi device id 1

    midi controle low-page = controle hi-page = sysex

    ps when i try to load custom paches i got of the access site

    virus respond wiff checksum error

    but when i did system update a minute befor all worked fine (clock rx had to be set to the off posission)

    kind regards

    yours in synth noise :thumbsup:

    hi i hope u all are well.

    the manual is not very discriptive here and i hoped maybe some one here could help

    how do i make multi timbral patches so that i can sequence it wiff da mc808.

    it plays da factory banks fine, but who wants to play someone elses stuff

    my setup would more or less look like this

    channel 1 base 2/3 ambiance 4 noise 5 lead :?:

    ps i am a moob i mean a noob so go slow if its posible :thumbsup:

    kind regards

    Da Shroom of Doom :thumbup:

    hey i got my virus today, yipppeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbup:

    i only have one problem i cant hook it up to friuty

    it does not even pick up in midi menu.

    i read simlar posts and whet i follow da link to a page where i can download a patch or vsti, the pages are not working.

    can any one give me sum tips please. i know its somthing simple im missing ?(

    if i figure it out i'll let u know what i did