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    try a variety of things!..and i really mean a variety of things...i had trouble for a long long time..The Virus likes things just issue was def with usb traffic,i think most of these problems are caused by usb issues..dont give up!..keep adjusting reconnecting rebooting..i know it sounds absurd but mine is now as stable as i think i'm going to get it..i can even use the arpeggiator..and my advice is once you have it stable dont alter a thing! issues were solved almost minute the Virus wouldnt play ball at all then after what seemed to be endless reboots and reconnects it seems ok...bear in mind it is now 2 weeks of good use and may go tits up yet...but this is stable enough for me to work and i have a Macbook pro i7 connected to a hub with other devices on the hub....i went through different port setups,different operating system versions of the Virus and even a different usb cord...for me there was no magic cure just perseverance.I use the latest version of the Ti with a shorter usb cable than the official Virus cable (for what its worth),anyway i hope this helps :wacko: and good luck...the Virus is worth the effort.

    which usb port do you use, the one further in front or the one further in the back?
    after painstaking 48 h of trying to get it working still not working. Tried 2 different usb cables, the whole program several times of deinstalling installing repairing rights rebooting.
    Whats going on with this company? Or is my machine simply broken?
    thanks for your suggestions

    the virus sure sounds great once it works. thought i had the problem solved with the different usb hub,
    now nothing works again. so frustrating. so so frustrating.
    I have the impression this machine is just never going to work reliably with TI.
    What a crass waste of time and money, much much much time already.
    Its hard to believe the company just cannot solve these problems.

    Hi, I seem to have solved the problem for now.

    It has to be exactly the right USB Hub, I now use a Belkin USB 2.0 4-Port Hub (with power supply). A Hub from sitecom with the supposedly same features did not work!

    Also: After installing the software again with the new USB Hub connected, the Virus TI from previous sessions in the sequences (Ableton) had to be deleted, and then the Virus has to be inserted again.
    Else these communication error messages will keep coming up, or the sounds will be totally distorted.

    So far so good.

    All the best

    Is there anyone out there using the Access Virus with a more recent MacBook Pro (i5, i6, i7) in professional music recording?

    I tried out different USB hubs from sitecom, and now another from Belkin. First they might work in a very simple set, but then I load something more complex with other Plugins (e.g. Kontakt with an X-Sample chamber orchestra library) and it gives me a communication error.
    After this when I open a new empty file, the Virus also has the communication error.

    Its the horror.

    I seriously get the impression that this is an error that you cannot get rid of when using a more recent MacBook Pro.
    No solution yet from product support either.

    Hallo Marc, habt ihr denn auch komplexere Kompositionen mit anderen Plugins zusammen laufen, hier schmiert das Virus sofort bei mir ab.
    Wenn ich alles frisch installiere und nur das Virus aufmache geht es manchmal kurz.
    Bislang gibt es auch vom product support noch keine Lösung.
    Für mich ist bislang die Virus Control für TI eine grosse Enttäuschung.
    Habt ihr denn bei Eurem MacBook Pro I7 den Virus an einem der beiden USB Ports des Rechners (die ja interne Hubs sind), oder habt ihr ihn an einem speziellen USB Hub (z.B. mit Multi-Translation Chipsatz)?
    Falls ja, was für einen Hub benutzt ihr?

    Hi, I just lost a week of my life trying to connect the TI2 to my MacBook Pro. Since its an I7 it has two internal usb hubs. The Virus will not share the usb connection. Also when I attach it to a usbhub powered by net electricity.

    It thus is not possible to attach the Virus TI2 to any of the newer MacBook Pro s anymore!

    Which way could there be around it? I know that some pc or mac tower users can use a card slot to create a usb connection.
    However, the Macbook Pro only has a firewire800 socket (that I use with an RME fireface), a thunderbolt (for connecting videobeamers) and sd slot.
    Would both the fireface and the virus work if i used a firewirehub and then connected a firewire to usb adapter to the hub for the virus?
    Or could I use the sd or thunderbolt for this?

    Hard to understand why there is no solution from access that would allow the usage of newer MacBook Pros.

    Thanks for suggestions