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    in which way would that help you? 4.5.2 was released before 4.5.3 (which is the latest publicly available version).
    cheers, marc

    4.5.3 did not install on my computer, it would always have the rollback error during installation.

    4.5.2 installed on my computer seamlessly.

    I get the impression that it is coming very soon because when I asked if I could have OS 4.5.2 Beta to try and solve my issues (its circulating on the web but not available on the public beta list) Access Support told me that OS 5 would be out very soon and just wait for that.

    I did get my hands on beta 4.5.2 anyways ;)

    Very good response noct, and dspears.

    I agree that USB 2.0 or 3.0, whichever they go with, should solve the major issues this generation of Virus TI's have.

    Hopefully they will still consider hybrid connectivity.

    I guess a host card or dongle card would be a little too impractical and bring about its own issues. But should they do widespread testing with the next-gen Virus and they still can't come up with a way to get a stable next-gen Virus Control plugin working on next-gen machines, they should investigate other ways to create a stable connection environment.

    I can see Access as being very comfortable working with USB but I encourage them to test other protocols to see if it makes sense in implementing so that the product is more adaptable. Software development, maintenance and support would be a challenge, I admit, and FW seems to be on its way out. There is no point in adding TB until its a proven commodity too. No sense in having a TB out on the next-gen Virus if in 2 years no computers have TB ports, but luckily the next Virus, if there ever is one, should be out in a long enough period of time that Access will know if TB is here to stay.

    Well, here's to hoping USB 2.0 or 3.0 is stable as a brick sh*t-house, as that is likely to be the basic connection method.

    Oh, one more thing. I agree now that a Virus PCIe card would be pretty redundant for a next-gen Virus given the increase in connection speeds, but it should still be considered for the current gen. A one port PCIe card with all the bits and pieces (not sure what they'd be precisely, convertors of some sort) to make the Virus work flawlessly on any system that has a PCIe slot, or an expresscard for the laptoppers, seems like a good idea. I bet they could work with RME to come up with something great. Although in a way it would be finally admitting that there are widespread issues with the Virus, which I'm not sure they're ready to do anytime soon...

    I've spent the last 3 months since I got the Virus TI Snow, on and off, trying to set the Virus up in my DAW and after at first not even being able to install the latest OS, I believe I now have close to the most stable result possible in my DAW. I'll post my setup in case anyone wants to recreate it. It isn't perfect. I'm still trying to get my Native Instruments Maschine to work alongside the Virus (so far opening an instance of both Maschine and Virus Control causes the Virus USB audio to crackle and pop).


    Asus P8Z68V-LE
    16GB Ram
    2600k i7
    AMD HD 5xxx

    Audio Interface:



    FL Studio 10.0

    Now, audio from the Virus still isn't perfect. I get very minor white noise, and it is pretty faint, but I'm convinced it is still due to the USB environment. I have the Virus connected to a USB 2.0 port on the MOBO and every other device connected to two PCI USB expansion cards.

    If I can't find a way to connect the Maschine, and perhaps even if I do, I will add optional analog inputs to my RME HDSPe AIO; the product is RME AI4S-192. Then I can bypass/silence/mute the USB audio while still keeping VC for patch tweaking and it should sound amazing 8)

    Not sure how far along in development a next-gen Virus is, or if development has even started, but I have a few suggestions on connectivity.

    We know USB 1.1 is an atrocious medium to send audio to and from the Virus, especially in 2012 when most chipsets are designed to take advantage of newer high speed connection protocols.

    USB3.0 has now been out for a while and looks to be the standard for some time to come. However, with the problems people have been having with their particular USB environments and current-gen Virus integration, I thought taking a more generalized "cover all your bases" approach to connectivity would be a huge step forward for Access in building a new synth.

    Take MOTU for example, who a couple years ago pioneered the first ever hybrid Firewire/USB devices. Not much of a technological breakthrough, but tremendously useful for someone trying to maximize performance in a highly variable (from one studio to another) environment. If USB is a no-go, simply switch to FW. If you don't have FW ports, use USB until you can add a card. If FW gets reduced performance in Windows, use USB. If your mac book only has 2 USB ports, use FW, and so on.

    Thunderbolt is promising as well, and will be coming to PCs in the near future. It has insanely high data transfer speeds that leave USB and FW in the dust. Maybe this is overkill for a digital synth, but it might be worth looking into.

    But my revolutionary suggestion, which I'm not sure has been suggested yet, is to add a PCI(e) card to the mix. Having an Access-developed dedicated card in the motherboard could do wonders for latency, hiccups and other glitches so many have been experiencing. Instead of messing about with hubs and ports (which you are unsure if they are on hubs or dedicated ports at all), why not simply connect the next-gen Virus to a dedicated Virus PCI(e) card via whatever connection protocol would work best?

    Why not make such a card an optional add-on for those that want to take Total Integration in their studio to a new level? Maybe Access could even design something specifically for the current Virus TI and begin testing it. So many people have resorted to third-party chips to add USB ports with little to no success in bringing about a fix to their issues.

    I guess my main point would be relying on any one type of connection has, in the case of the current-gen Virus, proven a massive headache as technology progresses and the Virus is stuck at USB 1.1.

    In my opinion limiting connectivity for a next-gen synth to save time in software/firmware development would be a huge mistake. Limiting connectivity to make the synth more economical would be as big of a mistake; people are shelling out money for a working product for their studio and are happily doing so. If it is proven to work in all circumstances, then they will feel it is money well spend and well worth it.

    Yes, adding FW, TB and direct PCIe connection over some other protocol would increase time spent developing the firmware to levels I'm not sure they are comfortable with yet. But I feel this is a necessary step if Access wants to sell a product that anyone can use, out of the box, in any system, with no hiccups or headaches, and isn't that what TI is all about?

    What we have now is a synth that claims total integration but isn't totally integrated unless it is in the perfect environment that isn't quite possible to reproduce, and isn't fair to consumers/musicians who have environments that vary drastically. What we have is a fish, which is totally integrated for an aquatic environment, but will die on land. We need an amphibian. We need a mutation.

    Can I use Virus Control to tweak patches, set up a MIDI out in my DAW and send the audio through the 1/4" L/R outputs on the Snow and into my interface?

    So the Snow would be connected via USB, MIDI IN and 2x 1/4" Outs.

    My latency is actually quite good (6ms), except when I pencil in notes and actually playback the track, there is plug-in delay over USB. Seems like this idea of a setup could eliminate that delay without resorting to PDC.

    Yes, but please note that there is a slight delay between the USB outs and the audio outs. If you use VC, the DAW will most likely compensate for the delay and the audio outs will play too early, and without VC (using the MIDI synth output) the USB will play a little late.

    That is probably caused by the USB environment of your computer. Try to asses it using the steps described in the installation guide, so you can maximize your bandwidth. For the meantime, if you're using VC/VSTi, try to use the "2 out" option, to ease up the load.

    What is your setup?

    And if I had a card like, for instance, a MOTU Ultralite MK3 Hybrid, how would you go about setting everything up, considering I am using the Snow and pretty much need to use the plugin VST?

    Please, if you are replying to this thread let me know what you are using in your specific setup and your performance, sound card wise.

    For people who do not use the Virus TI as a sound card, what sound card/audio interface do you use in your setup?

    How would you rate your entire setup's performance out of 10?

    Are you running the Virus Control VST via USB or are you routing the Virus through the audio interface?

    Can one route the Virus into an audio interface and via USB simultaneously?

    I've been trying to use the TI Snow as my sound card but haven't had much luck. Lots of sync issues, errors, latency, full-out crashes, etc. After all its a synth first and everything else second..

    Looking at the motu Ultralite MK3

    I tried buying 2 different USB PCI cards.

    Neither of them resolved my issue, which was that would not find a Virus connected to my computer when running the installer.

    It doesn't make sense because an old version (3.x.x.xx) worked fine on my standard USB ports (even when connected not through the expansion card).


    Edit: Just read in the title you wanted to discuss laptop cards. This example is on my desktop. Sorry about that

    Hey, might as well reply even though this is an old thread and you probably decided on your system already.

    I'm using a Asus Z68 v-LE with the Virus TI Snow and although you need to take a few days over a few weeks to configure everything - or a few days in a row if you want to go insane - everything works pretty well, at least well enough for what I want to get out of it.

    Originally I thought the Mobo was incompatible because I could not run the installer; I even bought a USB PCI expansion card to dedicate a USB connection to the Virus TI - this solved nothing.

    I then tried an older version of the installer - and worked, even on the Mobo's USB ports (not thru the expansion card). So I don't think the Mobo is the problem after all. Guess I should have tried that first..

    There are sync issues and the audio will fully crash sometimes using the Virus TI Snow as a sound card but I think these can be remedied by more settings changing and trial and error.

    Hope this helps anyone else, and hopefully Access can figure out why one installer would work and the other wouldn't all things equal. Maybe the latest version would solve my sync and crashing issues.

    Hey guys,

    Firstly, I am running Win7x64 on a quadcore 16gb RAM platform. I originally could not get the Virus TI installed on my system, so in a manic fervor I bought a USB PCI card to install on my rig as a potential solution after reading about the necessity for a dedicated USB connection for the Virus.

    This ended up not solving my issue, and still couldn't install the Virus TI. To my disbelief, simply using an old version of the OS Installer (3.3.502) worked, even when the Virus was connected to my stock USB ports. I obviously should have tried that first before buying unnecessary expansion cards.

    So I have no idea why the old installer works on a brand new machine and the newest one doesn't, but thats another issue entirely.

    After fiddling around with settings ad infinitum, I finally have what I consider to be the most stable set up. I am using the Virus TI as my soundcard out of necessity as I do not have an audio interface and the Virus is unusable using Realtek onboard sound.

    The problem is that the Virus' audio output crashes both inside and outside my DAW. I'll be working away at a project and the sound will cut out entirely, freezing the graphic monitors and spectral analyzer that are on the top pane in FL Studio.

    Furthermore, the same thing tends to happen when outside of my DAW, I will be watching a video or listening to a song, doesn't matter what format, and audio will cut out entirely.

    I have to close the project or media, power off then on my Virus and reload it; obviously this isn't conducive to a good workflow.

    I guess I'll note that the sample rate is set to 41,000 hz in FL Studio and in Windows sound.

    If anyone knows any other settings I can manipulate let me know.

    If you route a Virus TI through an audio interface you can't use Virus Control, correct?

    I think you'll be able to use the Virus TI just fine routing through an audio interface, unless you have a TI Snow, in which case you pretty much need the VC plugin while working in your DAW because menu diving and parameter changing is way too intense on 6 soft knobs and a 2x3 inch LCD.

    Did you even get the VC plugin to load in your DAW?

    I have a similar system, I think, and I needed to install an old version of the OS for it to even recognize the Virus TI. I'm using Win7x64 btw.

    I had the exact same problem as you describe and also purchased a dedicated USB 3.0 card with no success.
    I have almost the same MB as you (p8z68 pro-v). My solution was to buy this hub recommended by others here and support.

    It is the only thing connected to my USB port in the back. Then i have my Snow, mouse and other things connected to the hub.
    Now it works, strange but true :thumbsup: .

    Are you using windows 7 x64? What version of the OS did you install?

    Thanks for the info.