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    The virus TI2 cost so much in the first place it feels like it really shouldn't come to this but if a small fee for an update means I can actually use my synth for the reason I bought it i.e. total integration as advertised then sure, I'll pay. Just ordered a new M1 MacBook Pro as my old mac died on me so no choice but to use Big Sur now.

    So with OSX El Capitan coming out next week, it looks like anyone wanting to use Virus TI software on a supported version of pro tools less than 2 versions out of date will have to be running their mac at least 3 operating systems out of date. This really sucks in so many ways.

    Yeah it would be great if AAX support came before OS X Yosemite comes out at least so us Pro Tools on mac users aren't stuck with an operating system 2 versions out of date. Only thing stopping me upgrading from Mountain Lion to Mavericks is that Pro Tools 10 isn't supported… and the only thing stopping me upgrading to Pro Tools 11 is that the Virus TI software isn't supported :whistling: