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    I've downloaded the latest version of the TI software (beta 5.1), and am trying to install the 64 bit version on my alienware 15 laptop to use with my virus snow. It doesn't seem to want to install. It starts to install and tells me to plug my virus in, but then just gets stuck half way through the installation. The little green progress bar is stuck half way along. I thought maybe it was a long installation process so I just left it for around 30 minutes but when I came back it was still at the same place.

    Anyone come across this problem and can offer any solutions to the problem?

    So i had a day off work today and decided to play around some more with my new Virus Snow and came up with this (i also dug out my copy of Evolve Mutations that bought last year and have never used).

    Not the most original sounding track in the world but it got me dancing round my room when i finished it, so that's got to be a good sign.

    Let me know what you think.

    Cheers. 8)

    I've noticed a couple of other little "quirks". Sometimes when i quit my project and then reopen it, the USB outs are all jumbled and i have to reset them. Also you have to watch the "Ring Modulation" slider. On some patches i made if you turn it up to high you get this weird, random, thundery rumble in the low end (that might not be anything to do with the synth and just what happens with synthesis. I don't know, i'm not a synth master). I have also had a sound randomly change in character for no particular reason (all the settings were the same), but luckily i had already saved the patch and so just reloaded it, still quite disturbing.

    p.s i.m on Snow Leopard. Is that 1.5? or 1.6? i can't keep up. ;)

    This is my take on a Chase and Status/Nero style commercial dubstep track. It ticks all the cliche boxes: Female Vocal Hook (i dug out an old sample pack i bought last year), Deadmau5 chords, Pitch dropping saw bass, bog standard wobble from Massive etc etc.

    I made it to try out my new Virus Snow and had a lot of fun making it and i think it sounds pretty good for a couple of days work.

    Let me know what you think. ;)

    It's strange how these glitches seem to occur with some people and not others. I got my Virus Snow 2 days ago and loaded and used it in the latest version of Live, running on a Core Duo Mac Mini with Snow Leopard, and it works absolutely fine. I was fully expecting it to be as buggy as hell but the only thing I've come across is a little message saying the snow has gone out of sync when I'm auditioning patches during playback. Live has crashed a couple of times but it tends to do that anyway ( it's Live after all). Im even using the long USB cable that it came with.

    I don't know if it helps, but I followed the setup guide to the letter. The snow has its own dedicated USB port and bus, that it doesn't share with any of the other ports, and is the same one plugged it into during the software installation, and I've configured Live as tells you to in the tutorial, including recommended buffer size. Like I say, not sure that helps, but it seems to have worked for me.

    Thanks, that has helped. I've asked the same question on another forum (Dogs on Acid) and have got some good responses too. I'm a little disappointed that there are only three virtual outputs, in kind of makes the 16 parts pointless if you can't route them to individual channels but i guess i can always bounce tracks down to audio or maybe just opting for the Snow.

    One thing that does concern me is all the talk of the Virus pluggin being very buggy. I've seen a lot of threads describing constant crashes being caused by the Virus. How common exactly is this?

    Ok, i've been saving up some money and next week i'll have about £1500, but i'm in two minds about what to get. It's down to either a new iMac or a Virus TI desktop.

    My setup at the moment is a Mac mini (core2duo) as my desktop computer and a more powerful (dual core i7) Macbook pro as my laptop. Ideally i would like to keep my laptop for live stuff and have it permanently hooked up to my Traktor gear and have my desktop for production. This avoids the hassle of constantly having to disconnect and reconnect my laptop from my Traktor setup and my studio setup. But a Mac mini isn't really designed for heavy production work so a new (quad core) iMac would mean i have more power at my fingertips for general production (and from other forums people have said that you can do everything a Virus can do with a powerful computer and a bunch of pluggins such as NI Komplete, which i have already)

    Alternatively, i could get a Virus TI, which would take some of the strain off of the Mac mini's CPU as the majority of the synth work can be done with the TI. And i can wait till next year (when it is rumored the next generation of Intel chips will be released) to upgrade my desktop computer. I also could just use my laptop and just get over the "moving it around" issues that i have. And of course i'll have a TI, which is the "Rolls Royce" of softsynths (VA).

    So any advice anyone has about this situation will be greatly appreciated.

    I also have some specific questions about how the TI behaves when you use it as a pluggin. It's a 16 part multitimbral device. So does that mean i can open 16 instances of it in separate "instrument" channels in my DAW? Or does it work like Kontakt? Where i have one instance in an "instrument" channel and then route the virtual outs to separate audio channels and have separate midi channels for each of the parts (or 16 "External instruments" in Ableton)? Does the audio routing even work that way? With all the audio coming though the USB into virtual outputs? Or do i have to plug the physical outputs into my audio interface and run them through "armed" audio tracks in my DAW? Same question with bouncing. Can i just bounce a track down like with soft synths, or do i have to record the audio form the TI into my DAW first? Also, how does automation work? Can i pull up a menu in my automation lane and see all the parameters named (like a soft synth), or will i see a list of Midi CC numbers (like a hardware synth)?

    In summary, will the TI behave just like a soft synth (but with all the processing done in the hardware instead of by the computer), or will it behave like a hardware synth (with better integration with my DAW)?

    Like i say, i have a week until i have the money to spend. I'm really in two minds as to what to do, so any answers to my queries and general advice (what would you do etc..) during this next week will be more than welcome.


    Gareth :S

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting an old virus and was wondering if it is worth it in my position. I would love to get a new TI but even the snow is a little out of my price range right now, so I was thinking of picking up one of the older models on the second hand market. I'll mainly be wanting it for resampling purposes. In particular I'll be wanting to make techy neurophunk style DnB/Dubstep bass lines, reeses and stabs (think Noisia, Spor, Billain etc).

    At the moment I mainly use Massive and was wondering how those older models of the virus compare? I hear lots of good things about the "sound " of the virus, but that's mainly the newer TI range. I was wondering what the older versions sound is like in comparison to modern soft synths?

    So going on what I've said here is it worth picking up a second hand Virus? My other option is picking up one if the new Arturia MiniBrutes, which are around the same price as a second hand Virus B and maybe picking up a TI further down the line when I have more money.

    Anyone with any experience with these older models have any advice?

    Thanks in advance.