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    [quote=During producing it looses the USB connection and so on.

    +1 It`s years that I`m having this problem on my mac running 10.5.8! it looses connection when i`m in Cubase4 ALL THE TIME !! After an hour or so....! I have to quit my daw and restart my set up!!! so access, it`s not an one man problem......!!!and I bought it 3 years ago too !!!!!!!!

    do you use UAD plug in when you compose your track ?

    have you try to disable all computer energy saver ( screen saver, stop dd when unused, shutdown monitor ... )

    since i have disable all energy saver and since i use not UAD plug in on compose mode, i have a good sync with my virus ...

    Yesterday I made a success to use the virus during 4 hours, with a good tempo sync.

    no UAD plugin launch and no send use on this project.

    i think there are a relation with UAD plugin and Ableton Send to have a good sync with the VC.

    I inform you when i have more information about this

    Hi marc,

    i have already try to records a channel of the tutorial song on a new audio track.

    and if i records Several times the same channel, the records sound was never records at the same place exactly.

    DPC latency exist on OSX ? and if yes how to check this ?


    i have the same computer and i have the same issue with my TI2 desktop on Ableton Live and a RME soundcard.

    do you think the virus TI tempo was not regular when you use USB out ? I have this feeling and it's very difficult to work with this problem.

    somebody could give me a virus control backup files ? to reload the factory preset in the virus

    , because i have no back up and i think the bug is in relation with the new bank upload into the virus. and not in relation with patches folder, because even this folder is empty the VCC crash when i try to choose a bank



    i try to use the VC ,just with the USB out, to simplify the work of the virus TI.

    and after 1 or 2 hour of work on ableton, the parts play by the virus was desync, and i must to move forward the midi note to resync this.

    i save this setting in my ableton set and when i reboot ableton, i must move reward the midi note to resync.

    there are an another problem, when launch the song it's not sync all the time, and i must push the stop bouton many time to try to resync the part play by virus.

    i thought the problem was when i use analog and USB out a the same time, but not the problem is real and i think the tempo sync in VC mode could be update.

    it's really bad to make sound and to be not sure that the tempo was good ....

    could you search the problem, i'm not alone in this case if i read the previous message in this post.

    i want to pay for an update with a good tempo sync, its really important.

    live version 7.0.18, mac pro with 10.6.2, RME multiface.

    could you tell me if it's possible to sync ableton with the virus clock and not The opposite, perhaps this tips could give me a good tempo sync.

    could you tell me if it's possible to send the midiclock of midiclock to virus by midi port and not by USB port when we use the vc ?

    how can i check the DPC latency of my computer, DPC latency exist on OS X ??

    thx for your support


    this evening i upload 6 bank to my virus TI with the control center.
    and now No patch is found in VC and when i try to choose a bank vc show me "public libraries" but no bank available in this.

    i try to reinstall OS, start with arp edit but it's work not

    when i go to control center when i try to choose a bank control center crash before show me the available bank.

    my patch is still available in library/application support/virus TI/Patches

    what can i do to recover my patch ? ( my OS is 3,3,4,00)

    [Blocked Image:,d8d0b3f8a003fdd6ebe1ac68558f6e7d.png.html]

    your are not alone with this problem .... but access want not believe me about this ....

    i have contact the support for this ... but no solution Until today.

    to resync the tempo you could push the stop button of transport bar of ableton A lot of time and after this the virus is sync in tempo but For a little while

    :( :( :( :(

    Hi all,

    I use USB and Analogue output at the same time with ableton 7,0,18

    but they are a problem with the tempo sync of the sound play by Virus.

    Indeed the tempo sync is good with USB out and when i make a record (loop of 4/4)the sound play by virus is records a the same place and it's good

    but if i records an analogue output the sound play by virus are not accurate and is not always records exactly a the same place and it's desync.

    if i push the Live button of VC the tempo sync of analogue out becomes good, but the USB out are out of sync and the tempo is not accurate

    have you got this issue ?


    i try logic to see if i have a better result than Ableton live

    and when i make a right click on VC (to choose out for the part for exemple) when the contextual is close, the VC freeze : the VC vu meter freeze and a multicolors wheel appears during 30sec

    do you now this issue ??