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    Someone said the sysex information is available from support. I figured indeed it is, so thanks Access Music!

    Here are some alternatives for those willing to try:

    These folks have their own product, minus the audio though, but the UI looks polished and similar to VC. They are also working on Catalina compatibility though.


    Then there is Ctrlr if you don’t mind the quirks and the „hackiness“:

    And there is this nice iPad app called Touch Virus:

    I am now going to try and write the Virus Librarian tool I’ve always wanted.

    LLAP and don’t troll this thread too much.

    Dear Access,

    Since you put support for Virus Total Integration on hold indefinitely, it would be appreciated if you could compile documentation to officially describe SysEx messages for the Virus TI. I believe there is some partial information already out there by some user effort.

    But an official document, released under an „at your own risk, with no support“ disclaimer, would support us in these times. Some of us (like me) can try and write our own plugins/apps.

    Right now Catalina users can’t even backup or exchange banks.

    The argument „don’t upgrade“ does not count for me because my Mac was delivered with Catalina, not going to downgrade.


    I have seen a couple of threads dealing with the Arp Note Send function in the Ti2.

    But I could not find them addressing my issue.

    With Arp Note Send enabled, the Virus does send its arp notes to the DAW — but only on channels 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15. The same patch on even channels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and the Virus will not send the arp notes. Is this as intended or did I overlook anything?

    My setup is Logic Pro X -> Virus Ti2 Desktop (firmware via Virus Control.

    External MIDI keyboard is connected with USB to the computer.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create 16 multi-timbral tracks with the Virus Ti plugin.

    2. Open the plugin window and load the same patch ("Cream", or any other with arp enabled) on all 16 channels.

    3. Configure the Virus Desktop: Config -> MIDI 2/2 -> Arp Note Send = On

    4. Select each of the 16 tracks, one at a time, and press and hold a note on the MIDI keyboard.

    5. Observe: With channels 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, the Virus plays the arpeggio and transmits the notes. Logic shows incoming arp notes in the transport bar.

    6. With channels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, the Virus plays the arpeggio but does not transmit the notes.

    Note: I don't think this is a feedback problem. I suspect Logic does not re-send received notes to the same plugin because I did not hear any problems when it worked.

    Any info would be appreciated.

    The workaround is to use arp presets only on odd midi channels. I'd still like to hear some feedback because this is a curious find.

    Is there a (possibly undocumented) shortcut to lock/unlock all Virus TI2 buttons and prevent inadvertent changes to the current preset?

    I am thinking of these situations:

    • On stage
    • My cats running over the buttons in my home studio -> Oh no what did they change?

    I use TI Control Center most of the time, need the buttons only when recording modulations.

    Admittedly, my post sounds like a joke but I am being serious :saint:


    I've grown tired of sync issues with the TI2 arpeggiator when using Virus Control so I switched to a setup where I am using the TI2 in Multi mode. Using S/PDIF in+out for audio, and USB for MIDI (port named Virus Synth). This seems to get rid of this problem — arps are now running fine every time. I am surprised Access did not tackle this problem yet — on stage no one wants the arp to run wild!

    However, I now have the problem that I cannot search the large preset list. This was convenient in Virus Control. I found a file called "Patchnames.pdf" but the list is wrong, as it does not match the presets in So I wrote a tool that converts a .vtibackup file to .csv. At the end of the tool chain a PDF came out which I am now sharing with anyone who is interested (see attached file). I did see some people here in the forum asking for text export features or an updated patch list, so here it is.

    Also thought about creating a text that can be imported into Logic Pro X (Environment -> Multi instrument -> Options -> Paste All Names) but since LPX only supports 15 banks the Virus banks won't fit.

    Hello Marc, hello technobear,

    my Virus TI2 Keyboard also creates those clicks when connected via S/PDIF in+out as clock slave. I can also confirm the clicks are gone when using the Virus as clock master and the audio interface as slave.

    I have contacted Access support, and they were being helpful, although their answer did not make me entirely happy:
    "the reason why you get clicks is that your fireface assumes that the clock timing of the audio stream it receives is identical to it's internal clock but that's not necessarily the case. the components used in the virus slightly shift the timing and that results in what you discover. there is no easy workaround for what you try to do. you could buy an audio interface which is prepared to receive asynchronous data or you could slave you interface to the TI while recording the output."

    "audio interface which is prepared to receive asynchronous data“ -> ie. an audio interface that has a sample rate converter.
    My audio interface (a TC Electronic Studio Konnekt) does not have a sample rate converter so I am left with the solution to use the TI as master.

    But why does the Virus shift the timing? I imagine no matter how long it takes the DSPs to compute audio data, the input clock should always be obeyed by the output stream. DSP takes time, this is understood, but at worst this means it can fill the output buffers only a bit later.

    Interestingly, I have a Lexicon MX400 (multi-fx rack unit) which has S/PDIF in+out, and it syncs perfectly as slave to the audio interface. So the clock problem is not a conceptual issue — it happens only with the Virus.

    This video explains it, thanks for that! The docs that come with the installer are somehow elusive.

    TL;DR for Logic Pro X users: Use an instrument track with Virus Control as usual, put your drum loop on another audio track (no output needed), and activate the sidechain on the Virus Control plugin (button is at the top left of the plugin window frame). In Virus Control -> Patch Utility -> set USB audio mode to 3 Outs / 1 Input.


    I am desperately trying to find a MIDI CC for the Osc1 F-Shift parameter. The manual (which manual? there is only a reference) mentions Page A, which - I guessed so far - describes all MIDI CCs. Unfortunately Osc1 F-Shift is not included.
    If you want to test, load the preset RAM-A 109 (Termen AV) and move the Value 3 soft knob. Your MIDI software should read some sysex messages now. I checked the settings, Midi Control, Page A, says Controller Data. Found out this setting affects other knobs (e.g. filters). But the Value 3 knob, which controls Osc1 F-Shift, keeps sending sysex.

    I prefer a MIDI CC because I can "paint" it in the DAW software.
    Any ideas?

    Now there is the modulators matrix. I could assign some CC to Osc1 F-Shift, and knob 3 to that CC. But I prefer not to modify patches. Instead, I prefer to set parameters via MIDI.

    ps: why was my account from 1 year ago deleted?

    pps: I found that the above parameter is available in automation. But then I need to use the plugin.. ok then. :)