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    Has anyone used OS 5 successfully without any problems?

    I'm still using OS 3 due to it's stability.

    I did upgrade to OS 4 but there were issues with it and I back tracked.

    I can't say I felt confident there after giving it another go as it can become pretty time consuming.

    I'm open to trying OS 5 but maybe not in a beta form personally.

    Still great to see that Access continually supports and develops the Virus.

    The new user patches and video tutorials by Ben are really cool too!

    All in all the Virus is a great product I feel still and i've had mine 5 or 6 years.


    Thank you for this post I have the same issues.

    I run Logic 8.0.2 with both an Apple Mac G5 power PC running OS 10.4.11 and a Mac Book Pro Intel running OS 10.5.8.

    I've had problems this week with Virus Control telling me my Virus firmware is out of synch with it.

    It turns out I have Virus Control version 3.3.4 which I believe may have been a public beta that's been taken down?

    Unfortunately I don't have the Installer anymore which is strange because I suffer with OCD and I literally horde everything.
    I could have solved my synch problem simply I think but for the fact Access have taken down the OS 3.3.4 installer for Mac OS X from it's
    downloads section?

    So I tried reinstalling the next version back which I have, which I believe is 3.3.0, but unfortunately it wouldn't overwrite the
    Virus Control version 3.3.4?

    I today loaded on OS to my Power PC G5 and suffered both immediate drop outs and a crazy arpeggiator speed up
    that seemed to run out of control without being able to be stopped?

    I would love to be able to go back to OS 3 now and I am curious as to which OS 3 version you have gone back to which you
    claim is stable?

    In response to Access and suggestions for OS 5 all I would love is an OS that was stable and ran on both my power PC
    and Intel Mac.

    I think the continual support and evolution of the Access Virus via OS Updates at no extra cost for existing user's
    is one of the Virus's strongest selling points and features. For this reason I am not in the business of knocking Access like some
    users. But clearly stability needs to come ahead of new features at all costs.


    how's this done burning to flash rom? Your talking about dropping into my patches from within Virus Control right?

    It can't be done in standalone I take it? Just stored to Ram?


    Can anyone help me out with the Tiesto - Soundset's?

    I've been trying to obtain them for a number of year's now without
    any success :(

    It's gotten to the point it's driving me mad!lol

    They were one of the reason's I was initially attracted to the Virus
    but by the time I bought it the site selling the Sound set's appeared
    to have either stopped distributing them or become defunct? ?(

    I believe also from this thread below they we're distributed with the
    Virus C or Ti for a while to?

    I would be very grateful to anyone if the could help me out with the
    Sound set's which appear to be two midi file banks.