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    Are you 100% sure that it's the Virus TI itself that's unstable?

    Or, to put it another way: Could it be that your computer, computer configuration, software, etc. (a computer-related issue) is causing your TI to crash?

    Just MO, but this is a *brilliant* thread! I agree in part with the assessment of the Virus basic osc's, but in my decades of experience, virtually ALL analog(ue) synths have/had their own particular sound!

    The basic building block of the 80's VCO/VCF/VCA sound was the Curtis Electro Music chip set....the VCO was the CEM3340 (with the VCA/VCF being 33XX...the actual numbers escape me) which was used in so many different synths at the time....

    You wanna know a secret? Some of the synths built with the 3340 sounded rather 'thin"! A lot of the thickness in the synth sound at the time came from the filtering, distortion, mixing of the basic waveforms (was it saw square and sine?) and 'stacking'....the reason why the Memorymoog was and is my all-time favorite analog instrument is because it had 6 voice cards, and used 3 VCO's per voice! So all 6 voices going had 18 CEM3340's running at once, for some pretty rich sounds!

    The Virus TI is absolutely my favorite digital synth platform, but yes, it could be improved.

    But it is not JUST the oscillators; an analog synth is very much the sum of it's parts.

    Carry on, Brothers and Sisters!

    Roger aka goldenanalog

    All in all: It shows you just how well-supported the Virus TI platform is, and how much Access is also about quantity, in addition to quality.

    3000 patches....let that absorb....

    If you spent just (1) minute auditioning each patch, it would take you 50 hours....(2) solid days, to go through the entire collection.


    For this reason and others, I personally think that the Virus TI platform is the best DSP synthesis on the planet.

    1.) Select any sound.

    2.) Press the Edit/Shift button.

    3.) Select any parameter.

    4.) Press and hold the Audition Button.

    5.) Press the Exit Button.

    6.) Choose a different Patch.

    7.) Press the Edit/Shift Button.

    8.) Select any parameter.

    9.) Press and hold the Audition Button.

    10.) Press the Audition Button again; machine crashes....recoverable on restart.

    Confirmed bug on (2) different Snows.


    Hello! Me first post, me thinks!

    First of all: 1000x Thank-you! to Marc et al. for making the Virus TI in the first place! I absolutely positively love it, and am thrilled by it everytime I fiddle it's knobs....

    Almost sounds erotic, doesn't it! My girlfriend's got competition....

    OK: I own both; I use both. The simple comparison is that exceptional hardware (like the TI Snow) just flat-out sounds BETTER even when compared to a fast, well-built high-end audio computer running Omnisphere, as an example.

    Some would argue that you get more of a 3D soundstage w/good hardware. Arguably, you can significantly enhance an audio computer's soundstage with a genuinely pro 'soundcard' (or audio sub-system...I run a 2-piece RME set-up, as an ex.); but I have yet to be blown away like I am by the TI Snow.

    Just ain't the same.

    Computers are not really good with real-time DSP-driven software; although they are getting a lot better. U-HE's ACE is a great example of just how far they've come.

    Computers ARE good at running large samplesets using hosts like Kontakt where extensive sample-switching and other sample management functions are required. Think Gigasampler; and you have a solid, foundational idea of what current audio computers were born to do in the instrument realm.

    I'll stop there. Anyone care to elaborate on (or argue with!) my comparison, please feel free!