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    Got it sorted. If anyone ever comes across the same problem, what I did was run System File Checker:

    "sfc.exe /scannow" from an elevated DOS prompt

    This repaired a few files, such as DWrite.dll, d2d1.dll, d3d10core.dll, XpsGdiConverter.dll and a few more.The files it repaired were all related to graphics (Direct2D, Direct3D and GDI). Looks like an update for either Windows or DirectX must have gone wrong.

    Just got a new computer and started re-installing everything. My problem is that the Virus TI VST window is completely blank/white.

    The program still communicates with the Virus TI Snow (I can actually play it and hear audio played via its USB, and the Virus is in Sequencer Mode) but the VST window is completely blank. This happens in both Studio One 2.5 and Reaper, both 64-bit, running Windows 7 64-bit. Other VST's appear just fine.

    In Reaper, I can even see and tweak some parameters, if I switch the GUI off. But it's not very user friendly.

    [Blocked Image:]

    It looks like Virus Control doesn't find the resource files (Bitmaps etc.) even though everything is installed correctly.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Also, the 32-bit version shows up fine in Reaper 32-bit.

    I assume you mean schematics.

    In terms of hardware, since the synth is digital, a diagram over the actual hardware layout wouldn't tell you much. The DSP chips are just "black boxes" that run proprietary algorithms only known to the developers at Access. That's where everything happens really, the rest is just there to support the DSP chips.

    However, something like this shows the (virtual) signal flow within the Virus (C) synthesizer engine.

    To be honest I think the Virus Control user interface does a pretty good job of showing you the signal flow in a friendly and easy to understand way.

    Hi. I usually use the Virus TI Snow with VC, but sometimes it's nice to be able to control some parameter from the hardware.

    I found the following issues with the auxiliary envelopes (3 & 4)

    1. On the TI Snow, you would expect them to be under Edit, Env, after paging through the Amp and Filter Envelope pages. Instead they are under Edit, Common, buried together with such unrelated parameters as Tempo, Patch Volume and Master transpose. Is there any logical reason for this?

    2. On my unit, both Envelope 3 and Envelope 4 are labelled "Envelope 4" at the top of the display window. I first get "Envelope 4 1/2", then "Envelope 4 2/2", then when I press "Parameter >" again, it goes back to showing "Envelope 4 1/2". After paging past "Envelope 4 2/2" a second time, it shows "Velocity Map 1/4". It's seems only the labeling is incorrect. The first two pages are in fact for Envelope 3 and the two env's can have different values for all parameters. It's labelled corectly in the mod matrix.

    There should be a link to download the change log beneath the button to download the 5.0 Virus Control/OS for your computer's operating system (under the date/filesize).

    Now I see it :) I was too excited so I just went for the big, shiny Download button :D Also found the .PDF in the Access Music folder under Program Files.

    Is there a complete list of changes/fixes somewhere? I can't really find anything other about smaller fixes, just the mention of new Env's, effects etc.

    It's working fine here on Windows 7 x64 with my Virus TI Snow. Still have to use Live mode in Reaper, though. Otherwise I get 3840 samples latency 8|

    I think any news are better than no news. Without any news or updates, there's no way for use to know whether you're working 14 hours a day to fix some bug before releasing the OS, or if you've all taken a 6-week vacation in the Bahamas. 8)

    I think the new OS was announced too early. WNAMM 2012 was back in January, now it's almost June and still no OS5. I guess they wanted to have something new to announce for the show...

    Maybe at Summer NAMM 2012 they'll announce OS 6, to be released in 2013. Hopefully, OS 5 will have been released before that announcement. :P

    If you have everything set up properly in a supported DAW, Virus works fine. There's nothing wrong or broken.
    It even works OK in Reaper (unsupposrted) as long as you engage Live mode when playing and disable it for recording your MIDI tracks to audio. Otherwise latency gets a bit too high.

    Of course it would be even better if Access added support for Reaper officially, since it's quickly becoming the most popular DAW ;)

    I think it's meant to be that way - It states in another part of the manual that:
    "About HyperSaw and SubOscillators : Similarly, HyperSaw oscillators also have their own integrated sub
    oscillators - up to 9 square waves tuned an octave below the main oscillator, one for each saw wave.. To differentiate
    these from the Classic sub oscillator, they are called HyperSub."

    It's just that neither the part in the manual about filter routing, nor the GUI in the plugin makes this very clear.

    Hadn't noticed that it became enabled since I assumed it only related to Unison mode.

    Still not working as I expect, though:

    With both oscillators set to "Classic", and the Sub slider turned up, the sub-oscillator is only heard through the left speaker, as expected. Also, the sub disappears completely if I set the Filter Balance slider fully right, again as expected.

    However, as soon as I switch Oscillator 2 to Hypersaw (with Density at 1 and Detune at 0) I suddenly get a Sub coming from my right speaker as well. Now Osc 1 and Osc 2 sound essentially identical, with a single saw and a square wave an octave lower.

    So, it would appear that each Hypersaw oscillator has a built-in sub, where as the Classic oscillators share a single sub-oscillator. This kind of makes sense when you think about it, since the Hypersaw sub follows the density and detune parameters of the master oscillator, which can be different for Osc 1 and Osc 2. However, the manual makes no mention of this. Even the diagram in the Virus Control GUI itself makes it appear as though there's only a single Sub, linked to Oscillator 1 in Split mode. Too bad there isn't a way to mix the oscillator-to-filter routing freely like on the Q. Also, two four-pole filters in parallell would have been cool, instead of being limited to 2-poles. Also, being able to control the stereo spread of each Hypersaw oscillator before the filter stage a la Sylenth1 would have been neat. But I guess each synth has its strengths and weaknesses ;)

    Hi! Bear in mind that I just recently got a Virus so I'm still not 100% familiar with the parameters.

    The manual states that the "Split" mode will route Osc 1 and the sub through Filter 1 and Osc2+Noise through Filter 2. However, when using two hypersaw oscillators and split mode, I seem to be able to hear the Sub through both Filter 1 and Filter 2. The sub isn't coming from just one speaker, and also, it's audible even when the filter balance slider is at the extreme right (which should only allow me to hear Filter 2, ie. just Osc 2 and the noise generator).

    This is a good thing I suppose. If the sub was only sounding from one speaker it would throw the balance off.. but I would still like to know what's going on.