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    As for the issue with VC there are a common set of known "quirks" with it. Some are USB related and only affect a certain number of users. The actual bugs that come up with using it over USB are still workable, they are mostly workflow stoppers that you can boot cycle through or dis-connect/reconnect to get by. For me I dont mind those issues that much but I would NEVER run the thing in a live performance via VC EVER EVER EVER.
    Its pretty much rock solid when NOT using usb.

    You are not crazy, Ive seen it more then a few times as well.
    Same situation, leave it on for like half a day come back and everything sounds polluted with crap. Ive spectrogrammed it and its real and its gross.
    Usually just going into sleep mode and back fixs it, if not unplug and back in and you are ok, you can even save a patch THROUGH the noise it wont pollute your patch.

    Ill try and capture it later today, yesterday it didnt rear its head.
    Its defintly not intentionaly, on normal occasions the sine sits fairly pure on the graph, when the detune starts happening it looks like half size waves propigating out and then back into the key freq.
    Just using the standard spectrograph in ableton.
    Running an I7 Imac quad 12GB ram on a focusrite 8/6
    Defintly turned off all effects, reproduced by going to init patch and stripping out the filters and second osc.

    All of them, my custom ones and the bundled ones.
    Ive got a sinking feeling its related to my ableton, or a combo of ableton and the USB bandwidth but I am not sure.
    Ive a had a few times where I get a simmilar sounding grit comming in from a completely externaly running drum synth on an audio track and cannot get it to go away until I restart ableton itself.

    THis may just be me not understanding which mode Im supposed to be in but when NOT in control center live mode playing (hitting external midi keys) every so many (psudo random) number of key strikes I get a really really diry note played back. If I play slow I can hold the note and watch it on the spectrograph and it is horrible compared to what should have been played. chords seem the most likley note strikes to trigger the effect.
    I have some suspicion it either something about not understand live mode or even my midi keys (AkaiMPK49) so I figured Id toss it out and see if anyone has seen this before.

    I think I have a simmilar or the same issue. Usb connection only.
    On a spectrogram If I have a pure sine at 440 you will see harmonic waves propigate out and then roll back into the primary. Sounds like a half volume slow lfo zipper. I've found that if I put the virus to sleep and wake it back up it is usally ok again for awhile. Ill try and get a video up later.
    Live 8.x on OSX Lion.