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    I think a lot of people would benefit from knowing what make/model this PCIe expansion card is.

    I certainly would!

    At the moment I'm speccing a new music PC; I want to get a PCIe usb card dedicated solely to the Virus but have also been looking at getting a new PCI soundcard. Initially I was looking at the RME Babyface but I already have alot of phantom powered usb devices (wacom, maschine, kore, midisport) and thought it might put more load on the computer if I added yet another one, so turned my attention to the Multiface 2. Now I'm wondering if I should stick with the original idea rather than having two PCI cards potentially conflicting (could this be a problem?). Any sugggestions?

    Thanks for that. Incidentally, I'm using Maschine on a different usb port but Reaper tends to get a bit buggy and prone to crashing whenever I introduce it alongside the Virus. I realise that Reaper isn't officially supported by Access but I'm guessing this is more likely to be a usb issue than anything else (which makes me hesitant about getting the Babyface). Is there anything else I can do? Would it help if I got an additional usb PCIe card especially for the Virus?


    I'm currently looking at getting a new audio interface, likely to be the RME Babyface. My Virus is currently connected to my computer solely with usb; would I get better results using the spdif input on this new interface or sticking with usb (or would it not matter as they are both digital?). I'm using it within Reaper and, whilst I've not had my Virus that long, usb seems to work great so far.

    Aaah! Thank you so much! The manuals barely mention the Virus Control Center so I just assumed it was the same as the VST. Can I compile multis in this? (I know I can't save them in the daw)

    Okay, I realise this is a really newb question but I'm still lost - is the Virus Control Center software the same as the VST, or something separate you can launch outside of a daw? I can't see anything that points to that advanced menu on the VST gui.

    (I just grabbed this pic off the net to illustrate what I'm looking at)

    [Blocked Image:]

    I have absolutely no idea how the guy did it. Don't think it's a hack - when I called the previous owner up and asked him he said he couldn't remember - he thought it might have actually been via the Virus Control GUI or something, but I'm pretty sure that's not the case.


    Bit of a newb here...I've just bought a second-hand Polar TI, re-registered it and am now in the process of familiarising myself with everything. In the Virus Control GUI the previous owner's name is still attached to the machine when viewing the browser section ('***'s Virus') - how do I go about changing this? It's a minor thing but obviously want to make the TI my own! (Looked throughout the manuals and just can't figure out how he's done it)

    Thanks in advance