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    Possible way to get Virus Control and Audio working in Catelina:

    If anybody has tried this and it doesn't work, let me know what issues you encountered. Once I try this and it works, i'll report back on my findings.

    General Plan:

    - Install a virtual machine running and older compatible version of Mac OSX inside Catelina using VMware Fusion

    - Install Ableton and Virus VST inside that virtual machine.

    - Link the Ableton inside the virtual machine to my Ableton running in Catelina using MIDI over LAN (lookup tutorials on how to do this)

    What I'll be able to do:

    1-Keep the timeline of both machines perfectly in sync using Ableton’s built-in clock.

    2-Change your keys presets automatically using the Chain Selector

    3-Remotely trigger your other machine using MIDI. (Think selecting scenes from a spot in your arrangement, or turning on/off a track, or adjusting an effect on your keys computer at the exact same moment every set)

    4-Send MIDI between machines. Imagine being able to play sounds from your keys computer, from your tracks computer.

    I think this will work