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    I gave up on total integration and instead I am using 2 pieces of hardware:

    1. USBC to midi interface. Local control "off" on the device so triggering a midi will go to the computer then back to the Virus to get a sound. This seems to work ok with little to no latency -

    2. A USB-enabled mixer. I run the 1/4" outputs from the virus TI to this mixer, then a USB connection from the mixer to the computer. Currently using an old Allen & Heath ZedFX. Super old USB2 interface with only 44.1k fidelity, but it works ok enough for my purposes. I haven't tried it, but I believe since virus itself works as a sound card (without installing any software) you might be able to use that as an "INPUT" sound card and bypass the mixer, but I use the mixer because I have other synths I run through it. In all cases, I use the onboard headphone jack of the computer as my audio output monitor since this has the lowest latency to use the mixer as an input device and the onboard Mac sound card as output. I am using a maxed out MacBook Pro 16" fyi

    This solution is adequate for me. I just do one track at a time, but I'd imagine you can setup "multi" setups with each channel on a different voice and do it that way, though it's going to be more manual than the old way, it seems to work ok with me. Of course Total Integration would be better but I'm not holding my breath. At this point ,Virus is like any other vintage synth to me... at least it has MIDI.

    What I miss most is being able to audition new sounds from online libraries. I guess I would have to use SYSEX manager now, which sucks. I haven't dealt with that yet.

    So is the verdict that in 10.15.5, USB MIDI directly from the virus does not work? So, in order to use the virus TI as a midi device, you have to use midi out into yet another USB controller that connects to the computer, instead of just simply using the USB-MIDI capabilities built-in to the Virus TI?

    With catalina 10.15.5, and NO install of the virus tools, i see the virus as a sound card, and it can playback sounds ok from Youtube for example.

    However, i'm unable to record any audio from the virus into my DAW using this method.

    I am assuming i need to install the virus control center for MIDI to work, because as of now, my Virus TI is NOT being recognized as a midi device at all. I have not validated if installing the virus software gets midi working because I didn't want to install since the Virus web site says don't install on catalina.

    If i could get this to work in these ways

    1. Recognize the audio coming directly out of the USB audio generated by the device


    2. MIDI capabilities

    that would be a fine substitution for 'total integration' but i can't seem to have that working. Will wait a bit longer i guess to see what happens.