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    @ thetechnobear - i did what you describe and happens to me exactly what you describe.
    Marc says you should avoid reverb and unison, but your patches doesn't have unison and reverb.
    Only long sustain on the pad and delay on both.
    Even with the delay off it continues to happen.

    what makes the patches so dsp stressful?

    hey psydeshow,

    maybe this will help, it's along and boring video that i made....and i was drunk LOL but hey ....i think that it will help you!

    i've edit the automations but you can record them also.

    and I got the idea to work like this, when I had seen this workflow

    this video's should do the trick to work with ableton and the virus,

    or looking good on youtube, you will definitely find a video that help!


    hey kfxkicks

    I've switched from fl studio to ableton live because of the bad routing option in fl studio.
    You can set 3x stereo usb and 3x stereo analog out in fl studio.

    But try to setup the Atomizer or just use the input of the virus in fl studio .......this does not work without using a cable.
    In ableton you can rout this without a cable.

    Fl studio has a better piano roll but since I switched to ableton, I have not touched fl studio to make music.


    I don't seem to get this in 5.0.3.
    i use windows 7 x64, ableton 9, desktop ti2 and midi emu x board 61.
    maybe if you describe exactly how you should set the preset and what notes are involved?


    thank you for your comment THETECHNOBEAR!!
    I had given up all hope!
    I'm not the only one with this phenomenon.
    And even more fun.....that I can learn something someone. 8o
    I hope that they fix such little sloppy bugs and that they give us an update for the virus.

    greetings from the Netherlands


    i open the plugin and start the virus.....then push shift + edit.
    Then i can see on the display the options part enable - on volume - 100 output - usb 1 L+R.
    With the part button i can move to part 2,3,4,5,6,ect.
    So i can set the volume of the parts with soft knob 2.
    But part 1 and 2, it move the volume value on the display.
    But part 3 and 4,5,6,7,8,9 ect the volume remain on the value of part 1 and 2.
    The volume get louder and softer but I can not see the display value change.
    In this menu can I also mute the parts and change the USB to analog outputs.

    This will work in all parts, I can see the output I want and I can see witch part i mute.

    Hi Marc do you have this problem too?

    I have virus control software reinstalled but it remains!
    It's not a big problem, but I use the plugin only to have 3 USB outputs and 3 analog outputs.
    And i want to set the volumes of the parts 1 till 16 on the hardware.
    It would be nice if you could read the volumes of the parts 1 till 16 on the display of the virus.
    Maybe I'm doing something wrong? or my desktop is broken?

    greetings from the Netherlands

    Hello access friends,

    I have a TI2 desktop with os and when I open the plugin and set the volume of the parts 1 till 16 with the desktop (multi edit mode) to a different volume.

    not with the mouse in the plugin but with the knob on the hardware virus.( soft knob 2)
    then only displays on the virus part 1 and 2 the correct volume.
    Part 3 and 4 displayed the same as 1 and 2 ..... part 5 and 6 displayed also the same as 1 and 2 ... ect. till part 16.
    but they do not change value in the display on the desktop.

    the volume responds but do not get displayed properly on the desktop.
    I am the only one who has this problem?



    i found my problem...i think...
    I use 2 usb soundcards with asio 4 all.
    this works fine in ableton live.
    i have more analog inputs then.
    .......but when i turn 1 soundcard off.....and then try CTRLR standalone without ableton it works fine!!!

    Only now my midi controller causes an error when I want to select a different patch via midi controller.


    sorry I'm not clear,

    but I was


    out CTRLR standalone mode.

    first watched that movie but I did not forget anything.
    again tried standalone mode.
    I only get the volume slider working.
    if I press "GET" the virus use a different preset than the virus displays.

    I was thinking, I'll just start making music in ableton.
    when I just wanted to use the virus control plugin of access, it must first initialize the thing, for all presets To recognize.

    I went back to CTRLR standalone mode.
    only the volume slider worked again.

    went back to ableton.
    Access plugin opened, but nothing strange happened.
    then I just make music. I do not understand what is going wrong.

    I can only make a little music, I can not make plugins.
    because I understand nothing of Programming.
    I hope I was a little clearer