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    While I would completely agree that a midi oriented standalone editor/librarian for patch and multi's would be a great thing, I doubt that Access would focus energy in that direction rather than os improvements.

    There is though, a project with ctrlr that is focused on a standalone editor... and its covered in a thread here on the topic on one of the rooms...perhaps you can support and encourage multis's into that activity?..

    As DJkeys offered earlier, Take a long hard look at the Motu Midi (and Micro) Express.

    These offer midi interconnect in addition to PC midi interfacing and will do so without the PC being turned on. Without doubt its the bests solution for you... and a good price on the used market...

    I actually had tried the latter of those two.. however the synth does not know that it is transposed... so with a soft knob targeting transpose and with the value of 0 [off], the note played is the sum of note+transpose amount from step sequence, ie it leaves the note at the changed amount... be that either + or - semitones. effect, the soft-knob sums with the arp/step sequence. So there is no ability to predictively adjust need to hear the note (or use a tuner like I did) and twiddle an offset its a non-starter.

    The step sequence works on multiple passes, indicating that the arp is (ie the transpose is..) being reset when arp is turned ON so I suspect that the arp sequence is not being reset when arp is turned OFF..,(which would make this work).. unless I am missing some simple setting, of course.

    Anyway, a step sequencer is usually a very handy feature so hopefully this can be considered for the next update... :)

    I have seen historic threads about step sequencers and yet this is still a missing piece of the Access Virus.

    All the elements are there... programmable steps, and an arp matrix target of transpose, but nope a step sequencer it cannot be..

    I thought I had it...

    In Matrix have arp input and destination as transpose with mod amount slider full to right.
    then in the arp section, the steps at value = 64 equals note .. with a sensitivity of one semitone per increment.
    So arp on, and a step sequencer you have.. but when you turn the arp off, the transpose value is stuck at the value of the last step played.

    Dang..this is so close.

    my point is simply that "fix it' isn't something that anyone can address. "fix it" isn't even a feature request. if anything..its a bug :)

    if during the R&D tests at Access the Virus showed good midi sync and lots of folks get midi sync without much issue using hardware sequencers and the DAWs that were tested, then what is "fix it" supposed to do?

    So, given that posting "fix it" provides zero data for R&D to investigate and evaluate any potential bug, I suggest you contact virus technical support directly with specific issues. State your entire system & software specs and create some simple and easy scenario that shows midi sync failure all the time.

    I am not saying that you are not seeing sync issues, simply saying that a) the Virus sync's fine with lots more folks than it may not, and b) to help yourself, get in touch with access directly and provide data that an engineer can evaluate. I have found them to be helpful, responsive and supportive.


    I am not sure "fix it" is in any way shape or form a feature request that can be acted upon?..

    Looking back through this thread, I do not actually see you extol a specific issue that you are attempting to overcome?.. after all, a standalone version of VC would be nice but its hardly a dire solution to download a lightweight and free VST host if that's the issue :)

    If you are referring to and are having midi sync issues I am sure you are also aware that there are many (and probably the majority) people who do not. In this respect its a better thought to post your specific issue and setup in the troubleshooting thread to get assistance in a setup that works... for me it was simply to add a measure of silence at the start of the project...exactly as I have done for every other hardware synth these last 20 years.

    I may be wrong however if i recall correctly, all automation into Virus control is recorded onto one track, regardless of the automation destination.

    additions to #2 .

    Flabberbob correctly states that the VC VSTI is inextricably linked to the hardware so you may only have one instance of the VST open at any time (per piece of hardware).
    To expand upon this I will add that within a DAW environment, you may freeze the synth which reduce the tracks to audio and turns the Virus Control VST offline. At this point you may add another instance of Virus Control.
    In this way you may have multiple instances of the Virus Control within a project with the proviso that only one can be active and responsive to midi. You DO get, however, the ability to have as many patches as you wish associated with the DAW project.

    technobear is referring to the fact that although the Virus has 16 parts, there are only three available audio output pairs.

    Go to Virus Control (The Virus VST Screen), select the patch utility tab. Here on the left you will see "USB Audio mode".. change that to "3 outs/no input". Deselect the patch utility tab.

    Then for EACH part, select the "common" tab, and select which audio output pair you wish to have assigned.. USB 1 L&R, USB 2 L&R or USB 3 L&R

    then figure out how to find those audio streams in FL.. am sure they are there!

    I think you are being really quite melodramatic.. On my planet, the popularity and desirability of the Virus is still as strong as ever.. I have opened a VPN portal so you can see Prices there are really still very high :)

    Seriously though, of course the Virus, like any instrument, can be improved.. but it would be nice to explain a specific idea (what and why) that you have and even some thought as to how it could be IS a hardware synth after all.

    My understanding is that you are using the Virus via VC within logic and wish to play the Boss D330 via the Virus?..

    I suggest you connect the DS-330 midi in/out to the UR22 midi out/in. In logic, setup a midi track instrument whatever (I have Sonar so terminology is different)..the midi input of Omni (whatever midi input you have, ie virus keybed), and output destination being the UR22 midi port. This then gives you a dedicated midi drum track

    Now that we have more envelopes to play with, may i suggest some trigger options for (at least) the two new assignable envelopes... off the bat i can think that in addition to note on, at a minimum to set an adjustable clock (1, 1/2, 1/4 etc) retriggerable envelope start. Other options could be a clock based delayed one shot trigger.

    regards, M

    Every hardware synth i own uses exactly the same method of programming ADSR and other parameters (ie 0-127) so while from an academic perspective knowing the calculation method would be interesting, from a sound design perspective i think it would likely just confuse people as they design by ear...

    got a scope handy to do some measurements?..if not i could run a couple,


    What i have seen in the vids shows the new envelopes being assigned to destinations but there is nothing i have seen with regard to the triggering of these envelopes.

    I am sure i am just missing something, but i am considering to download the new os5 beta and am wondering what the trigger options are for the new envelopes 3 & 4.

    Can these be tempo sync'd for example?..thx

    It seems to me that this is already there?..

    perhaps I am missing something here, but with Sonar x1/x2 a) I don't have a latency issue and b) if I don't wish to use USB audio I can direct the VC to send audio through the Virus outs and record through my audio interface...

    it really doesnt matter to me at all...i can be patient and allow Access to do any and all testing to whatever priority they deem fit before release... after all, i think it would be really churlish of me to say that my skill in programming exceeds the limits of the current