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    That pedal won't work with the Virus. I think this is because that pedal supports half dampering and the Virus doesn't. After trying that pedal, I used the Roland DP-1 which also supports half dampering but this one has a switch to choose between continuous function or switched function. While this pedal works, it is reversed, meaning that you have to press the pedal to stop the sustain.

    Based on that, it's better for you to get a simple switch sustain pedal which offers the possibility to reverse the polarity.

    I use a Roland DP1 and it works fine.?. I have it set up on continuous.. When i plugged it into a live Virus (Ti2 Polar) , it did indeed work "upside down" but i left it pluggd in, power cycled the Virus and subsequently it has worked correctly...

    I would not give up on a Virus B at a good price.. and there is a huge gap between prices of a B and Ti (with huge advances in the C vversion).
    Note that there is no real need to use a VST with a synth in a DAW, you just need to setup a multi in the synth on a per song basis.. I have done this with the Nova, MS2000 and even the Fantom G (which has a VST).. If you wish for a computer interface with on screen patch edit controls, you can get an editor for the VIrus B (and pretty much any synth) ,
    Full disclosure.. i went for a Ti2, but was really really tempted by an Indigo 2

    I am a new owner of a Ti2 Polar and have plenty enough to learn on OS4.5.3 so it will be a while before i get to OS5.0 however, your philosophy, and this update is exactly why i committed my serious cash to Access..
    A big thank you all at Access for the long, hard, and often unappreciated work in conceptualising, designing and developing all aspects of this update.. You have me now a customer for the duration and consider me onboard, sight unseen, for your next hardware synth

    I'm sure many of us out there would love to have this! I don't want to have to launch cubase just to use the Virus control and I don't want to install some hokey free DAW software (VSTi Host) just to run the virus control.

    I need to be able to search my presets!


    Hi, I had major issues with VSTHost when I moved from xp to win7/64.. I saw miniHost mentioned in another thread and it works fine... no real need for Access to reinvent the wheel.

    Is the Snow USB 2.0?.. afaik the Ti and Ti2 are USB 1.1..
    As far as use on a hub, iirc, all USB 1.1/1.0 devices share a single 12nbps link so this means that you only want ONE USB 1.0/1.0 device on the hub..the Virus.. other (USB 2.0) devices do not conflict with this b/w.....
    of course this may not be gospel, hence the afaik and iirc (senility notwithstanding!)

    as an idea I would suggest a lower resolution (read older) screen to use as a second monitor for VC and other VST.. the lower resolution of the older screens will give a larger image.

    I use a Belkin one on a Mac Pro.

    System specs will help your cause...

    For completeness I have edited my post to show my hardware, as win7 is stated in my profile...however after a long discussion with tech support @ startech he believes the issue is sheer chipset compatability between the PCI board and the target device (Virus).,, So i am looking for a card that has something other than a MOS chip on it.
    Which specific Belkin card do you have and is it mac/pc or mac only? thx

    I purchased a Startech PEXUSB400 PCI Express 4 port USB 2.0 card, and needless to say, as you can infer from the thread title... it does not support the Virus Ti2 Polar.. VC control works, USB Audio works, but USB midi is dodo..
    So, thought it would be a good idea for folks to document what they have installed that actually does support the Virus.. at least to save me growing acollection of useless PCI USB cards!
    [edit} my system is HP HPE-580T with i7-950, 8GB Ram, 1.5T HD, GTX460, Win7/64

    It makes soild technical and business sense to stop support for XP.. XP was a stable and solid o.s., but win7 is significantly superior... and for once, it is neither a difficult nor expensive upgrade.
    I am using win7/64, Sonar/64, Maschine/64 and all playing nicely together.
    FYI , NI has stopped officially supporting XP in the recent 2.5 update of Traktor and most customers did what i did..upgraded then most said "crap, should have done this a year ago" :)

    I am this week, the excited new owner of a Ti2 Polar (yay!) and would very much like to suggest enhancements to the arpeggiator...
    1. User pattern storage
    I dont mind (too much) using VC to create a user pattern, but i should be able to store some number in the synth... 16 or 32 would be adequate.
    2. Fill-in
    A pattern completes its cycle correctly only with a specific number of notes. We dont know how many notes that is required to cycle the each of 64 patterns for each motif variation. Other manufacturers cover this with a "fill-in" parameter...When enabled, If you play an inadequate number of notes for (say a 2 measure) pattern, it intelligently reuses some of those notes played to make up the pattern length. Alternately, If you play an excess of notes (say 5 notes) for a up/down variation of a pattern that only requires 4 notes for a complete cycle to start afresh on the lowest note, the synth again intelligently alternates use of the notes to maintain a cohesive may skip note #5 in cycle 1 and note #4 in cycle #2 Such an improvement would always maintain the rhythmic integrity of the arp pattern and make live performance and jamming way more enjoyable (and less risky)....
    The above two are the most important, however there are other programmable parameters that can also greatly add to the flexibility and usefulness of the arpeggiator without adding complexity to the menu structure, namely quantize (time key presses with pattern) and key reset (either reset pattern with new key presses or not).
    constructively, regards,

    Actually no it does not... without those abilities VC becomes what is called a librarian editor.. Such software has the ability to manage, select and edit patches and modify control and set operational parameters.... a librarian/editor assumes you have midi into the unit for note selection (a keyboard/controller) and audio out of it for playback..

    That would mean to add to VC the capabilities to listen to a MIDI in port and feed an audio out port, in order to play the patches you search, since as a plugin it relies on the DAW to give it the MIDI data, and take the audio away from it.