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    I wonder if it would be possible to repair everything on the Virus ti2 in about 10/20 years from now.
    Lets say the motherboard dies would this be replaceable if Acces is not supporting the units anymore?

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    Sorry for my bad English it's not my native language....

    I completely agree with the TS.
    If there would be a virus ti plugin only i would trade it and even pay an amount of cash for it (like 2000 bucks)
    So many problems and it destroys my time and my work.
    Some problems are gone (sync) other are popping up so the show goes on and (about 3 years later)
    I even switched from a windows machine to a complete mac because i hoped it would run better... NOT

    @ the moment i have a NL4 connect to the input and using my unit as a sound card on a i7 4790 mac.
    I cant run more than 2 patches no chords just one simple melody line (without any FX and release amp no further than 4)
    And my unit is a ti2 how could i ever play that single patch on a virus ti first generation, and i am not even thinking about a snow.

    If i could get my money back i would do it immediately, don't get me wrong i love this machine.
    If i had the software version there would be no problems like sync errors, able to freeze a lot more power to create amazing sounds and so one.
    Maybe we could start a case and sue access for this because 2000 bucks for a unit with so many problems related to usb or TI funktion.

    So i hope access will fulfill this dream soft-synth. I would buy it 100% if i can get money back/discount.
    And pirating is not the problem there are a lot of quality companies with a decent protection (hard to crack)

    So Access do you even listen to your customers? or did u cashed enough money?
    The web is full of virus ti problems where u see almost no problems with nord lead or other great products i own (i am not saying there isn't)

    And a reminder its 2015 not 1999 ;)
    I hope there will be a solution in the future i still do have some hope for this company otherwise it is indeed the first and the last product i own from them.