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    first question
    It looks like my mod wheel in not responding is it possible i turn it off some how??maybe somebody can give a tip

    second question
    after uploading my ti i lost my load and save function (3.0)
    i thought that after uploading to 3.1 the functions will return but they didnt
    has anybody had this probleme ?????

    Unfortunately you have provided null information about your system. I can only assume you are using windows and you have more than (about) 16000 patches in your patches folder.
    In this case, the limiting factor is Windows, which does not display popup menus with more than 16384 entries. Load/Save buttons in the part panel seem not to function then.

    The workaround is: use the browser page to load and save patches.

    This is currently a know issue and we might update VC so it will at least display the first 16000 (but not more) patches.


    well, but isn´t the installer the real problem?

    what if access releases VC and the Driver separately?

    Release VC and Driver (and possibly firmware) separately will make this forum explode with support requests of users. No way :)

    Also, VC and driver must match, since we are permantently adding features to the Virus TI Software Suite.
    64bit on Windows including the possibility of running an 32 or 64 bit host, together with the plugin bridging to a 32bit plugin and the bridging to the 64 bit driver itself do make things actually a bit complicated, far more than a usual plugin.

    But I can say, that 64bit is coming.


    Apparently there is no "reset VC to specific value on stop" in Reaper :)

    I guess this is something that only the Reaper developers do know. Sometimes, such features hide under names like "Reset MIDI controllers on start/stop" or "Reset Parameters" or "Initialize Performance Controllers", I dont know Reaper.

    When you press play and the volume changes to 127, something ( I can only guess that it is Reaper), sends a MIDI controller #7 into the Virus Control.


    Ah Thanks for that, I am experiencing odd bandwidth type problems which are currently being looked at by Tech support.
    The USB ports on my intel mac are taken up with keyboard, mouse, midi keyboard, 2 elicensors (ilok etc) but I get dropouts, apr sync problems and latency etc

    I don't know, how many USB ports you have, I did run (on an 2007 Intel iMac 20" with 3 ports), keyboard, mouse and all licencers (iLok, Apple XS-Key, Synchrosoft Dongle on a good USB2.0 Hub on one port and two viruses on each of the other two ports.
    Worked perfect here.

    You should put keyboard/mouse, ilok etc. on a good USB 2.0 Hub, the MIDI Keyboard might be also okay on that Hub and give the Virus a dedicated Root Hub.


    The worst part is that Access not keep their consumers happy by telling them at least what stage they are on development.

    People complain about T.C. Eletronic but compared to what i experience here with Access the consumers from T.C. should be happy with the exellent service they provided from the start of development to the release of the 64bit supported softwarepackages wich i was betatester of.

    Hope these topics give them the idea they have to be transparant to their consumers.

    You should follow the forum posts more carefully.


    Just a quick question that I don't really want to start a seperate thread for. What the HELL is the small 5 bar icon that looks like a battery meter in the top right corner of the Virus LCD display for?! I can't find any reference to it in the manual!

    Features that appeared in later versions of the OS are documented in the Addendum. You can find the documentation about the patch complexity meter there.


    Your post is unfortunately a bit unclear about what you want to do and what you tried to do. One thing your post could mean is:
    If you have got sound from the Virus using the "Virus TI Synth" MIDI Port and you open Virus Control, the "Virus TI Synth" will be disabled. Instead, you need to route MIDI to the plugin.
    You should try to load and play the tutorial song. If there is sound, everything is fine.

    In case this is not the answer, please get in touch with support, so they can try to help you in more detail.


    hello all so i find out after all my test and it was my mousse!!!
    doing something to his usb port so new mousse!!
    and cubase 5.1 and virus are stable no crash no latenci i didnt test the fx part

    glad to hear. Make sure you run the TI on a USB Roothub alone, as advised in the manual/tutorials.

    but i still cant use out2 and out3!!
    so im going to downgrade to 2.7 and i will tel you how is going

    You need to enable the outputs in Cubase. Since Cubase 4, additional outputs in plugins are not routed by default and must be activated in the VST Instruments panel. There is a little icon where you need to enable the additional outputs. Take a look at the attachment of this post.

    Please read the Cubase manual about it.


    hello i have the laste 5.1 cubase update and the laste3.1 virus update and i get trouble !!
    for exemple i cant open the demo song propely
    and i cant use out2 usb and out3 usb

    thanks for the help

    To use usb2/usb3 you need to enable them in the "VST Instruments" panel of Cubase. Please read the Cubase manual and the Cubase Tutorial PDF coming with the Virus TI Software. Also read the section about the Input/Output configuration which can be found in the Manual Addendum.


    In this case, the patches are not the same, only their name is equal. This can happen if a patch has got some (even minor) editing.
    By ctrl-click/right-click on the patch name in the browser panel you can see where the specific copy origins. If you delete them from there (or overwrite them with the copy you want) it will disappear.


    I'd like a way of moving through patches in the banks in vc like a plus or minus button rather than having to double click each individual patch. Being able to do this from a keyboard would be handy too as a program change message allways jumps to the patch stored on the Hardware, but I can imagine this to be difficult / impossible to implement.

    you can just use the cursor keys to move the selector around.


    There is a big difference between effects and synthesizers:

    Effects are usually running their algorithms all the time, so the cost is pretty much constant over a long time.

    A synthesizer, especially the virus, has a highly dynamic engine that must respond to notes on different channels. The current cpu/dsp load can only be determined in the moment it happens. Then it is actually too late to display this.

    You can have a brief overview about the patch potential usage when you take a look at the "battery bar" like element in the play pages.


    After I put new patches in a folder on my computer how do I burn to ram/rom.?

    How do you backup user multi patches?

    If I load a patch in VC mode will the patch be available after I disconnect the USB?

    1) To move patches to RAM, use Virus Control and the browser page (please watch the video in the support section of the homepage (Access Cinema, Virus Control Overview) or read the manual and the addenda.
    2) To burn patches to ROM, use Virus Control Center which comes with the software package
    3) To Backup and Restore, use Virus Control Center
    4) Loading patches to the RAM banks will keep them in the device even when USB is not used.


    @derrick_s: don't hijack threads. your problem is a totally different one and already answered in your original thread.

    Regarding Windows 7: The current software does not support Windows 7. Of course, there will be a version that will support Windows 7.



    the error you are experiencing means:

    you are using a copy of Virus Control that does not match the version that is actually installed.
    This usually happens if you copy the plugin DLL somewhere to a different VST Plugin path and don't hint the installer to the correct one.
    Please install the again and make sure, that the page "Confirm the VST install location" shows the plugin directory of your sequencer.