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    The picture is not working I see...........

    Quote from page 17 from quick start manual

    Virus Control vs MIDI?
    There are three main ways you can work with the Virus TI:
    · As we’ve already mentioned, you can simply plug a MIDI controller keyboard into the MIDI IN port and start
    · You can use a software sequencer host to route up to 16 different channels of MIDI to the Virus TI. All you
    need to do is select the appropriate MIDI port in your host, which is labelled “Virus TI Synth”, and put the
    Virus into Sequencer Mode. Program changes can be made as normal on the Virus itself, or via your se

    · You can enjoy Total Integration between your compatible sequencer host and the Virus TI by using Virus

    There is no such port listed anywhere in my sequencer (Cubase Studio 4) at all, that's why i'm asking ;) This may get a little offtopic, but you are using Cubase too, right? Is there an additional Virus MIDI device listed in the MIDI Port Setup, or is the "Virus Ti Synth" port only listed in the MIDI channels output port list?

    Yes, I'm also using Cubase (5). It should be listed in the midi channels output port list on the left of your screen

    Maybe the picture clarify

    I just wanted to try it, but... well, that may be a stupid question, but how do you guys use MIDI via USB without Virus Control at all 8| ? Is there an additional driver available that adds an appropriate MIDI device/port?

    Yes, there is.
    See under midi outputs in your DAW. There is one called: "Virus Ti Synth"
    Select this one and your Virus acts like it's connected via normal midi cables but then over the USB cable

    Can somebody confirm that the method "an sich" I tried works under "normal conditions? (so when there are no problems with the virus or WIN/Cubase setup)

    What I tried:

    1. Virus is connected via USB (Virus Ti Synth driver) so Midi via USB and put in seq mode
    2. I load ram A1 on midi channel 1 and ram B1 on midi channel 2
    3. I perform "STORE" ->"DUMP ARRANGEMENT" and record the sysex info in cubase (I got 7 lines of sysex info)
    4. I changed the sounds on channel 1 and 2 to something else.
    5. I play back the recorded sysex info and expect channel 1 to jumps back to ram A1 and channnel 2 to ram B1 -->No succes

    When I do the same but only with the old fashion midi cables connected, Cubase records 17 lines of sysex info, but still loads not back the original sounds


    I tried the following:

    I put the Ti in "sequencer mode" and use the "virus ti synth" driver from cubase 5.1 (so midi over USB)
    I put some sounds on the different midi channels and perform a "Dump Arrangement" and record this in Cubase.
    Aftter playing back these recorded sys ex info, the sounds does not load correctly into the right channels

    For those who had problems installing the release on Windows, please download and use the release available in the download section now. It is the same version as the but fixes some installer problems on Vista/Windows 7.


    Installation of went fine on WinXPsp3 32 bit


    First of all; Virus control and Virus Control Center are 2 different things.

    Virus control center is found under your program files/ Access Music ...etc..etc and can be used for burning your banks to ROM. See option "Burn to Flash Rom"

    Virus Control can be found in your DAW (of course)

    If you want to use Virus Control to put a whole bank of 127 patches to RAMA, go to "brouwser" select in the upper (or lower) screen RAM A.
    Select in the other screen the bank you want to write to RAM A. Select all the patches here and drag and drop them in RAM A. That's it

    Good luck