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    Hi people,

    hope you're well.
    I'm sorry to ask you this stupid question but i can't find anything online or on virus manual.

    I have some bank of presets i'd like to browse but i'm annoyed cos i can't browse using my desktop, i have to use the mouse, or virus ti will automatically browse into the RAM...
    Is there a way i can browse into my own patches/banks without using the mouse ?

    thank you 8|

    thanks a lot for your point of view Musikman.
    I've also posted the same question on a french forum and yeah, looks like i'm not the only one to use Vcontrol live, but using the unit in midi seems pretty popular.

    let's see what other people says :)

    Hello all,

    I have a virus ti 1 polar for a couple of year. Firsti had loads of problems cos of the usb hub inside my iMac, but now, it's working fine in the studio.

    But i was wondering if this system would be stable enough to use on stage.

    So i was curious to hear about your experiences :)

    I'd use it with a macbook pro i5, ableton live 8 and some other controllers like maschine and ipad.

    i'd love to hear from you
    thank you

    So, here are some news.

    I got an email from the tech support asking me a couple of questions and asked me to try connecting the virus on my hub (without any other devices) and... it works.

    I've tried tonight and it looks like virus is still in synch with ableton, even if i put him in tricky situations...
    I'll update this thread in a couple of weeks when i'll be sure problems are totally fixed, so you know.

    wish me luck! :D

    Thanks Bob, i've used each port but at that time i was less informed about the USB hubs inside iMac how it works, so i'll have another try.

    Marc, do you think it is an hardware problem ? installing an older OS would help you think ?

    Hi people,

    i've spent a week reading everything i could find about virus ti2 not working with iMac, and accessorie, Ableton Live 8, but some posts are old, so i'm wondering if i missed something (i only got my virus desktop for a month & a half).

    So, i got this brand new Virus Ti2 and i can't make it work properly on my iMac
    OS is 10,7,5 - intel Core i5 with 12 Go DDR3 - working like a charm.
    Soundcard is Metric Halo 2882 expanded

    I've followed the instruction while installing the driver & software, and configured Ableton as the set up guide says.
    On the back of my iMac, i've plugged the virus ti on the top left USB, and a belkin hub with its own power is plugged in the last slot, total right (sorry for my english :S).

    I mainly use the Virus with Ableton & Cubase 6.5

    I got different kind of problems. When loaded, the virus is working correctly , but after some time (very shot, maybe 5minutes?) troubles happen.
    It can be the virus being out of synch, cracks & pops or some sounds stop playing or playing at the wrong tone. It's really weird cos problems are always differents.

    Most of the time it says "virus out of synch, please stop & restart" but how can i solve that problem ? i guess it's a bandwith problem, but i don't know what else i can do.

    It makes the Virus totally unusable, cos i have to restart it all the time.
    For now when i've found something good, i resample the sound in ableton, but i want to be able to use the fonctionnality this synth has to offer !! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    I have to say the same problems appears with both os 5 and os 4.5
    And that i try to save some USB bandwith by using the analog outputs of the synth.

    So i was wondering what i can do now and how i can finally enjoy working with this synth.

    If somebody has a idea ?

    thanks community