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    It’s not what we purchased. Depending on how you work, it means you now need to assign many inputs on your audio interface to the virus. It negates the TI concept entirely basically.

    I accept Apple has moved the goal posts. It’s the fact they are still selling the TI2 and burying their heads in the sand that is unacceptable.

    I know.. but what can we do about it? We bought this synth to make music.. If you wanna continue doing that, adapt..

    Yep.. It's still the same joblisting.

    It makes you think no one wants to work for a shitty company like Access them...

    But more likely Access probably doesn't even want the position to be filled..

    Otherwise they would've put some more effort in it...

    At the very least they could've put the joblisting on or jobscout24.

    Now the listing is just hidden away on some website that's only visited by a few thousand people..

    just have a „external monitor“ for the virus with direct acces to the plugin parameters on the macbookair, that‘s all ( good thing is i can even push the plugin gui to the best resolution to deal with ;-)

    Ahh okay so you're using your Macbook Air as a screen (and a host) for your Virus,

    and the Big Sur Mac is only used to trigger the midi notes am I right?

    Essentially you've made your MBA + Virus an external midi instrument for your Big Sur Mac.

    Pretty cool solution. I just think managing presets for each song you make is a hassle right?


    For actual music production this workflow is too complicated,

    but for the tweakers among us this could still be a fun side project to fiddle around with.

    What plugin or software did you use to host your Virus TI plugin and run it on your slave?

    I tried going the audiogridder way earlier but never got the Virus plugin to open on slave Mac.. while other plugins like Sylenth opened just fine..

    That is just the nature of CPUs (DSPs) reaching their processing limit. Everything is always calculated in sequence and not in parallel. The more complex a sound, the more time it takes to calculate the waveform. At some point, you have to either defer some calculations or simplify them by degrading the audio signal. Both will happen on the Virus, with sound quality as priority. It seems that timing of Envelopes and LFOs is impacted first; I observed this behavior accidently when I had programmed a very short high pitched FM based tick sound, which became considerably "broader" and "imprecise" as more other sounds (basses and pads) where added.

    Earlier TI OS Versions had substantially less Oscillator complex types and Effects. I guess that has more to do with processing timing behavior than potential changes of the MIDI over USB timing.

    The example I mentioned is a patch OS 3.3.4 can identically make. My point is that midi timing of the exact same patch will remain solid in 3.3.4, even upping the unison to x8, while in 5.1.7 the timing starts being off even at 2x unison. Sure, because it's a heavy patch (intentionally so ), voice stealing will occur in both OS-ses, but in 3.3.4 voice stealing doesn't change the timing of the notes played, while in 5.1.7 it does.

    I sometimes have this problem too, but I can't reproduce it very reliably under practical conditions. Sometimes it appears that changing the clock to 48kHz slightly helps, but other people trying this reported that it got worse for them.

    I also noticed the problem can go away when I connect the TI to a computer via USB (in a simple USB mode without the virus VST) and set up the computer to route MIDI coming from the TI midi in directly back into the TI synth. (I use a HW sequencer connected to the Virus directly with a din midi cable)

    It has nothing to do with using midi via USB or regular Midi!

    It has to do with the amount of voices a patch is using and how to Virus handles voice stealing. Try making a patch with 2 full hypersaws, the unison at x5 and then let your DAW play chords with more than 4 notes playing at the same time. In this circumstance 3 notes seems to be the limit before voice stealing starts to have an influence on the timing. (which it SHOULD NOT HAVE)

    I've found Setting the Synth to SEQ mode instead of multimode does help but the timing still isn't as tight as with OS 3.3.4

    Thanks! In 5.1.7 that doesn't change anything in terms of MIDI timing..

    Yesterday, I did some extended testing, installing all OS-ses between 5.1.7 and 3.3.4, and OS 3.3.4 definitely handles timing the best!

    It remains super tight, even when using hypersaws, unison, and giant chords.

    I really don't get why Access would change such a basic thing like MIDI timing.. other then to ''fix'' USB midi timing problems, the Virus TI may have had at that time..

    Our pleasure :)

    By the way you may still encounter voice stealing but it's really obvious when in multi mode and using many channels (voices) at the same time. It like "silences" some sounds. In multi mode there is also a "priority" setting you can play around with if in multi mode.

    Where can I find this priority setting in Multi mode?

    So ever since I've switched to using the Virus TI as a MIDI synth, I've been running into midi timing problems when I add more then 3 voices in unison, and my chords consist of more then 3 notes. This is especially the case when using hypersaws. This behavior is NOT present when using the synth in TI mode on TI-OS 5.1.7.

    So what I've just discovered is that if you downgrade your Virus TI-OS to 3.3.4, the crappy midi problem is gone!

    I can now play huge chords again with 2 hypersaws set to full density and the unison set to 7!!

    Yes, at some point you will encounter voice stealing, but the actual timing of the notes will remain consistent! Now my Virus TI is finally usable again! (for big phat trance and hardstyle leads^^)

    Just one minor problem: If you're using the VirusHC plugin, adjusting the unison on screen won't do anything. You will have to do it manually on your Virus. (EDIT --> Unison voices)

    I finally got stable MIDI timing with TIOS v3.3.5.02 (shown in the Virus as when installed).
    I know there are a lot of features which were implemented afterwards,

    but since I only use external FX I am happy to have the typical Virus Oscs and Filters which is all I need from this Synth.
    With TIOS the timing issues start when the Amp Release

    Envelope is higher than 0, also some MIDI notes get lost.
    Have not tried any lower version from 4.x but just took the highest version of v3.

    This solved the problems, no missing notes or timing problems anymore.

    Hope this helps (not tested the USB Plugin setup, just plain MIDI with Audio Outs).

    Interesting. Since I switched to Midi I’ve been running into crappy midi timing with big chords and patches too. I’m definitely going to try this.

    EDIT: This actually works!!! Awesome!!

    But I still have a question about the midi over USB. I guess this is also not working with Mac OS Big Sur? So I really need to dig out my midi cables for this?

    I’m running both an M1 and and Intel Mac atm. On Big Sur for Intel it does work, on Big Sur for M1 it doesn’t.
    (The access midi/usb driver is only signed till 2022 btw so after that no bueno, even on intel.)
    So you might as well get used to using midi cables now.

    If they are giving up, they should just be transparent and tell us.

    I agree.. but they won't.

    Access is a dead company as far as I'm concerned.

    If you wanna be productive, just accept that fact, and convert to one of the alternatives already: Midiquest, VirusHC, CTRLR or Solar3d. (hate to plug just one)

    I've already finished some tracks this year. It took some time to get into the flow again but in the in the end I'm back to making music, and that's what matters.