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    Hi CrystalPalace

    But I am starting to a brand new "version 2" of touch for virus, which should become available as VST and AudioUnit on Mac, IOS and maybe Windows.

    Hi Maarten,

    That is great news!

    For me the most important feature for such a plugin would be: Total Recall.

    Meaning the plugin would automatically load the settings I made in that project, regardless of wether I saved it as a patch, or not.

    Just like the TI and VirusHC plugin do.

    If it does not do this, using a plugin doesn't make much sense for me. I might as well use it as a Midi instrument alone.


    What is better in Virus HC campared to oryginal Virus TI VST?

    Any important differences? Is there a comparison somewhere?

    VirusHC (or any other midi editor):

    1: Works on Big Sur

    2: No more annoying Midi Timing problems!

    3: There is no Latency. (only the actual buffer size of your DAW)

    4: Loading & saving patches is a bit finnicky but once you get the hang of it works fine.

    5: Total Recall works fine, when set up correctly. (!)

    6: Audio via audio interface with perfect midi timing.

    Virus TI:

    1: UX design looks arguably ''better''.

    2: Mojave is the last supported OS. Catalina does work but midi latency changes all the time so can't be trusted.

    3: Annoying Midi timing problems.

    4: Latency is around 80 ms. Most DAWs automatically compensate this for you but still annoying when playing midi notes.

    5: loading & saving patches works fine

    6: Total Recall works fine

    7: audio via USB. Audio through an audio interface is possible but the midi timing will not be reliable.

    it is a simple as replacing the audio driver (Ploytec already provided it) and fix the hard crash on Big Sur.

    Since you're programmer, have you actually taken a look at the error report Logic Pro gives you after failing to verify the Virus TI plugin in Big Sur?

    If so, what did you get from that? I'm not a programmer myself but I have looked at it and it's a very long list referring all kinds of MacOS frameworks it can't find at the referred place.

    OK, so audio via USB doesn't work because of the lack of HAL plugins (Just like the Philips Hue sync App, which is a shit app anyway :p) but those other frameworks.. I think most of them still exist within Big Sur, but simply on another (secure) location. Probably the boot drive.. Could it be that the plugin doesn't get access to it because it needs write permissions, which it definitely won't get in Big Sur, even in SIP mode.. What's your view on this?

    That is a very vague reply in typical Access fashion.. Sounds like they don't wanna bring up that you probably have a defective unit that needs to be replaced within warranty.

    I also have a TI2 Desktop and I have the USB cable plugged in at all times.. I also use Logic and I never have the problem you describe.

    Maybe it's your Mac but I doubt it.. To rule this out I'd suggest trying it on another PC or Mac, see if the problem persists.

    OneNationAbove What makes you decide you have to reconnect your USB cable all the time? Because what you're describing is definitely not normal.. I can leave my Virus TI turned on and connected for days without any problems. Sometimes I even forget to turn it off at night and continue using it the next day never having turned it off. If yours can't do that it probably has faulty motherboard. Return/Exchange it while you still can.

    Depends on how you're planning to use your Virus TI. If you're doing it so you can keep using the plugin with Catalina, don't do it.

    First: Catalina is the last OS to actually run the plugin. (The plugin does not work on Big Sur and on)

    Second: Even though the plugin will open in Catalina, and you can indeed use the analog output ports, the midi latency varies every couple seconds, so it's way to unpredictable to use in any DAW. Even when exporting the Midi timing varies every couple bars so you have to slice and move your bounces all the time.

    However, If you're planning on using your Virus TI as an actual Midi instrument from now on, I'd say: go for it!

    There are some pretty good midi editors for the Virus available so it's not the end of the world to stop using the the plugin completely. Yes, the transition will be difficult, and the fact that you can't open your old projects hurts the most... but in the end this is the best way to prepare for the future..

    another option is to switch to windows 10.

    Since MacOS Big Sur Came out I decided to go cold turkey on the Virus TI plugin. Tried a couple midi editors available and eventually settled on the one I bought ages ago: The Virus HC by Mystery-Islands.

    Now to be absolutely honest: it's not perfect. Saving patches does not really work well and you can't tweak knobs while playing midi at time same time because it causes midi hiccup, but to be honest all I really need is that my sounds load automatically when opening songs, and somehow it does. (like 90% of the time)

    I'm now one week in, and I already have three songs midway-finished, so my productivity is back to normal.

    My tip for all of you Virus TI users: stop waiting for Access to release their updated plugin. It just won't happen. It's either time to let go of the Virus TI completely, or as we say in dutch: ''roeien met de riemen die je hebt'' / ''row with the paddels you got'' and use the Virus as a midi instrument as it's still a great sounding synth.

    As for opening my old songs (I've been using the Virus TI since 2013 in my productions) , I still have a working MacOS Mojave partition on an older Mac, and I'll need to schedule in a couple days, or (probably) even a week, to export the those old Virus TI stems into audio, just so I can reopen them on my Macs from now on.

    I have been looking into hacking the drivers a bit, but problem is the solution would be that we have to disable system integration protection.

    I've looked into this myself too and it is indeed true that the ''348SCJ68PR -'' driver is not signed and you can bypass this by disabling system integration.

    When doing so I've actually gotten to the point that Logic Pro X recognizes the Virus TI plugin during validation (!), but when validating it crashes immediately giving a long error report. The error report mostly gives a long list of MacOS framework files the plugin cannot find since they're not at the same place they're referenced at.. Not sure if those framework files are stored somewhere else in MacOS 11, or they're simply not there at all anymore..

    Sometimes if I am only using my Virus IT 61 I select it as audio interface in Ableton and then connect the Outputs of the Virus to it's own inputs, with that I can use it incl. Midi and it works quite well.

    I'm surprised you got that to work since Apple discontinued support for HAL plugins in Catalina.

    But the method you're describing is the same principle as just using a normal audio interface for the analog outs though. Nothing new.

    This does not fix the midi timing problem. This is a problem with the VirusVC plugin. When using the plugin, your host can't send midi directly to the virus. Only through the plugin.

    How are the filter envelopes and filter distortions though? I'm a hardstyle producer too and I use the hard / medium dist in the filtersection a lot. Gives a lot of character fast and great for making those ''The Pitcher''-esque sounds. It's great for Drum&Bass Reeses too. Does Navira sound as good?

    A follow up to my post above. I bought Navira!

    It's brilliant, no really, it's exceptionally good, maybe a little bright at times but nothing that the built in eq didn't sort out. And yes, it really can emulate the Virus hyper saw and filters, yeah I know what you're thinking, but it's true! I know for a fact because I've just spent £124 so you lot didn't have to :-)

    If Access don't provide the Mac community with updated drivers by around Christmas then my days with my old faithful Virus Ti2 DarkStar are over. I'll just sell it.

    Fair enough. I would still keep my Virus TI2 no matter what because a lot of my projects contain the Virus TI. You never know when you might need those for remixes etc. I Invested in a Presonus Quantum2626 interface so I can at least still open those Virus parts. (minus the timing problem.) Besides, I don't think selling my TI2 will yield much anyway.. Might as well keep it.

    What's your intent? What do you want to acheive with that action? Put Access out of business? The only thing they are required to do is to change the text on their website. Would that make you guys happy?

    Me not. I want proper TI integration on future Mac OS versions.

    Clearly access can't or be bothered to deliver a working driver themselves so maybe a judge can force them to make the code open-source.

    Also, simply removing text on the website does not erase that fact that they are still obliged by EU law to offer warranty and keep their marketing promises. If they can't keep those promises of having a working products on both Mac and Windows they should somehow compensate Mac users. Especially the ones still within 3 year warranty! (I am not one of those btw, but I still think that would be fair.)