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    I finally got stable MIDI timing with TIOS v3.3.5.02 (shown in the Virus as when installed).
    I know there are a lot of features which were implemented afterwards,

    but since I only use external FX I am happy to have the typical Virus Oscs and Filters which is all I need from this Synth.
    With TIOS the timing issues start when the Amp Release

    Envelope is higher than 0, also some MIDI notes get lost.
    Have not tried any lower version from 4.x but just took the highest version of v3.

    This solved the problems, no missing notes or timing problems anymore.

    Hope this helps (not tested the USB Plugin setup, just plain MIDI with Audio Outs).

    Interesting. Since I switched to Midi I’ve been running into crappy midi timing with big chords and patches too. I’m definitely going to try this.

    EDIT: This actually works!!! Awesome!!

    But I still have a question about the midi over USB. I guess this is also not working with Mac OS Big Sur? So I really need to dig out my midi cables for this?

    I’m running both an M1 and and Intel Mac atm. On Big Sur for Intel it does work, on Big Sur for M1 it doesn’t.
    (The access midi/usb driver is only signed till 2022 btw so after that no bueno, even on intel.)
    So you might as well get used to using midi cables now.

    If they are giving up, they should just be transparent and tell us.

    I agree.. but they won't.

    Access is a dead company as far as I'm concerned.

    If you wanna be productive, just accept that fact, and convert to one of the alternatives already: Midiquest, VirusHC, CTRLR or Solar3d. (hate to plug just one)

    I've already finished some tracks this year. It took some time to get into the flow again but in the in the end I'm back to making music, and that's what matters.

    I have the MI plug-n working, but I don't get on with it all that well tbh. It's never felt 100% stable.

    The official Virus plug-in is very well laid-out and easy to navigate. I just wish we could have it as a stand-alone editor application. Using the analogue outputs is no problem and stops most of the latency issues too.

    Maybe check out The CTRLR virus TI panel then. It only allows for single mode but at least it gives you the same GUI as the Access Virus plugin.

    For me the MI plugin works fine. Even though you are right, it never feels 100% stable, but all I care about is that my patches are saved within my project files. It does that (99% of the time) so for me it's the best solution at this time.

    I agree with your last point. Just give us an updated Virus plugin. Doesn't have to be that advanced. Audio via Analog is perfectly fine. I do not care about audio via USB.

    Hi CrystalPalace

    But I am starting to a brand new "version 2" of touch for virus, which should become available as VST and AudioUnit on Mac, IOS and maybe Windows.

    Hi Maarten,

    That is great news!

    For me the most important feature for such a plugin would be: Total Recall.

    Meaning the plugin would automatically load the settings I made in that project, regardless of wether I saved it as a patch, or not.

    Just like the TI and VirusHC plugin do.


    What is better in Virus HC campared to oryginal Virus TI VST?

    Any important differences? Is there a comparison somewhere?

    VirusHC (or any other midi editor):

    1: Works on Big Sur

    2: No more annoying Midi Timing problems!

    3: There is no Latency. (only the actual buffer size of your DAW)

    4: Loading & saving patches is a bit finnicky but once you get the hang of it works fine.

    5: Total Recall works fine, when set up correctly. (!)

    6: Audio via audio interface with perfect midi timing.

    Virus TI:

    1: UX design looks arguably ''better''.

    2: Mojave is the last supported OS. Catalina does work but midi latency changes all the time so can't be trusted.

    3: Annoying Midi timing problems.

    4: Latency is around 80 ms. Most DAWs automatically compensate this for you but still annoying when playing midi notes.

    5: loading & saving patches works fine

    6: Total Recall works fine

    7: audio via USB. Audio through an audio interface is possible but the midi timing will not be reliable.

    it is a simple as replacing the audio driver (Ploytec already provided it) and fix the hard crash on Big Sur.

    Since you're programmer, have you actually taken a look at the error report Logic Pro gives you after failing to verify the Virus TI plugin in Big Sur?

    If so, what did you get from that? I'm not a programmer myself but I have looked at it and it's a very long list referring all kinds of MacOS frameworks it can't find at the referred place.

    OK, so audio via USB doesn't work because of the lack of HAL plugins (Just like the Philips Hue sync App, which is a shit app anyway :p) but those other frameworks.. I think most of them still exist within Big Sur, but simply on another (secure) location. Probably the boot drive.. Could it be that the plugin doesn't get access to it because it needs write permissions, which it definitely won't get in Big Sur, even in SIP mode.. What's your view on this?

    That is a very vague reply in typical Access fashion.. Sounds like they don't wanna bring up that you probably have a defective unit that needs to be replaced within warranty.

    I also have a TI2 Desktop and I have the USB cable plugged in at all times.. I also use Logic and I never have the problem you describe.

    Maybe it's your Mac but I doubt it.. To rule this out I'd suggest trying it on another PC or Mac, see if the problem persists.

    OneNationAbove What makes you decide you have to reconnect your USB cable all the time? Because what you're describing is definitely not normal.. I can leave my Virus TI turned on and connected for days without any problems. Sometimes I even forget to turn it off at night and continue using it the next day never having turned it off. If yours can't do that it probably has faulty motherboard. Return/Exchange it while you still can.

    Depends on how you're planning to use your Virus TI. If you're doing it so you can keep using the plugin with Catalina, don't do it.

    First: Catalina is the last OS to actually run the plugin. (The plugin does not work on Big Sur and on)

    Second: Even though the plugin will open in Catalina, and you can indeed use the analog output ports, the midi latency varies every couple seconds, so it's way to unpredictable to use in any DAW. Even when exporting the Midi timing varies every couple bars so you have to slice and move your bounces all the time.

    However, If you're planning on using your Virus TI as an actual Midi instrument from now on, I'd say: go for it!

    There are some pretty good midi editors for the Virus available so it's not the end of the world to stop using the the plugin completely. Yes, the transition will be difficult, and the fact that you can't open your old projects hurts the most... but in the end this is the best way to prepare for the future..

    another option is to switch to windows 10.