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    How are the filter envelopes and filter distortions though? I'm a hardstyle producer too and I use the hard / medium dist in the filtersection a lot. Gives a lot of character fast and great for making those ''The Pitcher''-esque sounds. It's great for Drum&Bass Reeses too. Does Navira sound as good?

    A follow up to my post above. I bought Navira!

    It's brilliant, no really, it's exceptionally good, maybe a little bright at times but nothing that the built in eq didn't sort out. And yes, it really can emulate the Virus hyper saw and filters, yeah I know what you're thinking, but it's true! I know for a fact because I've just spent £124 so you lot didn't have to :-)

    If Access don't provide the Mac community with updated drivers by around Christmas then my days with my old faithful Virus Ti2 DarkStar are over. I'll just sell it.

    Fair enough. I would still keep my Virus TI2 no matter what because a lot of my projects contain the Virus TI. You never know when you might need those for remixes etc. I Invested in a Presonus Quantum2626 interface so I can at least still open those Virus parts. (minus the timing problem.) Besides, I don't think selling my TI2 will yield much anyway.. Might as well keep it.

    What's your intent? What do you want to acheive with that action? Put Access out of business? The only thing they are required to do is to change the text on their website. Would that make you guys happy?

    Me not. I want proper TI integration on future Mac OS versions.

    Clearly access can't or be bothered to deliver a working driver themselves so maybe a judge can force them to make the code open-source.

    Also, simply removing text on the website does not erase that fact that they are still obliged by EU law to offer warranty and keep their marketing promises. If they can't keep those promises of having a working products on both Mac and Windows they should somehow compensate Mac users. Especially the ones still within 3 year warranty! (I am not one of those btw, but I still think that would be fair.)

    This falls under EU customer protection law. We could start a class action lawsuit against Access Virus GmbH or/and Kemper GmbH. I am thinking of contact a lawyer and see what the option are, main reasons are: no communication and still false advertisement.

    Been thinking about this as well. Not sure if it's worth it though. We'll at least need a pool of people to finance the lawyer costs etc..

    Which is not true at all: It works with current day Windows systems. Regardless of the subject.

    How is this not true? Marketing a product as working a certain way while it doesn't, is deception. Simple as that. Besides that, You've seen the subject of this thread right? It's great for Windows users that the TI software works, but it's not relevant for this specific thread.

    You are aware that it works just fine with Windows?

    That's beside the point. The fact the Virus is still being marketed as being compatible with Windows AND Mac, is misleading. All new Macs today are shipped with Catalina and cannot downgrade. How in earth should the average customer know it may not even work with their Mac? Heck, they even use the term ''lifetime free upgrades'', which we've seen is simply not true. You could argue that this actually falls under deception towards the consumer.

    Are there any plans for making this an AU3 or VST plugin? Would be awesome if we could use this inside Cubasis and other iPadOS DAWs.

    For now, for me, it's a potato. Let me explain... Just starting it says not to use the USB port, you have to use the MIDI port, leaving you without the possibility of using the synthesizer in an external way, you are conditioned to use it with DAW.

    I have a Nord Modular G2 and Nord Micromodular that have a patch editor, but, but, they have an exclusive MIDI port to connect with the computer, leaving another free MIDI port to do whatever you want, such as having a set of machines. The computer ONLY serves to deal with patches.

    This is what I expected from this fudge, that the USB port would be used to handle the Patchs and with the MIDI port used with an external drumboxs and synth system.

    Even though it tells you not to, clicking ''Virus TI Synth'' for Midi In and Midi Out works perfectly fine. using USB seems to be a bit more stable and faster than midi too.

    Does anyone know how to save patches though? Loading INIT patches works fine but ATM I only know how to edit the 16 patches that are already loaded into my Virus...

    Purchased Mystery Islands VIrusHC and indeed you are right you are using your Virus as an external instrument, which is great! Midi timing is very tight!

    I still can't find out how to save patches though.. Have you got any idea?

    IMO, there are plenty of software alternatives. Serum comes to mind first, and Massive / Massive X is probably even the better VA/Wavetable synth overall. And then there's FM8 to cover all your FM needs. However, if you are looking for hardware (with full DAW integration), nothing comes close to the Virus TI's features and flexibility: VA/Wavetable/FM Synth, pretty flexible Modulation Matrix, tons of effects, even offering decent Reverbs, 16 Part multi-timbral, lots of control knobs... the Kyra comes close, but it offers no DAW integration at all.

    I legally own all of the products you mention except for Kyra but none of them are a replacement to the Virus in terms of ''sound''. Yes I know that is a vague term, but try making a lead as ''fat'' and wide in any of the mentioned plugins. The recipe for the Virus Sound seems simple: the Hypersaw Osc, the The unison that individually pans the voices, , and the especially filter envelopes and the distortion inside the filters. Like I said, Dune comes very close in terms of this functionality, -and in somer aspects it's better- yet it still doesn't sound like a Virus. That's not to sound it's impossible to almost recreate those sounds, but takes a lot more time. If there was a good alternative I would've jumped the bandwagon already.