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    Hey -nko-
    I understand your problem, I has exact the same question (WTF with this muddy oscs on sustain stage?) few years ago. Unfortunately you are not the first (and not the last lol) who asks this.
    The problem is Virus has only one full oscillator and it is the 1st one. And the other OSCs eats voices polyphony. And the "lowpass" you hear is a lack of voices when it accumulates in synth memory. When the voices releases than you hears this TOP END return. Guys from Access Virus team will never fix this because it is a congenital disease. It is not solved. I sold this shit few years ago and now I use Spire and Waldorf Largo.

    First, in classic DCO virus control show us a "falling" sawtooth . In real world virus saw is "rising".


    [Blocked Image:]

    Pic 1. So, in classic DCO virus control show us a "pulse-like" waveform + some extra harmonics, as a morphing result from wavetable to sawtooth. But, because in real world the virus saw is "rising", we hear (and see) not pulse, but some like 2 saws + phase restart (sync?)+ extra harmonics.

    So, any morphing showing us by VC is a lie.


    2. [Blocked Image:]

    Pic 2. Theoretically VC show us an one half cycle sawtooth (-1 octave) .But real waveform is not! Again, because sawtooth is inverted (I mean, not falling but rising)!


    Pic 3.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Pic 3. Finally look at this. The morph with "Sync-like" wavetable + falling saw (like GUI show us) must give a summ with a basic saw with sounds like upper to 6 octave saw. BUT Because sawtooth is inverted, "sync-like" wavetable + rising saw (real world) gave us nothing like VC showing as a morph. Just check.

    Okay, guys. Is it real to redraw GUI of Classic VCO, to real waveform and real morphing, to not confuse us their phase? Thank you. And sorry my ENG 8)

    PS Russian words on Pic.1 is 1) "reality" and 2) "waiting for"