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    I've browsed around the forums with little success in finding the answer to my question...
    I recently purchased a new audio interface (Steinberg UR22), which i've connected to my Virus TI 2 thru the Ouput 1/2 to line Input 1/2 so i can bounce the audio directly from the virus to the soundcard. However I'm unable to get any sound when i play any notes on my midi keyboard (Midi signals recived in DAW which are sent to the Virus with success - My midi keyboard doesnt have any MIDI out (USB Only), getting a new one soon that does have it.).

    Virus Settings:
    Virus TI > [Patch Cables] -> UR22 -> [Ableton Live 8] Computer
    I've tried various settings, this is how i believe it to be set up but I may be wrong:

    Virus PART settings: -Main Out- Out1 L+R
    Input/Output settings 3 Outs / 1 Input -> Surround Output: Out1 L+R

    Ableton Settings:
    Driver type ASIO
    Audio Device: Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO
    Input Config: 1/2 Stereo
    Output Config: 1/2 Stereo

    Soundcard ASIO Settings:
    Sample rate 44.1 kHz
    Clock source: Internal
    Buffer: 512

    Ableton Live Audio channel settings:
    I have several options here,
    - Ext In.
    - "Asio4ALL rewire Input"
    - Virus TI (Usually my choice when i use the USB Mode for the synth)

    I tried to change the audio MME/DirexcX too as the audio device in settings but doesnt seem to work either...

    Why am I not getting any sound? Ideas where i made the wrong settings?

    Basically I need to know the best way to sample/loop recorded sequences.
    After recording a pattern i want to loop it so i can layer more instruments, however some instruments are troublesome to loop because of delay for example, when it starts repeating over there's a small jump you clearly can hear because of the sudden cut of the delay effect. (dunno how to explain this better). I figured i'll let the record run for a bit longer so it captures all the delay effects at the end, but i cant overlap the recordings as i want in ableton to make it sound good...

    My usual workflow is working against me, since i tend to make "one big loop" to make up the elements and sound i want with the song e.g pad/arp/lead/bass/maybe some fx then cut them up to smaller pieces and build up my song that way.

    When you are forced to record after using up your 3 USB parts (Or if running out of DSP with a single instrument) it makes it difficult and slow process..Cause i basically need to make a "complete song" with 3 instruments then layer over 3 at a time up to all 16 parts if i want to use all of the parts.

    How do you work with your virus? Any advises for a beginner like me would be appreciated


    I've looked at tutorials at youtube how to apply sidechain effect, it works within its own frames but I don't know how to get the effect on my virus sounds. I'm using drums from my slaved reason thats rewired into ableton (via 1 midi/1 audio channel). I add a compressor in ableton to my pad sound from my virus and select sidechain, and source from the audio channel (drums - reason). But i don't get this to work... Am i missing something? Do i need to bounce the sound or something? I have added a channel that allows input to the virus but I really dont know how to utilize it in this case :D


    As suggested above you should forget about any on-board audio devices. Depending your computer, they often aren't even real audio devices, in the sense that your CPU is doing all the work. Besides they usually do not come with asio drivers. Although there are generic alternatives (Asio4all), I wouldn't recommend it, when you have an alternative like your Presonus. On-board is ok for Youtube, but other than that... naaaa.
    When you set up your Presonus as your standard audio device in your DAW (Ableton), you can monitor the sound from your DAW with it. When you create a track with the Virus, the audio of the Virus is routed to the Presonus like a VST instrument (inside your DAW), so there is no need to connect the Virus to the Presonus with cables other than USB.
    This way all should work fine.

    Yeah i managed to figure this out by myself but thanks for helping!

    I had old drivers for my presonus, but with the latest i got the asio drivers and it works perfectly now, i also changed my usb port so all problems are resolved. =). Everything runs really smoothly now ,

    You may close this thread

    Yeah I've used that tutorial, its okay i guess but not really quite the result im after, I tried tweaking it a bit but i dont get the desired result, the sound is to "deep" , (the semitone/sub osc is kind of to low i think), so when i use chords the bass sounds kinnda meh (not in a good pitch/clearly sounding) i raised it an octave but it lacks to much power then...

    I dont like the slow AMP attack btw, i like it more clicky. As in the song i linked you can hear the diffrence from the tutorial... Its a good start and i tried to improve it but additional advice would be nice :D should i add some more filters to it?

    I just got my Virus Ti2 Desktop up and running smoothly after couple of issues that's been resolved..... and i absolutly love it! :D
    So now I'm ready to dive in to the art of synthesizing and sound designing.

    I've experimented a bit and got some cool sounds with just playing around with some filters etc.
    However I got this song that i really like and I'm wondering if you could give me a idea how to replicate the stab/plucky sound that the song is built around


    I'm a beginner at this but I have a feeling that making this kind of sound isn't *that* complicated to synthesize so I thought it would give it a shot as a start, but I could really use some advice/heads up where to start.

    Also maybe you guys can recommend me some website who goes more into depth in using a Virus Ti specifically to make your own sounds, like explaining the filter envelopes etc, and maybe how to set everything up in the correct order to get the desired result.


    So I'm having a bit of problem with setting up my Virus Ti2 to work perfectly with Ableton,

    The first problem is that I'm only able to get 4 parts with a setup I'm used from a tutorial ( ),
    How do enable the rest of the parts, because apparently I cant select the rest of the parts in the audio tracks (I'm only able to chose up to "3-Virus TI" in audio from). Im using the 3 Out/1 Input setting.

    Also in the tutorial he mentions the buffer size should be 128 or 256 samples, when i have that low buffer size the audio sounds REALLY bad, just noise basically. Whats up with this? I found that having less than 700~1000 gives me bad result in the audio quality.

    I'm running the audio through my internal soundcard, is this something thats fine?
    I do have a external soundcard (Presonus Audiobox), but at the moment I don't have any cords to connect my virus to it - but if i got those and connected the virus to the external soundcard, would that improve the performance somehow?

    Also when im using some apeggiator, a kickdrum and some other instrument, while browsning inside ableton the arpeg suddenly goes out of sync and the kickdrum gives off a clicking sound, when muting the arpeg/other instrument it the kickdrum goes back to normal...And when muting some other tracks except the arpegiator it also goes back to normal/or if you just leave it be it goes back into sync after a short duration, is this fixable? Is there something wrong with my setup? :(

    I heard its not recommended that you connect the virus to a USB-hub on the PC, but a dedicated one, how do i figure out if the USB is dedicated or not? It's connected to my USB 3.0 Port (Have 2 of those).

    Also right now something weird happened, in the virus ti instrument rack (control center for chosing parts), i pick a sound for the first part , and second part, when i switch between them only hear the sound for the first midi channel but the display information on the ti changes correctly, however, if i go to the midi editor it triggers the parts from there it acts correctly (i can hear the second sound)...

    Thanks for the help advance, im a big noob at this so help is appreciated! :)