I use the TI2 only via midi in Logic Pro X. I set up 16 channels in multi mode and record each sound as a midi region before printing each one to a new audio track. To me, there are three main aspects of this method:

    1. Latency. I need super fast response when playing, so the TI2 connected via midi having audio streamed over the analog outputs with a thunderbolt interface is great! In addition, you could setup different mono/stereo outputs for some sounds and having them processed with different fx in your daw (especially delay and reverb).

    2. I like sound design with real hardware :)

    3. Automation: You definitely need a detailed overview of the recorded automation parameters for mixing issues. So i record each sound with different automation lanes in Logic Pro X which is pretty great, afterwards naming each region with the CC numbers i automated. It´s still a bit office work but is the best solution from song creation to mixing later because you have (visual) access to everything you recorded. For professional mixing you often find that some automated sounds need finetuning, or you need to change the amount of modulation fx in the TI2. So you definitely need the original midi tracks to adjust/record them again.

    Having reconsidered your application, the thing is, if you apply amp env via the matrix it does not "offset" the amp env already being applied if you apply negative amounts; it doubles the application of amp env and by what I understand the amp env takes precedence over the matrix amp env in the signal flow.

    It's not that sound design on the virus is generally difficult but your exact specific application may not be possible due to the inherent limitation of having a synth with a 95% fixed architecture... Judging by my other non-modular synths only, there is no way to completely bypass the amp env.

    I know it's not really the same, have you tried the Noise FM mode?

    NOISE FM ist a good idea.. I will try this to see what`s possible regarding construction of more complex snare sounds. Yes, the TI is really perfect for creating any sound, as is the synth hardware layout! Because of it`s wavetables and endless modulation capabilities i was surprised that my mentioned application might not be possible. :)

    You`re right. I experienced the same weird "sound" when applying ENV3/4 to NOISE Volume.... Yes, even in negative mode.... It´s even not possible to HOLD the NOISE with traditional sustain.... I don`t know what`s the reason why..

    I´m working on some complex snare drum sounds. So i need the FM section of OSC2 and different envelopes for OSCs and NOISE :)

    I didn´t expect this would be difficult on the TI2.

    The Amp Envelope is acts on the all Osc & Noise combined, but the Noise volume control is separated from Osc volume control. So you could keep the Amp Envelope open all the time and use LFOs or Envelopes 3/4 to control the Osc and Noise volume levels separately.

    Unfortunately there seems to be no way to send the Noise to its own separate filter. But if you just want to approximate simple LP or HP filter without resonance, you could use have an LFO or Env 3/4 to control the Noise Color.

    That´s a good idea. However, applying ENV3/4 or an LFO (EnvMode) to NOISE Volume seems to sound different. IMO it`s not shaping like a real envelope...

    I´m looking for a way to control the noise with a separate filter and amp envelope.

    In filter split mode it`s possible to send NOISE to filter two, but unfortunately i need a solution to process that signal differently from OSC2+FM, which seems not possible? Regarding volume control: LFOs (even in EnvMode) and ENV3/4 modulate only the overall NOISE volume. Any ideas?

    So true! I worked a lot with the Yamaha TG77 and Ableton Operator, but using pre-defined algorythms is totally different for me... I think Access should provide some videos as they implemented FM in their own special way. I like less parameters in the TI2, but they should provide some videos on certain sounds that show why to use certain FM settings, to understand FM in the TI2 in a better way.

    I´m searching for ( video ) tutorials, to learn more about the FM possibilities of the TI2... Especially how to use FM to achieve specific sounds. I know, possibilities are endless but it would be great to find some inspiration.

    I´m recently trying to program some of my Matrix 12V patches. As the Matrix has a special feature, assigning each voice to a different position within the stereo panorama, i wonder how can i get close to this with the Virus TI2.
    I tried some things with the given parameters in the mod matrix, but still not satisfied. I would love to have a random option when triggering each note, in addition a specific amount. Thanks for any tips! :)