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    Hey peeps,

    Just wanted to let you know about a small issue with Windows Updates. I am running Desktop TI2 in a dedicated USB PCI card, running Windows 10. No problems at all, but Windows then decided to install KB3140743 and hey presto, no more Virus connection. Nothing in my DAW (Cubase 7.5) and Virus Control couldn't find the OS version so thought it needed an update.

    Uninstalling the update through Control Panel has solved the problem. Just wanted to post so it'll help if anyone else has the problem...


    Ha ha, an argument for making the searching better IS that there are over 3000 sounds! It's also harder coz the name length is limited to what, 10 characters? Which makes the category even more important so it'd be really nice to improve this functionality...

    Or even expand the functionality of the text search to search across bank name as well as patch name. Then I could put Dave in the text field, Lead as my category, then it'd find all Leads in Dave... Not a euphamism :D

    muzikman2008 : Dave is my bank, not my category. If I hit the minus button whilst on my search results, it will go back to my last user bank but not show which ones are of category Lead...
    flabberbob : You got it. Yeah, it would be nice to select a user/system bank and have those that match the current category filter in bold or something. Then it'd be easy to see which patches in the chosen bank match your required category...

    Now I might be being really dumb here (it has been known), but I can't seem to find a way to browse certain categories within one bank.
    Say I have a patch bank called Dave. Within Dave, I want a lead sound, and I want it to come from Dave as I know it's an awesome bank. The only way I can see of doing this is selecting a sound, going to "common" to see what category it is, then switch back. Very time consuming. Filtering by category in the browser seems to filter across all of your banks.
    So if this isn't possible, can you stick it down as a feature request? Ta.

    Yeah I'd really like this too, maybe they could upgrade to USB2.0 or something? My workflow usually consists of any number of VSTi's being layered and then all sent into a group where I apply the FX across the whole batch. So it'd be nice to be able to send each of the Virus outputs to a separate channel, then group as needed in my DAW. At the moment I have to group in the Virus which is a pain but OK. But it does mean I can really only have three parts from the virus in my tune. Otherwise I'd have to start rendering and spending more time trying to get round problems rather than writing.

    I guess it's a nice to have feature. It would really speed up my workflow but I'm getting around it at the mo. When I first got ithe Virus, the fact it only had three stereo outputs really surprised me.