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    ok CC#11 is working !
    I don't know which parameter it controls exactly but it's work

    in fact when i made the test, i was just looking at this button Mute, without sound.

    I'll will test the sysEx to see if it's can work, will post it here.
    and for the right click : not working.

    U can map some buttons in ableton live, but this one is not accessible by here too.

    It's a regular bug that make crash my ableton maybe some other user as already a encountered
    when playing a loop, and just click on the search bar in the Access VST, ableton directly crash.

    It happened often

    i'd like to know if there a control change for the mute button in the VST (next to the part select).
    I'd like to midi map this button.

    the volume button can't be a solution (CC#7) because i'm sending some automation to this fader.

    Thanks you


    I'm agree with you for almost everything but i think you didn't red what i say

    I buy virus for exactly the same thing , huge sounds.........

    I don't care about the arp

    But when you have a big digital crush no it's not possible
    My speaker don't like them and my ears too...

    Too much problem,
    for me it was a lot month of economy to buy this gear

    And for the update I red a part of the forum, it seems that it took a long time to come....


    Problem of Sync
    Problem of Audio Crash (Digital Noise)
    Problem of Sync lost need to stop and start again
    Some Sound seems to do not want to be played with sequencer but with keyboard....
    Crash of the vst when browsing sounds
    Sometimes the VST don't send anymore sounds.

    Just problem - Lost of Time - Lost of Cash...


    I'm thinking of seilling my virus, after two months ...

    Thanks Marc for your Answer,
    but in the expression fairly different, means half a bar @145bpm,
    the only solution I found was to duplicate every part like : bass, lead, FX.... so a blank clip is loading with the program change for the next part (exactly what you suggested me) , not so bad, but still suprised by the latency of the program change, which is working perfectly with other VST...

    Best Charles-Zoltan

    I'm using live, with Virus VST, I have a problem when I switch bank between Two clips, the first notes don't take the change of bank selection, so the first notes still have the sound of the bank of the first clip :s
    which it's quiet a big problem for me, i'd like to use virus in live and this is not possible at this time.

    I do excatly the same thing with Massive NI, and it's work perfectly !!!!!

    My config is Virus TI2 VST, Motu Ultra Lite, Mac 2012, Abelton Live 8 ....Buffer is 256

    Where is the ZERO LATENCY ?????? :cursing:


    What can I do??

    Thank You For your Answer !!