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    Investigating these "ghosts" further I downloaded a MIDI Monitor app for Mac OSX and now I am checking with it what's happening with my Polar. You really notice when Virus generates ghost notes but this app revealed that in fact my Polar does lot more than that: it sends foot controller messages (even when there's no pedal connected!), breath controller messages (?!), bender messages and occationally also note on messages. And all this without touching it! In my setup virus is connected with standard midi cables to iConnect midi which is connected to my mac. At the moment I left it over a night to record all messages and let's see what we got in the morning. Of course there's a little chance that iConnect is generating these messages but seriously I don't see this possible. It all points to Virus. To me it's very strange that it can send foot controller stuff without pedal connected.

    I would really appreciate if those of you experiencing similar stuff could run MIDI Monitor (or any other app) tests with their units. Also, I wouldn't mind if someone with no issues would check his/her unit for comparison or for just in case. Remember that all those other things except ghost notes are much more difficult to notice. Without those ghost notes I would probably still be wondering why my Virus suddenly sounds different of behaves strangely.... Btw if you leave your Virus for longer period to record midi data with computer check that your computer won't go to sleep and shut off USBs cause this will stop the midi recording.

    One more thing I will do asap is to check what's happening when Virus is in "local off" mode.

    Anyway I really begin to feel frustrated with all these ghost issues. Maybe it's time to send my unit back to german...? I already contacted to Access support and let's see what they have to say. All this is really a hard for me cause Virus is a big part of my everyday musical work and almost all my live sounds need it. Being critical still I would not consider any other synth for replacing my Virus. Only thing I could think is to replace my polar with ti desktop + midi controller, if this is the only way to get rid of ghosts. Hopefully not.


    Remember my ghost notes issue?
    Ghost notes...

    Anyway today a new ghost appeared to me. Polar is my major midi-controller in my home studio and I was playing my other synth with it. Suddenly sound changed like I was hitting my foot controller to bottom. But guess what? There was NO foot pedal connected. This was so strange that I had to pick up my pedal to test it. And yes, it was this CC message which was changing the sound. When I connected the pedal and pressed it sound went to normal. Putting all this together, Virus is really the first synth which makes these things by its own: sending midi notes and CCs...

    Great suggestion!! Standalone VC to edit presets and have all these librarian features. Now when I am using Virus in Logic with old fashioned midi way, all this (editing and libraries) is not for usefully available for me. So please Access, don't think we are doing wrong when there are some of us (probably quite many) giving up with TI at its current state...

    Just came home from a gig which was great and I did have great time with my Virus. Well until the last song: it was encore and band leader decided to give me a solo and band stopped playing. Guess what happened? Terrible hanging note(s) which disturbed the whole solo and once again I had to try cut them with panic button. Panic is a right word to describe my feelings. As said many many times these occational ghost notes aren't maybe that painful at home studio but in front of the audience they are horrible. Occational wrong notes are ok, they're your own fault but professional instrument should not be like this.

    Did I tell you that I made a special silent "break" presets to all my synths which I try to remember to choose every time I go to break between sets (to make sure that if there are ghosts, at least they are silent ones)...

    Marc or anybody from Access: still no idea what is wrong here? You probable have had few Viruses over the years, but none of them had ghosts?


    I must say last week I had my first ghost note at home. So that broke the mystery why they seem to appear only on stage when damage is maximal. Well they don't. Anyway I have chosen to tolerate this issue (and few others) for few reasons: virus sounds so great and unique that I simply cannot think anything to replace it. Also my Polar keyboard is great as a midi controller. And last, fortunately ghost notes happen so rarely.

    But reading this thread and seeing it alive, I cannot believe Access' response that it's just a minor malfunction of some individual units. I remember reading some similar issues as early as 2011 posts. If it's a hardware weakness or anything, it has been there quite a long time. Also, I am sure that there lot of users to whom this isn't very big thing. If I wasn't performing musician I probably wouldn't complain about this. For a studio producer things like TI problems are much more critical.

    It's very hard to believe that Access has no idea what is going on. If it's like that have they tried enough? For me it's just not possible to send my unit to germany for hoping those ghost notes to appear some day for Access analyse...

    I am afraid there's little more than having 1 osc and tweaking filter. As I said, I am sure they found something new (idea or technic) at that time, on Man Machine album where they used this kind sound at least on 3 tracks. You don't hear it on earlier Kraftwerk records..

    The Robots bass has a special, percussive crispy attack...


    Title says it all: is it possible to get The Robots bass sound from Virus TI? Anybody willing to try?

    Krafwerk introduced this type of sound on Man Machine album and of course The Robots is the most famous example but you can hear very similar in Spacelab too.

    Anyway those of you having better ears and better sound design skills, can you give any hint what are the basic elements of this sound?


    ...There are quite many synths which can play iOS synths just with usb cable and camera adapter. I have Microkorg XL and Nord Stage, both do it well. BUT: there aren't that many synths which can do iOS audio, I suppose. Or audio + midi. I don't know any. I am pretty sure that this ain't number one in Access development plan, but maybe they should take a note here. IMO Virus would be much more interesting product for us having iDevices. For example, with few euros you could buy iMini app (or any other) put it to channel 16, Midi-teach this app to react to Virus knobs, then put mute this part in Virus multi and voila': you have Minimoog inside your Virus alongside its own great presets. All this with one usb cable and camera adapter!

    Of course it's possible now to do with old fashioned way: using some midi-usb-iPad device and audio cables (from iPads headphones output to Virus' audio ins), but all this feels so much complicated. I believe that Virus can do both with usb in principal, right?

    Am I onlyone seeing this as great modern improvement in Virus functionality?

    Hi flabberbob,

    Too bad, cause I was just hoping that Virus could handle both, audio and midi. It would have been just amazingly simple and powerful with iPad. In fact I use iPad all the time with Virus (and other synths) with iConnect MIDI which is amazing little box. And it will be still even better when they release its next version. This forthcoming midibox can in fact route also audio from iDevices.


    Have someone succeeded to play iPad with Virus usb-midi? I resently purchased Arturia iMini (Moog) emulation and today I tried to play it with my Virus Ti2 Polar. I plugged usb-cable to Virus and then with camera connection kit adapter to iPad. To my surprise iPad took Virus for its sound output (or external sound card): everything - iMini, Spotify, Sound Cloud etc. - came out from Virus. This was kind of a nice surprise. But then I realized that iMini did not recognize Virus usb-midi which was my first idea - to play iPad with usb-midi. In iMinis midi menu there was not option for choosing Virus as midi source.

    Afterwards I did some comparative testing with my Mac Book which has same (or close) Mini V emulation. Pluggin Virus to Mac Books usb port makes it possible to make Virus both Sound Card and MIDI device. Or at least it should be like that, right? In Mini V's menus I choosed Virus as sound card and MIDI source but I generated crash. Same thing happened with other standalone synths like Pianoteq too. So something is not right there...

    To sum it, I could not make my Virus to be both sound card and MIDI device. IPad did not recognize midi at all and Mac Book's apps crashed.

    Any ideas or comments?

    P.S. This was mainly just an intellectual experiment. But anyway there are lot potentiality if you could basically so easily (with just usb) integrated Virus and iPad together...

    I just came back from a gig with my Virus, no any kind of trouble with it. I am happy with that. Anyway what I've learned to do is take down volumy from both my Virus and also from Nord Stage which is midi-connected to Virus, when I leave the stage for break. As said earlier, Virus have even generated midi ghost notes to my Nord. I don't risk anymore those terrible ghost notes from big sound system when I am not there.

    Btw I am not having metal to metal setup when I am on the stage. Virus is the upper keyboard, it's tilted but there are also big enough rubber contacts which touch Virus' bottom. On the other hand, those ghost notes happen not so often... This is a rare thing but very serious, at least for those of us who do gigs. Access should really try to find out what's going on. And this ghost notes issue isn't very new, I just read about someone complaining about same thing in post on 2011. All this been said, Virus did a great job again on the gig. It sounds SO amazing. Also, same day I used in the studio for commercial music. It's a tool which I use all the time.

    Very interesting and something which makes sense to me... Access should take a note here and see if they can reproduce or confirm this idea.

    namahshaman & flabberbob

    I have thought about stage situation - what are the main differences compared to situation at home? I wasn't kidding when I said that I have never had "ghost notes" at home and Virus have been left on for hours. Like namahshaman, I have Virus above my Nord Stage and it has been tilted a little. Also, there are perhaps some vibrations and movements that aren't there at home: when I play on stage keyboard stand moves a little, at home it's on the table. Also, there's more sound coming from stage in general. And when left alone for a break, this sound system is playing background music.

    Could Virus be more vulnerable to this kind of things? Definetily it should not, if it's for live players like they promote it. I am sure that there are (lot?) more users who have these issues but because they aren't so usual they ingnore or just tolarate them. I can also see that this isn't very new one. For example, just read a first post from this thread from 2011:


    We just had a long thread about "ghost notes" - Virus occationally triggering sounds without touching it. Also, I have experienced strange bender behavior, hanging notes, problems with "total integration". And I have brand new Polar Ti2. In my Logic setup Virus is VERY far from total integration, in fact I use it via old fashioned MIDI. I really got frustrated to try and try to make work with usb-TI, sometimes it was quite Ok and then suddenly everything went crazy.

    So what can I say, welcome to Virus world. Great sounds but be prepared to have problems. Access team has told me to send my unit back, but I have hesitated for few reasons: first, these problems seem to be very typical, quite many seem to have them. Maybe they are bugs or unwanted "features"? Secondly, they don't happen (fortunately!!!) very often. This makes diagnostics very difficult. It's very possible, that if Access gets my unit there they won't experience any of my problems. As said earlier, it's Murphy's law that they tend to happen on stage, when damage is maximal... And thirdly and most importantly, I use my Virus every day, I don't want to have weeks or months interruption to my work.

    So this being my case, I just tolerate these issues at the moment. I still have lot of warranty left. Let's see if those problems still exist or get worse...

    All this been said, I love my Virus sound and keyboard too. It's one of my favorite tools. I just wish it would be little more stable.

    as i said before, i wasn't able to create a ghost note when leaving the polar on for a night but that doesn't mean a lot. as for the knobs: if those send values on their own you should consider servicing your virus. if the pedal sends values without touching it is likely that the pedal has a problem. please understand that telediagnosis will not proof reliable in this case.
    best, marc

    Yes, I very well understand the diagnostics problem here. I have had a synth with knobs sending values without touching them and it needed repair. Also, it's very typical that pedal (especially when left somewhere in the middle) can send values or jump here and there around this point. These two are quite typical cases which clearly point to hardware problematic.

    But my question was that is it likely that we (5 or more users here) are having hardware problem here? Physically keys are very different to encoders or potentiometers. With keys you need much more power/physical movement to make them react. I don't know the Virus construction here; is it in principal possible to get note on message without key going down? Some technical expert can maybe answer that. As said earlier, I have never experienced anything like that in 20 years with synths.

    My problem with my brand new Virus TI2 Polar is that I have some strange problems (bender going crazy and now ghost notes) which happen very seldom and it's far from clear what is problem here. I am using Virus weekly in my work and I would like be to sure have a real hardware problems before I am going to send it to away for possible months or so. Problem is of course that can they (Access) experience this problem at all if they get my unit there? Or is it perhaps something that exists there with all the Viruses, kind of an rare unwanted hardware feature...?

    Reading these posts I'd say that at least 4-5 users are having something close to my "ghost notes" issue. What is probably the most crucial question here: are we having hardware or firmware issue here? I know that sometimes faulty knobs can send values on their own. For example my control pedal can send some values without touching it if it's somewhere between highest or lowest point. But can keys do the same in principal? Maybe Marc can estimate this possibility... My Polar is just few months old.

    flabberbob : In those circumstances where it happened there was no significally more sound vibrations or radio interference, or at least I think so...

    Wait a minute, I remember one more thing which might give some more light to this issue:
    Once when it happened, it was not Virus itself sounding but my Nord instead. In that case, in Virus I was having "a control patch" which is in fact itself silent (= part is off in multimode) but controlling Nord organ instead via Midi (through iConnect). Btw this is what I do also with my Virus: I occationally play Nord organ / synth with Polar. So this is a real MIDI issue: Virus can somehow generate midi note-on messages and these messages also come out from its Midi-outs. Very strange...

    I wish I could give you anything but I can't. My Polar was yesterday running alone (at home) about 4 hours with same patch and same setup which was there last time on stage when IT happened. 4 hours and nothing. "Ghost notes" is a good term to aply here: they happen only when there's maximal damage ;) And they don't appear when you'd like to learn from them.

    Few more things to add: on stage Virus isn't connected to any computer. Only connection is iConnect MIDI router which connects Virus to my Nord Stagepiano. Also, Virus is connected to it with standard MIDI cables, so no USB midi here. I am using multi mode.