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    I can only tell you that fortunately it's not very often. I do 1-3 gigs per week with Virus and it happens perhaps in one gig in three or something like that. In fact I don't know if this general "hanging notes" issue is related to "ghost notes" issue. Former happens when you play Virus. Both of them are quite rare. My gigs are mostly about four hours long with Virus powered on. Not everytime happens this kind of things. And as said earlier, strangely it hasn't happened in my home.. (Although in Logic quite many strange issues have been there, but this is another story...)

    I am having OS 5.01.05. What do you think, should I go to newest one 5.0.3? Idea of going back to OS4 seems little frustrating cause some of my on-stage-presets use new features of OS5...

    Thanks all to your replies. I am not alone obviously...

    IMO Access should really take this seriously. I've played synths and keyboards for more than 20 years and this is the first synth doing it: randomly triggering notes. Virus - now the best synth of the year 2013 - is promoted as great tool for a live player. If it really is what it is said, this kind of issues just can't be there. Imagine a gig setup with huge stage and huge sound system and suddenly it starts...

    Ok, now the solution is to always remember to take down the main volume when you go to break after your set. And when playing your music always be prepared to play "panic" whenever you encounter these hanging notes... Not very nice for someone who would just want to put his/her energy to perform music?


    I am a live keyboard player using Virus on stage. I have had issues with bender etc. but this is the newest one:

    Virus seems to sometimes generate some hanging notes even without anybody touching it. Now it was second time when me and my bandmates were having break at the back stage when somebody from the crowd came to us to say that "there's some strange noise comig from your sound system." I realized immediately that it's my Virus again. Somehow it had generated some notes... VERY annoying thing to happen.

    What is strange that it has never happened at my home when Virus has been on a long time alone and the setup is same which I use on stage...

    Anybody have had these "ghost notes"?

    On stage I have Nord Stage 2 and Virus TI2 Polar connected to iConnectMIDI which is controlled by iPhone.

    I can see that many people would like the have more power to the bass sounds etc...

    My personal view is that good compressor would help in many cases. In fact I've recently been experimenting putting my two very different synths together: Virus Ti2 and Arturia Origin. These two complement nicely each other and strengthen each others weaknesses. What I've done, is to put Virus into Origin's audio-ins and give it some effects (and yes, compressor is the main one) and mix them together. I can tell you that this pair gives you for example supersaw-type leads that would make Lady Gaga jealous ;) Origin has kind of aggressive analog presence which is lacking in Virus. On the other hand, as we all know Virus has huge amount of polyphony, quality effects, and all its specialities which I don't get from Origin.

    Still waiting for an answer from Access support...

    They kindly ask us to contact them whenever we have problems, but how long normally does it take for them to answer? There was of course all these holiday times between and I did not expect anything to happen at that time.

    ( flabberbob: yes, I checked my spam folder)

    About my bender problem:

    "Bender goin crazy"-issue happens also outside DAW and now it seems that it happens also even without usb-connection to computer. It does not happen all the time so I have wait to see it happen. But when it does, only thing to fix it it resetting.

    I contacted to support but no any answer yet how to proceed. I really hope that Access will give me some idea, if this is hardware issue or more likely OS-bug. In former case I have to start to think sending it back.

    Whole thing with my brand new Polar starts to became more and more frustrating. Great sound but problems problems problems...

    (And reading this forum makes me see that I am not the onlyone. Come on, this was voted for best synth of the year!)


    By "latching" do you mean that you have hanging notes issue? And to be precise, how does your bender misbehave? Is it like mine which gets crazy just upwards and resetting helps for a while? And do you have this issue in Logic / other DAW or even without usb-connection to computer. These might help us to define the problem; is it OS or hardware related? Does it need Logic to happen?



    While doing my newest project with Virus (OS5) and Logic this problem has been there few times:

    For some reason Polar keyboard seems gets crazy with upper bender range. Suddenly I can notice that bender does not reach the highest value when turning it up. For example, if preset has +12 bender range up Polar gets somewhere near 10 semitones. Downwards it seems to be ok. My first idea was that my brand new Polar is having hardware problem with bender. But now I am not sure anymore: resetting Polar makes it ok again and it can work well quite long. Also, I haven't noticed any problem when I use it as just synth without DAW connection. It can be there still, cause I don't use bender very much. Anyway at least it seems that bender can't be totally broken cause resetting Virus helps...

    Btw with this project, I did not bother trying to use TI-plugin because of those latency and synchronizing problems. So this time I am using Virus via USB midi.

    Anybody having anything similar or having any idea what might be the problem here?

    P.S. I must say that I am beginning to feel quite disappointed with my first Virus. I wasn't expecting it to be perfect in everything but now there are too many problems here and there: spdif problematic, occational hanging notes, latency and sync issues and now this bender. Am I having a bad unit or is it like this?

    You won't overcome latency and the other problems with a dedicated card I'm afraid. I've gone back to midi/audio cables and that's about as solid as it can get.


    Does this mean that you don't use TI-plugin at all? If so, this means that there quite many (?) users using their Virus like any other synth. This should be a quite serious signal for Access developers: Total Integration isn't so total after all, if just some users can take benefit from it. Personally I am starting a new project and maybe I'll do the same: give up TI and use Virus via midi. (I have had issues with OS5 with Logic and latency is one big problem. Other thing is that TI has crashed Logic quite many times.) Or then I will give it one another chance...?

    So TI is a nice idea, but is it "just an idea" at the moment?

    Very good and welcomed idea! Editor and librarian too.

    I think that quite many of us allready have iPads (myself included) and trend is increasing.

    I would happily put some money to have it, if necessary..

    P.S. It's easy to think some other possibilities to develope new iTI even further. This iEditor might have kind of setlist functions: pressing some song on the list you would have special multipreset (stored in the iPad, not in the Virus internal memory). Or it might even have stepsequencer which is missing in Virus itself. In one word, iPad integration would add great new features to this great synth and bring it to 2010s...!


    I am not sure if I understand what you mean...? My quantized test track (playing simple 1/4s) plays well and in sync to Logic-click, if I playback it with any other software plugin.

    Also, if I play same track with Virus "normal way" (without TI-plugin, sending MIDI-data via USB to Virus) everything plays well. So somehow in my setup TI (OS5?) gives me 80ms latency. Also, TI have crashed Logic pro 9 many times.

    Thanks guys for clarifying some very basic things!

    I am a newbie here, but I think I am a quite fast learner.

    Now, about audio outs:

    As UltimateOutsider supposed, I was using USB1 L+R setup. And this gave me both (a) latency feeling (when you press a key you hear it delayed) and also (b) very much delayed playback compared to Logic's click. As said earlier, in this (b) case my test pattern 4x1/4 bass drum was quantized. Now I understand little bit better what's happening: Virus is routed via USB to whatever soundcard I am using.

    But then I tested the other option. I changed my bass drum to Virus' analog outs OUT1 L+R. What happens? This gets rid of latency (a); playing feels very immediate. This is good improvement. But strangely, latency (b), playback against Logic click, is very very delayed. If we speak about milliseconds, when I give Virus -90.0 ms correction then we are close to Logic's click.

    Conclusion: this playback latency (b) seems to be very much same, no matter if you use analog or USB-outs setup.


    i guess you're using the analog outs instead of the USB outs?

    What does this exatcly mean? I've tried to use either Virus as my Output Device in Logic > Preferences > Devices OR my Motu Soundcard. Both options work similarly: Virus is 1/24 delayed compared to Logic metronome (or any other plugin sound).

    I must confes, I don't understand what means to "use USB outs" (instead of analog outs)...? If I choose Virus as my Output Device and then Virus is USB-soundcard, isn't it correct to listen to it via its stereo outputs, right? Or is there something very basic thing missing in my setup?

    Just to clarify amount of my latency, here's a little test:

    First, I took out all the other USB-devices to eliminate any USB problems.

    - opened Logic and made Virus TI track with bass drum sound.
    - I recorded four 1/4-beats to bar. Then I quantized and looped it.
    - Now when I put on Logic's own metronome which also plays 1/4s I can REALLY hear that Virus beat is very much delayed compared to this click.
    - Then when I add some negative delay to Virus bass drum track I can hear that I need -1/24 delay to make them sound together. ISN'T THIS QUITE A LOT??

    To compare things to another plugin, this is what I did:
    I added a track with Arturia Spark drum machine and made exactly same 1/4-bassdrum pattern
    - no hearable delay between it and Logic-click. Well, this is what was supposed to happen: both click and Spark are similar soft synth plugins.

    Any idea, what's going on? Is it new OS5 or what?


    Reading this forum makes me think that timing or latency is the most typical problem people have with Virus. For me it's little suprising cause I'd suppose that hardware engine would release us from latency issues. As stated elsewhere, personally I am mostly live player and just occational DAW user, so these aren't the most crusial problems for myself. Still, when I have tried my TI2 Polar (Beta OS5) with Logic I have noticed that there's latency which is very noticeable. (And yes, I have tried those "Right audio preferences: Logic" -instructions). In fact Virus seems to be 1/32 note delayed compared to plugin synths like Arturia Spark. So for example, if I want to use those together I have to put Virus 1/32 note earlier than computer based plugins. Quite amazing, or am I really missing something relevant here? Maybe I have to mention that this is my first Virus ever, so I am a newbie with it, but quite pro with synths and computers in general... Is it new OS5 or what? Have you managed to work with TI2 without any latency in Logic or has it been like this? And I am talking about very different Virus when you play it "standalone" or in Logic. In latter case you really feel latenced or delayed response...?!

    About "stuck notes":

    I have had some stuck notes with my TI2 Polar with just playing it. Virus isn't connected to anything (neither with USB nor MIDI). I am a live player mostly, so this is very annoying problem (and in fact the only real serious problem I have with Virus. Other minor ones I can tolerate in not-perfect world). It's not happening very often but often enough. I have new beta OS5, is it something which comes from it?

    Anybody else having this? How about other live players here?

    One thing to mention: I use multi-mode when playing live...

    EDIT: I have had "stuck notes" maybe once in 3 hour gig but this one time is enough and very embarrassing. It's something which simply isn't acceptable. I try to make my living by playing...

    Hi everybody!

    Am I only one with this kind of problem:

    I've made a nice (single) preset in multimode and I would like to save it as single preset. And I don't know if it's even possible...? It's nice that those multi preset parts are independent of single presets, but it would be nice that you could also trade them this direction also.

    Those of us who do gigs know very well that easier setup is always much much better on stage. Extra hardware needs extra stands/rack, cables, carrying cases etc.

    But even more important, you want to have some amount compression to one preset and some amount to other. And then change fast between these two or play them simultaneusly layered. This cannot be done (easily) with any hardware compressor for sure!