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    I know compressor has been here asked before. Also I am aware that many users would prefer other things, cause they use compressor plugins in their DAW productions. But for mainly live player like myself, lack of compressor is quite big weakness. In fact, I never even thought about this before purchase. All my other synths have it.

    Virus has great features to make killer sounds, but many of them would benefit from extra punch from compressor. I have allready been forced to sample few of my Virus sounds and import them into my Nord Stage and take compressor from it. Of course this is a big compromise.

    Hi everybody and greeting from Finland!

    As my first post, I'd like to share few of my first impressions of my first Virus ever. I have spent my first two weeks with my brand new TI2 polar. I like it very much and I am sure that this synth can inspire me for years. It looks great, it feels great and overal buid quality is great. It has its own personal sound and it certainly has a place in my palette. I also have Arturia Origin, Korg Radias & Microkorg XL, Novation ultranova, Nord Piano & Stage2 and plenty of soft running in my mac.

    Now, few problems too. I have had two gigs with Polar (runnig beta OS5) and on both I had "hanging notes" which I needed to cut with panic button. This happened just once per gig but still quite embarassing and something which I would not expect from a hardware synth. Also, I noticed that when I tried to sync Virus to external midi clock, changing presets gets VERY slow. In fact so slow that it cannot be used on stage. One more thing which was quite surprising to me and I never even thought about it before my purchase: Virus does not have a compressor(s). Of course many of users take this from plugin etc. but a live stage player like myself this is very much wanted feature. In fact in my Origin almost all my presets (solo sounds especially) have some amount of compression.

    But all this been said, I see great future with my Virus!

    Turku, Finland