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    do you know if the Quicco Sound mi.1 is compatible with the Virus or your app? I have a Virus TI.2 61-key and would like to use it to send midi on an iPhone I have. I was able to trigger the piano in GarageBand for iOS from a Kronos that had the Quicco Sound mi.1 plugged into its MIDI ports. When I plugged the mi.1 into the MIDI ports on the Virus, the Quicco Sound "Piano Jukebox" app was able to connect to it, but the virus wouldn't send any midi out.

    every 30-45 minutes or so, my virus will send out a low C (2 oct below middle C in a piano) via midi. it's very strange. I'd been watching via MIDI to figure out who was sending the note-on message without a note-off. Also, sometimes the unit's modwheel doesn't get calibrated during boot, and the output range is somethin' like 40-120. it's very strange. no firmware or software updates have cured it so far. my only work-around is to boot the machine with the modwheel all the way up.

    man, that virus has some quirky bugs.

    just wanna say that this problem has returned. I'm monitoring the midi input with a program called MIDI Monitor. the only solution i've found is to make sure the mod wheel is all the way up (127) when i boot the unit up. if I don't do that, the after about 30 minutes or so, it'll start randomly sending CC1 messages with a value of about 60, and the mod wheel's range of values is from 60-127 over roughly a 30deg sweep. Possibly a bad potentiometer on the modwheel assembly?

    I seem to have stumbled on a bug regarding CC1. My modwheel stops transmitting values between 0 and roughly 33 or so. I thought I might have a faulty mod wheel, so I went into Remote mode, and programmed a softknob to send CC1. The soft knob also doesn't transmit from 0-33. This seemed like a bug, so I programmed a bunch of other knobs in remote mode to also send CC1, and they all responded the same way: no transmission of values between 0 and ~33 for CC1. So, there must be a bug in the OS that prevents it from sending CC1 between 0 and 35 or so. Programming the knobs to send any other CC message results in the full range being used.

    Any other users care to verify this?

    I made a video about this:

    This is a stupid bug. they should've updated it by now.

    here's the problem:

    3 0x00007fff8703c866 GetAudioDeviceDescriptions + 902
    4 0x00007fff8703d520 GetAudioDeviceList + 224
    5 0x00007fff87001f58 +[VideoConferenceController microphoneList] + 24

    There's a solution posted here for how to properly query audio devices for capabilities:…t-a-list-of-input-devices

    If you google for, there are reports of people having this same problem when they use Bluetooth headsets too, so the issue might be on apple's end. Regardless, this bug shouldn't be around after over a year of knowing about it.

    So, i'm sure everyone on OSX knows about this bug when they've tried to use iChat or Skype while the Virus is connected via USB. So, when can we see an update that addresses this? if the Virus is my only controller, how am I supposed trigger sounds in my sample libraries? Can we get a petition going among the users on OSX to get the developers to address this bug? it should be a simple fix, getting the driver to return an empty array when queried for how many microphones the device has.

    In remote control mode, we can currently only use knobs to send CC data. It would be AMAZING if we could use the buttons as toggles. and here's my scenario for why:

    I have a StudioLogic VMK-61 midi controller. the buttons are all user-programmable, so I have the transport controls programmed to send some midi CC messages:

    << sends CC115 at a value of 255 (rewind)
    >> sends CC116 at a value of 255 (forward)
    > sends CC118 at a value of 255 (play)
    [] sends CC119 at a value of 255 (stop)

    I have logic set up in key commands to respond to these midi CC messages accordingly, via the 'assignments' area in the Key Commands window.

    For a long time, my virus wasn't set up in my studio for easy access. Simply put, i wasn't doing any work that required it. Since then, i have moved it into position as my primary controller. however, my workflow is such that I miss being able to use the Button Toggles that I have set up on the VMK-61! I do a lot of scoring and arranging in a program other than logic, but i still need to be able to remotely control logic's transport when i'm in the other program. It's just easier to press those buttons than it is to switch from Finale into Logic and press the < or > keys and then the space bar to play the sequence.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE implement this!!!

    I only need three buttons, for Forward, Rewind, Play/Stop.

    *edited title, just realized it said "remove" instead of "remote" :-P

    I stumbled on a bug that i need some folks to verify, but it's pretty specific to the hardware i'm using. This is for Logic Pro 9.1.8

    I'm using an Apogee Symphony I/O, and also an Access Virus (two USB interfaces, basically).

    A) Load up a song in logic, and make sure it's playing.
    B) While the song is playing, instantiate the Access Virus plugin.
    C) Logic will prompt you, saying it found a new device "Virus TI", do you wish to use it?

    at this point, it appears that everything connected to the USB hubs stops responding. the keyboards, etc.. Spinning wheel of death occurs. I can switch applications by clicking on them (I have two LCDs, and use the trackpad which is bluetooth). however, I cannot enter text, or click on any dialog boxes (for example, clicking "yes/no" in that "do you wish to use it" box in logic. I also cannot cmd-tab between applications. The song continues to play just fine.

    I had to hold the power button down to force the computer to shut down. I'm gonna post this on the Virus TI forum as well, but because it was related to logic detecting a new hardware device for use with I/O, i figured it was relevant to all Logic users that use a USB converter of some type. Meaning, anyone who has more than one USB interface (say, a Motu Ultralite and an Apogee Mic). So, try playing a project through your default interface, then connect some other USB interface and see what logic does while the song is playing.

    the importance of an audio interface is in the choices you make while listening to whatever you're working on. If you are listening through a cheap system that doesn't accurately represent sound, you'll make choices that won't translate well onto most listening systems. This is why pro studios have $4,000+ of converters, $2,000+ of monitors, and who knows how much tied into room treatment. The more accurately you can hear, the more efficiently you can produce.

    if the protocol defining how the virus transmits over USB were publicly available, i'm sure someone would have developed an app by now. If the virus audio card shows up as a class compliant USB audio device, the MIDI portion of it might not be class compliant. Best course of action is to find an app that'll display all packet data coming in from a port, and see what the virus transmits whenever you press a key or move a knob/wheel.

    Howdy. I have a little spot in my apartment that I work out of. I'm pretty proud of the racks, because i built them all myself! they're a bunch of DIY kits i was able to get before the designers made them no longer available as DIY kits; only as fully assembled modules

    [Blocked Image:]

    My virus is currently a clothes stand lol

    [Blocked Image:]

    Normally, the keyboard sits right in front of the racks and everything is right at my fingertips!