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    Im having an issue... I currently have on the Virus control
    Ch1 USB1
    Ch2 Output 1 l/r
    ch3 Output 2 l/r

    In Ableton (8) i have a midi track that sends to an audio track where i drop live effects in.

    However every time I try to record automation on Ch2 in live it records it over ch1. I feel like im missing something obvious but im missing it nonetheless...

    when i record automation (im doing it in session mode "live" fiddling knobs as i record) it ONLY seems to record the movements in the USB ch1.

    And i can't do it by hand cause while channel 1 strip in ableton shows the VIRUS as midi control source, on Midi Channel #2 i dont see any virus options. I m thinking if i go and pull the midi CC lis of the virus i could do it via Midi CC... The right click "Add to automation lane" on different channels is what i want though.

    here is a screenshot of my routing

    [Blocked Image:]

    Well i have now received my imac and have not set it up yet. The new imacs have no firewire ports. Apple offers a Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter; However i just learned that the thunderbolt bus power is very low and cannot power Bus Powered devices. I have a Motu UltraLite that will now need to be run via power adapter, which i dont have so thats $30 including shipping from Motu. Plus $30 for the apple adapter.


    I'll report how Ableton is working out...

    i REALLY appreciate that last reply, that makes total sense and i was not aware of the system profiler thing thanks for the headsup!

    This is a HW issue that cannot be bypassed by SW. It is described in detail in the setup manual that came with your installation.

    Actually they usually have more than one which is why there is still hope - connect everything so that the Virus has a dedicated internal hub and everything else shares the other hub. Use the system profiler utility to see what you have on hand.

    Hello, i have a new Virus TI2 polar and as such im Just now reading up on some of the issues these machines can present.... i have a27 inch iMac 2.8 ghz i5 running Ableton Live 8. I have had my virus just sound like TOTAL DONG while going thru the patches, the best way i can describe is slight distortions and feed backs with strange modulations going on, almost sounds like the synth has received a bunch of midi signals that turned down a bunch of amp knobs . I know this is a real crap description lol, but on some patches it subtle enough to almost not notice, where my reaction might just be like "That patch sucks, next".

    Yesterday i downloaded the Charlie May soundset, and realized the issue (although i cannot always duplicate it) seems to be when the live sequencer starts. Playing a nice C chord , big breathy pad; Ok Ready to record Hit the C chord and now it sounds like a no sustain low decayed lfo struggling garbage.

    So read up on the forums a bit and see that these imacs have an internal usb hub (im not sure if thats the right terminology) and unplugged everything from my imac except the virus, restarted live and it seems that fixed it. I wont say NOW IT WORKS PERFECTLY because i just have no used it enough like this to say that there are no problems, but im wondering is this the way it is? I have an Akai Apc 40 and a USB midi port that have to run alongside the virus. Do these powered USBs help the issue?

    I ask because i did notice that the vast majority of the posts were on older versions of the OS plug in.

    Also im about to upgrade to one of the new 27 inch imacs.... those are all usb 3.0 ports i believe. Am i setting myself up for trouble? I just paid $2500 for a new ti2 polar, i really never expected to run with issues like this on such pricey synth :(

    Please any advice would be appreciated

    Hi all, i apologize for making a first post and never replying to you guys who took the time to answer / help, however it seems my notification settings are not on so im just reading now.

    So, thanks :)

    I've now had the virus for about two weeks , i know my way around it pretty well although obviously will be a while before i can program it the way i want to.

    Not clear about one thing... What does 3 stereo pairs over USB mean? I would assume it means that it bypasses the sound card and shows up in the sequencer as virus 1L1R 2L 2R 3L3R or something similar?
    I have not had a chance to check flabberbobs explanation in live but will sure check it out

    Can someone elaborate? thanks!

    Also any patch creation tutorials out there that are worth checking out? (virus specific not general synthesis)

    Thanks and Happy New Year, will make a point to start checking out these forums they seem a bit slow but probably good info :)

    Hello all, first post... Got myself a Virus for Xmas, and im pleased although also little put off by it , hoping that goes away as i familiarize myself with it. I have a nordlead 2 and a korg prophecy for many years, so im not really new to synthesis, but this thing has A LOT of parameters. lol

    Using it in ableton Live 8. I wish there was a way to split the 16 sounds on individual channels and process them in live individually. I am able to make midi channels but the audio triggers out only from the Control strip so any processing affects all virus channels. Any tips on this? I suspect there might be a way around this by using some of the 3 outputs , however my soundcard is out of inputs so im screwed unless i want to remove some other gear..

    Anyway, about to start watching the bootcamp videos and see if they give me a little insight. Also , i didnt get a reference manual in my box, only the quick start book... what s up with that? ! wondering if i were supposed to have a physical manual...

    Anyway any tips as far as getting to know this synth inside out, as i plan to , would be appreciated :)