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    So the MISC controller are like free controller which i choose as a reference controller to assign for example from softknob to misc controller to mod matrix or any other possible way?

    did i geht it right now?

    Hallo zusammen,

    Im Anhang seht Ihr eine Auflistung. Wofür steht MISC controller? Sind das quasi freie controller die man manuell zuordnen muss? Und wenn ja wie geht das?



    Hello everyone

    You can see a list in the appendix. What does MISC controller stand for? Are these quasi free controllers that you have to assign manually? And if yes, how does it work?

    Hey there,

    I want to use in Ableton the MIDI control controllers i have a List where its written which controller (number) controls which parameter. But if I draw something it doesn't work as expected.

    I've read something about MIDI LEARN. Maybe I don't know what that is? Or where could be the Problem?

    I need a quick overview Help please

    Greetz from snowing Switzerland:*

    Hi there, u speak German as well?

    Actually I am thinking about the same issues and already start working for some Code for it, but not so advance so far, although I know what it takes I need also first of all get back comfortable with C++ to implement these thoughts.

    There exist few plug-ins or software in general which do some work to that. But more to start understanding whats going on. These are not that good for a direct implementation inside your Production.

    It is a quite technical topic and there are limitations as you mentioned since we work with electronic devices for music and the computer need to calculate for us.

    For now first check in the VIRUS TI Config at Global Tuning you can change the Pure Tuning from Tempered - > 2 - 126 - > Pure.

    The description in the Manual is not that helpful unless you really understand the Topic.

    So I decided to ask for Support. The answer wasn't helping at all. Although it gave me some hints.

    The Support answered that it changes only in connection with the Chord function.

    I am getting more and more close to understand what he mean with that but its hard to describe now quickly in words.


    Hey everybody

    So i work now for i think 5 months everyday with my VIRUS TI Polar and all in all i'm very happy.
    There are now just 3 things that i can't understand and now they are very disturbing both came's when i fresh started up my virus and logic pro9 its something like the virus doesn't starts right up.

    1. when i open a project doesn't matter a new one or a consisting project and i tip any note on the piano it just came's a very loud big noisy synth, on every preset.

    2. also when i start up blablablablaa.. the virus gives a little crunch every second, the hole time i see it on the mixer that virus gives that little crunch out.

    3. sometimes virus have also a sync error what i also don't understand.

    if it happens like 1. 2. or 3. i restart the virus and logic pro9. i look always that i first start the virus completely and then start logic pro.

    what i also realized is that if one of the problems happens, and i try to open an other project and do not restart the virus the problem is always there. so that seems to me like the problem is in the virus.

    i put my settings normally like access it prefer.

    puffersize 128

    cycle 96/1

    i have this sound card:…-saffire-6-usb-640-80.jpg

    and the high end macbook pro retina 15" work with the 27" thunderbolt display.

    i dont really know and understand much about the settings in logic but i never changed anything there just some points that access prefer in the user manual i think so.
    i also think about to send the virus in garanty that they can check everything because i love my virus but he was also very expensiv and now i have also garanty.

    i would be very happy if anybody have a good idea for me :)

    greetz kevin

    yes its voice stealing. : )
    a short time later i read it in the manual, and all make sense now. i think the hiss is also from the overloading now it works fine.
    im very happy with the VIRUS its awesome, but im sad because of these voice stealing effect, with software synthies like massiv or other you dont have this problem. and also i think its really sad that you only can add 2 aux channels (USB2, USB3) for separately channel function or how i should say ;) my english isn't the best.

    By the way, also a problem for me at the moment is side chaining. i use logic and the side chain window on the left top in the virus plugin works that only with a compressor as hardware? is there an easy way to side chain my sounds with this window there? or must i use the compressor for all 16 channels, also i have the 2 aux channel yes but i think you would get much out of your work with more, is there a way?

    And a second maybe stupid question ^^' how can i use the atomizer. is the atomizer only for live playing? all my trys doesn't work.

    Hey everybody : )

    So i have a big problem with my VIRUS Polar. I have 16 Voices, i use Logic pro 9 and i open an 16 channel multi timbral instrument to use my Acces VIRUS TI Polar with 16 Voices. So i think here i do all right.
    here it comes, i have my melody as a midi file and i put it if you wont on channel 16 in virus. i took a bass. now i copy the midi to channel 15, 14, 13, and took a string a lead and a pluck if you wont so. when i play each instrument separately, it plays perfect, but if i play all together some notes doesnt play in maybe the bass and the lead (sometimes also the pluck doesnt play a note its like random). it sounds horrible i dont now what it is and its not everytime the same note, in my automations is everything ok.
    Is there anybody who knows whats the problem?? ?(

    Hmm.. no i dont think so. i record my melody with the empty synth "LIB -Init-" on the display. now i have a midi file in the project and then i start with my modulation, anywhere now i've made a mistake my melody isnt anymore a melody, now plays one note in the rythm of my melody. just one tone on the hole piano :S also when i start to record again a melody, i just have one the hole piano one tone. ;-(

    Hey there :-)

    i'm now on the way to learn how to handle with the acces virus TI Polar.
    if I create my own synth I make a mistake anywhere, and then I suddenly have all over the piano the same one note. it doesnt help if i press the undo button, because i try so many things out to go back to the different notes. it really interests me where my mistake is. does anyone know where my mistake is? it destroys everytime my work. :-(

    im so sorry for my bad english.